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2011/2/20 12:03:37
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Yes I think it probably has something to do with the complexity of a scene also. No doubt the Muvizu team have came across this already and have it on the "bugs to fix list" I just hope that it's near the top!

2011/2/20 10:31:36
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn ziggy72 wrote:
Never had the head movements disappear like that though...very odd.

Yes odd and very bloody annoying!
2011/2/19 14:13:27
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Howdy folks!

Dreeko here with another problem/bug
In the scenes I have been working on lately, I have been encountering some very strange behaviour. When I animate a characters head movements and I then try to animate the eyes (lids and pupils)the head movements disappear from the timeline. This is also the case for the reverse.
Is this something which has documented before?
Is there a certain sequence to the animations which has to be adhered to?

2011/2/14 18:18:23
Ziggys new animation pyrrho wrote:
Dreeko wrote:

You got the u and the c the wrong way around.

Whoops sorry.....F**k

Is that better

2011/2/14 16:20:16
Ziggys new animation F**k!
2011/2/14 14:52:36
Why Realistic Motion & Design Doesn't Work Barry I think everyone here is in agreement with you for all the reasons you outlined, but the ability to customise animations be it limb by limb or a full body walk designer like the one shown in the clip is something that I think most users would like to have if only to create quick fixes to missing animations (answering a phone for instance)
Now I believe that at some point we will be able to control the speed of an animation and possibly pause the animation to create poses and if added to that we could also control the joints of the shoulders hips and possiblly wrists in a way similar to the head then the individual cartoony Muvizu animation style would remain but be expanded for the individual and the Muvizu community once saving/sharing character animation becomes as much a part of Muvizu as object sharing is about to be
PS: gotta say though a walk designer would be damn nice too!
2011/2/14 10:29:49
Why Realistic Motion & Design Doesn't Work When it comes to customising animations and characters the new version of crazy talk now includes full body animation and is worth checking out. They have put some very nice features in there to speed up the animation process.
I know it's a 2d animation package but I'm sure some of the methods would be a handy addition to our beloved Muvizu

See below for an example

2011/2/13 22:01:56
Interface & Timeline Glad you liked it!
I thought it would be a solution when you mentioned earlier about adjusting the window could hamper performance

It might be an idea for the actual cameras on set to only be shown if the relevant window tab is showing ie if cameras 1-4 are on page 1 you won't be able to see cameras 5-8 until you click on the tab for page 2 and when you do that then obviously cameras 1-4 would be hidden until you clicked back onto the tab for page 1. Otherwise the screen would be very crowded with say 12 cameras lying around.
Wotja think?

2011/2/13 20:26:12
Interface & Timeline This new UI sounds great cant wait to get my hands on it! On the subject of cameras any chance of having more of them possibly on a tabbed window as below to save on screen size



PS: my movies have been postponed at the moment due to my home decorating duties which have been ignored for far too long.....Dang!
2011/2/11 21:50:14
Sad old man Great little muvizu! Especially good at the head animation
Well done.
Looking forward to more of your work

2011/2/9 23:54:04
Colour picker/eyedropper Emily wrote:
Hey Ziggy & Dreeko - this is a feature I have been requesting for over a year!

I asked two days ago and now...

...Neil wrote:
You'll be pleased to hear I've just got drag-and-drop working with colours in the new UI.

So you'll be able to use the mouse to literally drag the colour property off of one edit dialog and drop it onto a colour property of another. I'll add this same functionality to the texture properties.

...was it something you said Emily? dunno

PS: seriously though, well done Neil!
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2011/2/8 12:02:08
Interface & Timeline Neil wrote:
Shhhhhh, he'll want a "taking hat off" animation.

you're your own worst enemy!

2011/2/8 10:39:35
Interface & Timeline ziggy72 wrote:
Oh yeah, and a phone answering animation (landline and mobile). Thanks for reminding me

have to take my hat off to your feature requesting abilities ziggy.
you don't miss a trick

2011/2/7 22:07:45
Interface & Timeline ziggy72 wrote:
Thought I'd better just create a new topic rather than try to appropriate someone elses! Specifically, I'd like the following;

The option to turn off the mouse prompts (I get it! Honestly! RMB and everything! No need to take up the bottom of the screen anymore!)

Numbers on the scales. Please. Even if it's just a single number for each scale to tell you what value it reads, I need to be able to repeat the rescaling (especially now that we can rescale in other directions).

A customisable Timeline - I don't need every track on there for every character, and the Timeline takes up a lot of screen space, so being able to disable a few lines would help a lot. There could be a row of checkboxes along the top to allow you to re-enable tracks as and when needed. Obviously the tracks wouldn't be deleted when disabled, just hidden.

And some other stuff that's occured to me as I've been animating...

-Assuming we can turn off the mouse prompts, the timeline could be shown lower on the screen.

-The cue points prevent you from selecting the start/end markers of the Timeline when they're on top of them. Any way we can make the start/end markers bigger or something?

-Would love to have a graphical representation of the waveform on the audio tracks. Works great in Premiere...

-The ability to zoom in further to show distinct frames for precision (read : Pedantic) control.

-Guns. Nothing to do with the interface or Timeline, I know, but I'm going to keep asking anyway.

-An option to turn off the auto drop down menu behaviour - I'd prefer to have to click on them to drop them down, so I don't trigger them by accident (which I do a lot).

-In the Make Video screen, it would be nice to have the left side (currently empty) showing the name of the video, the path/filename it's being saved as, and the codec information.

I'll be back with more...

Neil!...NEIL! ... I think thats the ziggphone again...
2011/2/7 11:28:34
The eyes have it Neil wrote:
That sort of timeline behaviour (copy/past between characters, change the speed of an animation, creating events directly on the timeline, etc) is exactly what I'm hoping to achieve over the coming months.

As usual there are a few techy problems in the way, so it's going to take a little time. For instance, to move animations from a male to a female character, I need to nag Robert and Gordon to make huge changes to how the animation database works. Again. I'm going to enjoy that.

Keep the suggestions coming.

looking forward to all the new toys Thumbs Up

2011/2/7 11:27:25
will Muvizu glasgowjim wrote:
so have faith .

No probs Muvizu is the only faith I follow anyway!

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2011/2/7 11:01:14
The eyes have it emily wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
by the way!

Hehe - your East Kilbride is showing by the way!! :P

Whoops! sorry about that ... I got dressed in a hurry , zip is now fastened!Blush

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2011/2/7 10:56:44
Colour picker/eyedropper Any chance of a colour picker/eyedropper tool for selecting colours and textures as it gets a bit annoying changing the colour of a number of objects if you'reusing a custom colour


2011/2/7 10:45:27
will Muvizu glasgowjim wrote:
Hi reidh, welcome to Muvizu!

There are currently no plans to be able to export characters - but character importing is one of the improvements that is being looked at.

Take care,

Aha! does this mean that we will be able to manipulate the rigs for custom animations then?
2011/2/7 10:43:34
The eyes have it Liking all the plans you outlined for the timeline there! Also if we could save the customized animations into a favorites section for re-using at a later date!

great little freaky clip by the way!

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