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2010/11/5 11:31:27
Motion JPEG (Don't overlook it!) HELP!!!

I seem to be banging my head against a wall when it comes to this codec malarky

The situation is this:

I have outputted all my scenes in xvid and edited in vegas and since found out that the rendered file from this has a lot of blocky artifacts throughout. I know (now!) that xvid aint the best for editing but the deed is done as far as mega-editing goes in vegas

Now if i take the xvid scenes and convert them to another format (motion jpeg or whatever) and try and swap them with the edits in vegas will i experience the same thing because the source files have been xvid originally or is it an editing issue?

please help this has been holding me back for ages!!

2010/10/29 20:34:48
Suggestions / Modifications Kelvin876 wrote:
Please, please, can you make SOME way we can remove the Muvizu logo from our videos. Apparently, Hitler's Cat video has done that. How?

I dont mind it personally. It's a small price to pay considering that the software is free!...not a demo, ...free!

2010/10/27 9:11:18
My prize arrived! Hermit wrote:
I'm alright with the monitor I've got, actually

I'm sure everyone at Muvizu breathed a massive sigh of relief at this news.



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2010/10/25 12:02:30
into the car Or you could figure out the camera angles ( stationary ) you would use for the car and take screen shots of itr at those angles, then make the image transparent around the car and also the windows then use the car image as a backdrop (or rather foreground image) with the actual car deleted obviously and then place your actors behind as if seated and animate merrily away

hope that was clear, i can see it in my head if i get a minute i'll do a tutorial on it


2010/10/25 11:56:08
How do I make the camera arc? ooh! sounds like the contraversial waypoints feature is creeping in!

Thumbs Up


2010/10/22 8:54:37
Military rank signs glasgowjim wrote:
Hello again,

I like the idea of a badge that you can add your own image to - you could use PhotoShop, Gimp or even Paint to create your name tag and then put that onto the badge. It would be the same as the custom images for backdrops and character's chests.

That way you can create whatever you want - any picture, any language.

Can I suggest that the caps/hats get this feature aswell


PS: Cant believe I didnt notice the pointy shoulder add ons glitch...I wore those things for years before my uniforn went all gestapo black!
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2010/10/19 21:00:51
Staundoone Uncovered freakmoomin wrote:
must be a killer episode!!!!

It's certainly killing me!
2010/10/19 14:08:58
Staundoone Uncovered It's looking like this episode is going to be about 20 mins long! might need to rethink a few bits , hmmmnn....
2010/10/14 21:38:58
Smaller Head Movements ukBerty wrote:
I use a different method.....

Just start start animating the head movement with the click and drag method. Get the head to look where you want and stop animating. It doesn't matter if there's a lot of flopping about as long as it ends up where you want it.

Then edit the timeline. You'll see that all your little head movemnets are there. These are absolute positions rather than relative, so it's only the last movement you want as this sets the head where you want. Delete all the head movements except for the last one, then move this head movement to the position you want.

I know it's a hassle, but I find this works for me.


Fantastic tip!

This would have improved my previous efforts a fair bit!. It's little things like this that can make all the difference

Timeline tweaking is really going to be a main focus for the Muvizu frequent flyer in the future me thinks!

cheers and thanks!

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2010/10/14 16:18:02
Staundoone Uncovered Cant wait for Novembers update.It would make Staundoone Ep 1 a good bit easier what with all the animate object properties to play with!

2010/10/14 16:08:18
Animatable objects-props dwino wrote:
Oh cool!!! Will there be a hand/arm animation that sims the character opening the door to go along with it? Thanks!

makes sense to have this i reckon....hope it makes it!

2010/10/12 17:20:01
Favourite ever cartoon? There was a brillianl cartoon on the bbc website years ago which was also shown on the paramount comedy channel called" birds on a wire"

basically it was two birds sitting on a telephone wire and the conversations that were going through the wire, were spoken through the birds. there was a great one where a guy was phoning a pet shop to buy an octopus so that he could shoot it from a cannon.

sound bizarre ,I know but it was really funny ..


2010/10/12 17:12:50
Staundoone Uncovered Brilliant, loved it. But... am I the only one thinking that Justin looks like you, Dreeko? wrote:

Could be worse....I could look like my sock puppet avatar! lol!
Thanks for all the comments folks!

I quite like the idea of having each episode followed by a behind the scenes "Staundoone uncovered" show. (two comedies for the price of one!)

Episode 1 incidentally will be called "the power"...I'll leave you to try and figure out what it could be about, but I will let you know that the situation is based on a real event

PS: The names have been change to protect the stupid


2010/10/12 12:13:31
Staundoone Uncovered "Staundoone" is a comedy show based in a fire station which I've had in my head for a long time and it's now finally taking shape thanks to the good people at Muvizu.bow
Before episode 1 is aired I thought I would throw a behind the scenes clip together

hope you enjoy it!

Cheers and thanks! Thumbs Up

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2010/10/11 13:22:37
Don't think I'll make it... I'll have something uploaded soon hopefully unless that pesky life of mine gets in the way again

PS:Thanks for everyones time the other week , what I saw (through blurry eyes!) was very interesting!

Thumbs Up


2010/10/11 12:56:05
Don't think I'll make it... Neil wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
its too late for me too i had it in my head that the deadline was at the end of the month!

By my calculation, you've got just over 8.5 hours left, stop wasting time!!!

And the 8.5 hrs were taken up with my daughters birthday sleepover in our house which consisted of 6 eight year old girls dancing and screaming until 2 in the morning who then awoke at 6 full of beans ready to go again ...........the joys!
2010/10/10 12:09:25
Don't think I'll make it... Hermit wrote:
Blimey! I nearly forgot to submit my entry!Shock I had it all edited together but totally forgot about it and thought I'd already submitted it!, but I managed to send the link to the youtube vid just before I went out this morning

Without going into much detail, it's a spoof of the old B-movies

its too late for me too i had it in my head that the deadline was at the end of the month!

ho hum....moving on
2010/10/8 19:52:12
The eyes have it pyrrho wrote:
Oh, Dreeko, I'll be buying fireworks and a ticket to East Kilbride when I return from the Raindance fest!

You'll get the drinks in next time, mate

Lol , You'll be easy to spot. Rocket in one hand, long island ice tea in the other! (the natives prefer buckfast in these parts)

and dont worry I'll get them in no probs Toast

Cheers and enjoy the festival!


PS: Sorry to everyone for posting yet another feature request/alteration I just cant help myself! I think of something and before I know it, i've posted it on the forum...

need to get myself a box of self control...Blush
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2010/10/8 16:49:29
The eyes have it I was wondering if the animate eyes option could be adjusted so that the pupils of the eyes actually go all the way from one side to the other on the models instead of a kind of midway point. I was playing around with this feature today and the effect was so minimal as to make it not worth the bother which is a shame. Also the slider for closing the eyelids, could this be altered so that it goes from fully open to fully closed

is this possible?



PS: I feel pretty bad asking for changes now that i have a more rounded appreciation of the difficulties and efforts required to bring us this cracking piece of software bow ........but you'll notice that it hasn't stopped me , Wiggle
2010/10/7 16:28:40
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Hi folks

Just wondered if there will be an animation of someone playing the mouth organ when the musical instruments arive in November?

Thought it would be a good addition to the western theme



ps: Thanks again to all at Muvizu for everything! beer

Having a great time using Muvizu on a decent puter now!
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