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2014/5/19 16:11:39
Death by Jelly - scene 1 WIP Toonarama,

I guess everyone reaches the stage with Muvizu where the frustrations at having to overcome (or workaround) the simplest of tasks repeatedly becomes too tedious to be pleasurable.

Hopefully the main problem features will be addressed whenever the next version appears.

When that will be, no one knows.

Hope you enjoy the dark side. Let us know how you get on.

2014/5/11 21:03:18
Dalek MrDrWho13 wrote:
My version of a scene from the episode 'Dalek' (Doctor Who 2005)

Special thanks to Fazz68.
Audio and concept copyright BBC
Most of the Objects made by Fazz68 (Thanks again!)


I'd like to see you make an original episode one day. Go for it!
2014/4/28 14:10:43
Will there be a new version of Muvizu this year? Carole wrote:
Good morning toonarama,

Update on this coming down the track soon methinks...

I think toonarama is referring to a version of Muvizu that we will likely use, not the fabled industry level renderer that you lot have been beavering away on for months and months.

Is our favourite toy going to be shinier any time soon?

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2014/4/23 11:08:47
Beware of "AntiGravity" rbeck1993 wrote:
"It wasn't a lecture yonder buffoon, it was a rant!" - RB

Give that man a Gonk!

2014/4/22 20:42:45
Beware of "AntiGravity" primaveranz wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
"He's a dick"
like me you just can't hide your inner Scotsman.

So you can understand why, also as a Scotsman I would rather that you had told me that I was dick for assuming that Sirshitalot was Sovransoul, rather than giving us all the lecture.

2014/4/22 20:06:18
Beware of "AntiGravity" "He's a dick"

Ha ha! Love it Ziggy72!

like me you just can't hide your inner Scotsman.

2014/4/22 13:24:31
Beware of "AntiGravity" Nah, I disagree. eg. You don't have to be a great singer to tell when someone is off tune or to suggest that they might be better off singing a different song more suited to their voice.

I like pizza, but I would pick off the toppings I dont like. I dont need to be a chef to know that for me its better without certain things

etc etc...
2014/4/22 13:07:34
Beware of "AntiGravity" I wasn't really defending as such, I was just offering another point of view and the shouty and personal comment was in reference to Sovransol's previous methods (I probably should have made that clear, doh!)

Toonarama, You said "The point is we do not know the person (or their circumstances) behind the username.".... Ironically, this was the point I was making.

Trolls don't bother me in the slightest, they are easily dealt with as we have seen.

Also, I don't know what kind of qualifications you need to make positive comments on a video. I have a module gained at college on finger painting is that enough?
2014/4/22 11:29:22
Beware of "AntiGravity" Sigh..Here we go..

I am not in favour of abuse obviously. Nor was I trying to "massage my ego" lol! I just pointed out that whoever Anitgravity is, whether he is Sovransol, Clark Kent, Jack Frost or whoever, he didn't leave his brand of negativity on my particular corner of the web and that we shouldn't jump to conclusions about his identity or motives. There are plenty of videos better than mine which have received bad comments along with the good so the quality of my Muvizu efforts is irrelevant. Someone who is out purely to diss the work of others will do so anyway good or bad.

I just saw the thread taking on a rather comical " I had a bad comment too! It must have been Sovsansol!" "Yeah, I can't find my car keys!! Sovansol must have hidden them!!"...." Sovransol stole Christmas!!" type of turn and with that comical sense in mind I made the post that I did.

I disagree (and we can disagree without becoming shouty or personal) with you on the point about "leaving comments which are perhaps better than the videos deserve" as encouragement.

I see that as giving someone a false sense of perspective.

You must have seen some of these reality shows where they put someone through who is blindly making a fool of themselves. They do that for the freak show factor for people to point and laugh while the poor misguided individual loll-ops around believing they are brilliant, however - Some people are so bad that they are actually seen as amazing which is another point to consider I suppose.

Rather than leaving "ego massaging" comments on videos which don't deserve it, why not leave no comment at all if the truth is too hurtful?

As Mr Cowell has been known to say...."Just an opinion!"

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2014/4/22 7:40:53
Beware of "AntiGravity" primaveranz wrote:
I think he also goes by the name Sirshitalot on YouTube at least.


So,every time that we receive a bad comment or a thumbs down on a video, are we now just to assume that it is Sovransoul in disguise?

.. Could it not just be that there are more than one person in the world who doesn't like that particular video?

.. Or could it in fact be that the video is genuinely crap?

Personally I'd rather have a constructive negative comment than a weak positive one where the viewer has just said "eh, well.. I thought the lighting was nice" rather than pointing how it may have been improved.

Sovransoul and Antigravity may actually be different individuals!

Let's not fall into the trap of believing that everything we make is brilliant. There are a lot of really bad Muvizu videos out there, but most of us are too polite to point them out.

Perhaps it's time for a bit more honesty when it comes to reviewing and leaving comments.

Put your brains into "Simon Cowell" mode lol!

2014/4/21 22:37:51
Beware of "AntiGravity" Best just to ignore than take the bait with those who genuinely annoy you. I tend to go for the tongue in cheek ridicule method.
2014/4/21 21:19:41
Beware of "AntiGravity" urbanlamb wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
He left this comment on my YouTube channel
"You are such as genius with Muvizu. You really know how to insult people really well on the internet too. Thumbs Up Dude"

I think he's a great guy!


I wish I had his level of cognitive dissonance when I did something wrong I would have much less grey hair and not be apologizing to walls out of reflex as I bumped into them as a rounded a corner at work too quickly. Big Grin

Really I feel embarassed for people at times and this is one of those times.

Who exactly are you feeling embarrassed for Urban?
Me, Antigravity or Sovransoul?
2014/4/21 19:33:46
Beware of "AntiGravity" He left this comment on my YouTube channel
"You are such as genius with Muvizu. You really know how to insult people really well on the internet too. Thumbs Up Dude"

I think he's a great guy!

2014/4/21 16:08:48
Beware of "AntiGravity" He's been nothing but complimentary to me!
2014/4/20 12:32:39
New experimental video bigwally wrote:
I call it experimental because I don't know what else to call it. A diversion. Cool beans.

Using a simple spotlight projector, beaming Godley & Creme's "Cry" onto a 3-D skull, is how the effect is achieved.
edited by bigwally on 20/04/2014

Would be better to use a blank face mask. The skull is too distracting
2014/4/18 10:14:12
Keep Getting shot down. urbanlamb wrote:
. I hope they ban your IP.

Looks like they already have as I can't click on his user name any more.

Oh well, no more Nazi porn then it seems.. Sigh
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2014/4/18 0:27:13
Keep Getting shot down. Ha ha! "Go cry to your Momma" No one has said that to me before. I just imagined you actually standing in front of someone saying that with a straight face.

Anyway, back to the high brow discussion...

I didn't criticise your video at all (I could have, but didn't) I just asked you if it was worth the bother.

You obviously feel that it is and more power to your shouty methods of persuasion. I'm sure after your well argued points are read by the powers that be at Muvizu they will instantly change their minds and feature your video prominently on the home page.
I don't know what I was thinking. You are right and I am wrong

It was definitely the "cry to your Momma" comment that cemented your point as being the only one worth listening to.

Looking forward to your next porno extravaganza

All the best
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2014/4/17 22:05:21
Keep Getting shot down. Sovransoul wrote:
It amazes me the hypocrisy, I don't have any kind of violence or explicit sex in my video and it gets rejected. Yet Fazzman gets his video as a Staff Pick and it shows cold blooded murder blood and all and also decapitation. Where is the fairness in that. Double standard, Double standard, Double standard. What about that Ms Carole?

I don't really get into these things on the forum anymore but I can't resist this one .. .

Come on! You don't really believe that do you?

Sex and violence have always been treated differently when it comes to censorship which is why we see shows on television like "the following" and "the blacklist" which feature the most graphic violence and we don't see hardcore porn like the stuff that lies on the murkier side of the internet.

Fazz's video was well executed and deserved the staff pick.

Do you really think that your clip is worth all this hassle?
Muvizu have made their decision so perhaps you should just move on to making something else. You're not coming across very well in all this and the situation aint gonna change.

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2014/4/17 13:55:43
Almost human Watched it all the way through which for a 20 min youtube animation is a feat!
comment left.

good stuff!
2014/4/17 12:25:00
Keep Getting shot down. ... So nazi porn is out then? (mental note to self)

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