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2013/7/30 23:56:59
Very slow on moderate PC wih basic graphics I should complete this by saying that I went out an bought a medium card and Movizu reneders perfectly. Actually got

Power Colour AX7750-2GBK3-H HD7750,2G DDR3,128Bit,800MHz,PCIE3.0,DVI,HDMI,VGA @$79.00

Which seems OK. Supposedly twice as fast as the $60 card, which is twice as fast as the $40 one. No need to spend any more that I can see.

2013/7/27 2:25:49
Very slow on moderate PC wih basic graphics I tried it on a laptop with better video and it ran a lot better.

I am still surprised. To draw a simple cube on a background should not stress any video chip, even the CPU should be able to do that much easily!

I had seen the System-Requirements page, and it is useless. It actually demonstrates what is wrong with using Muvivu style demos. All the work went into the movie, no work at all went into the content. So the useless static content was just made into a useless movie which just wastes peoples time. Better to just delete the page.

There is scope for something decent on this page, especially as graphics cards and chips are so hard to really understand. Do I need the $200 one to run Muvivu or will the $50 do? "It all depends" is not a helpful answer.

One idea is to at least provide a quick 3D benchmark people can run. I found the following useful, barely ran on my desktop.

2013/7/26 8:03:16
Very slow on moderate PC wih basic graphics Muvizu looks great but is unusably slow on my machine.

Just mother board graphics, NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / nForce 630a. Win 7 rating 3.2. 256 meg ram.

I do not expect super fast games etc. on such a machine. But an empty scene with a single cube takes a full second per frame. And it seems to be missing mouse input which is surprising. So I am suspicious that it is *that* slow. Does one really need a high end graphics card to run at all?

The machine is a fairly powerful Athlon 4 core 3 GHz with 4 gig ram. Win 7 cpu rating 7.3. Is not thrashing according to res monitor -- no faults. CPU abuot 15% continuously while Muvizu is open, regardless of what it is doing. (Thats 15% of 4 cores.)

Also, can Muvizu run at all on laptops that are not very high end?


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