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2014/9/13 15:39:16
Akihabara Romance Song by HK singer cum composer: Adason Lo

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2014/5/9 16:33:02
Star Child from the Constellation Dear all, thanks for your encouragement.
I have successfully presented the video yesterday. They only gave me 10 min!
I have prepared a dynamic Powerpoint to briefing explain the development process.
Share with you.
Regarding the 'Problem' section, do you have any advice?
2014/4/20 14:21:03
Star Child from the Constellation I have used Muvizu to do the 3D animation story for my degree project.
I shall present it to Lecturers on 8 May 2014.
I have just uploaded to YouTube.
Please give me feedback.
If you like the film, give me a "like".
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