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2013/9/6 22:48:50
Hello! :) Untill then i'll be sure to stay up to date with the website and i'll watch some training vids so i'll be ready to use Muvizu to it's full poetential. Cool
2013/9/6 22:44:33
Hello! :) Well me being stupid as ever today, I didn't bother seeing if my pc is up to it, no matter I have pencil atm but looking forward to use this program when I get my new pc in a few months untill then cya guys!
2013/9/6 21:22:23
Hello! :) Hello everyone I'm a knew animaitor just looking to have some fun make a few people laugh, and hopefully this is the right software for me, the video really caught me downloeding it as we speak wish me luck!.
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