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2014/5/26 4:22:50
lip sync .... The way I produce dialog is doing most of it outside of Muvizu. I use Audacity. I record each person's dialog separately in different files. Then I make a separate Audacity file that will combine all people speaking and put each voice on a separate track, syncing them together as a dialog. Then I export each track separately for that character. In Muvizu, I load each track separately and then assign each individual track to the person it belongs to. I never have to use the speak / shush. Lip sync is good. I've noticed, however, that when I render the movie in avi format that sometimes they are out of sync. When I render as Targa files and bring them in as a group into a video editor and then add the sound file that the video and sound are different lengths. I adjust the video length to match the audio length and the lip syncing is perfect. The video and audio lengths are different because of the length of each frame that the editor assigns to each picture does not match the sound length. But when you manually adjust the video length, everything is fine. Doing the dialog this way does not require you to direct the dialog at all in Muvizu. It takes all the guesswork out.
2014/5/18 21:08:41
It's Sunday As opposed to the experts saying how harsh the shadows are and other nitpicky stuff, I think they would complain about the art masters such as Van Gough or Monet, giving them suggestions how to improve their work. I personally very much enjoyed the video. To me, the shadows added starkness to the scene. My first and only video so far required me to learn as I developed it as to character actions and movement. It also took me many hours to just get the scenery done. The script took me days. After a month now, there have been less than 50 views on youtube. No one ever commented on my video. It could be because of the subject matter.
The important thing about your video is your content. I really enjoyed how you brought the listener in closer and closer by edging him on. That really made it personal to me.
I especially liked the song. I know good musical composition when I hear it, and your piece is excellent. As everyone says, its the story that makes a good video. To me its the content, music, and how you artistically brought everything together. The music was the story.
You did an excellent job and I would love to hear more music like that and as you continue developing your animation skills, even your projects will excel as well.
2014/5/6 21:05:52
Scale FBX Imported Hand Object I think Urbanlamb will agree with me that the best free 3d editor is Blender. Since it can do almost anything but has a bit of a learning curve, I totally recommend it. Once you have it you can download the free fbx import/export module from their website (
2014/4/8 20:54:46
Question About Music Rights Thanks, Urbanlamb. That clears up about everything I can imagine about the use of music. At least I can use one resource I have, Vidoblocks, to use whatever clips of video or music they have in any of my productions, whether for profit or not. They license their members to use their royalty free material without any problems whatsoever. Unfortunately, most of their music is done on a syntehsizer alone and is not of high quality as far as music composition is concerned. Once again, thanks for your information.
2014/4/7 19:37:44
Question About Music Rights Urbanlamb,
I went to fesfilms's website and found the "One Step Beyond" TV series to be in the public domain. When I attempted to use its music, I was told by APM that it is copyrighted and that I had to pay $200 for each use. However, he allowed me to use it for free if I mentioned APM in the credits, specifying the exact soundtrack they sell the license for. The music from the series was put on a vinyl record in 1960 and BMI insists that they are the ones that own the copyright and that it is administered by APM. But APM's music is digital, not analog, and it comes on 2 CDs. Though the music is identical, it was compiled digitally. My music is from the vinyl recording which someone on youtube has had for over 2 years without challenge. I've noticed the same album from at least 2 other people that have had it on youtube for a long period of time unchallenged. You said in your response that sometimes people claim a copyright when they have no grounds for it, for the purpose of extracting money out of people. My question is, how can the TV series be public domain and the music it contains be copyrighted by someone else? I realize you're not a copyright lawyer, but can you shed some light on this?
2014/4/7 4:37:15
Question About Music Rights LugofilmLtd wrote:
Hey everyone! I'm back! After a longer-than-intended break to deal with some personal issues, I've started work on my next project, an homage to the old cliffhanger serials and I was hoping someone here could answer me something. If a film is in the public domain, does that mean the music from that film is also in the public domain or are music rights separate? I ask because, assuming I can find any, I would like to use actual music from actual serials to make the tribute complete but I'm not sure if I'm allowed. Does anybody know?

It depends on if the music from the show came out separately on some type of medium (vinyl, tape or CD). If that is the case, the copyright on the music will last 99 years from the time of release. You can easily check this. Just post a temporary video on youtube with the music on it. If someone has copyrighted it, it will be flagged as a possible copyright violation. Look at that message and go to the website of the company that is claiming a copyright on the music. You can then ask permission to use it without paying a royalty. It depends on the company whether they will allow you to use it in your production. Otherwise, it can cost $200 or more per production. If you don't get a message of possible copyright violation, then it is ok to use as it is most probably in the public domain. If youtube flags the video, take it off before the copyright holder notifies you to take it off. You can get in trouble with youtube if they catch you with copyright violations where the copyright holder has warned you specifically.
2014/4/5 3:47:16
The Strange Case of David Lang I've posted a new video on youtube called "The Strange Case of David Lang", inspired by a true story of a man disappearing in front of people. This is my first Muvizu attempt. Since I did each scene sequentially you'll see a lot of my trying to get used to controlling the characters in the beginning. The music I used the same music from the 1960 TV series, "One Step Beyond". I had to get permission to use the music which would have otherwise cost me $200. Enjoy.

2014/4/2 4:32:53
importing video... ziggy72 wrote:
Muvizu doesn't support audio on any imported video. Never has, unfortunately.

Import the video, then prepare audio, select new track, import the audio as an mp3 audio track making sure the audio and video were aligned before importing it. You can adjust the volume there and it will play with the rest of your project.
2014/2/18 6:28:15
Edit Muvizu AVI files in Sony Vegas Your AVI file is probably corrupted. This can happen if your movie from Muvizu is over 1 minute long. If it is less than 1 minute, then try storing it as a different file type. I have used Vegas for over 10 years. It has problems importing AVI files unless they are near perfect with all the i's dotted and the t's crossed.
2014/2/1 8:44:16
Roadmap As with Simon, I am awaiting a reply from the Staff to tell us what is being planned to come out. Will Muvizu Plus be the only program updated or will the free version be updated also? One thing that is really needed in the character category are 4 legged characters such as dogs, cats, horses, etc. that don't stand on the hind legs. Their movements would obviously be different from the current 2 legged characters. But only 2 legged characters severly limit the range of stories that can be told.

I realize that the reason you rarely come up with new characters and why we cannot create movable characters, ourselves, is due to the complexity of setting up various movements and integrating them into the program. Since you don't want anyone outside your company messing with the program, that is why you can't allow new movable characters to be created by the general public.

I really think it is necessary for you to produce 4 legged characters. I could really use horses and other animals in my scenes. I would especially like horses that are pulling buggies or other conveyances.
2013/10/28 4:35:39
Fatal Error As for backing up, I try to do so after I finish each critical stage in finishing the drection of a particular character. My system doesn't crash when I accidentally press delete on the timeline for a particular action or movement tract. My problem is that I have four characters and once I'm done with one, I then notice another character that was finished that I wasn't working on was deleted. The problem is that you don't notice the character was deleted when you save the scene. A way around that is to do incremental backups. It's too lengthy of a process to type Save As and then rename the scene with an incremental number. Lightwave has that capability by pressing a different key to incrementally save without manually renaming the scene. Perhaps Movizu could also have a different key to hit to incrementally save so that if you notice a deleted character, you can bring it back instead of recreating everything about that character again. A better way would be to have the ability to save each individual character with its directions so if you lose one, you can bring it right back in with all of the directions undisturbed. Of course, the best solution is that if Muvizu is going to delete a character, that it asks you if you are sure you want to delete it and you can indicate "NO" and it leaves the character alone.
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