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2015/11/13 2:22:05
African Village Set Wanted Of course people will be able to resell Muvizu assets in sets, as long as they are sold in the Muvizu store. It makes sense for them to allow this as part of a set. Where possible I always prefer to use Muvizu objects to make other things, for instance, I use use magnets as handles for sets of drawers. The more good assets that are available, the more copies of the software will be sold, it's totally in their interest to do so.

It's a shame those trees are not yours, I love those trees, they look so damn good.
2015/11/12 23:16:48
African Village Set Wanted No, urbanlamb is quite right, I will be giving this away not selling it and when it is completed it shall be uploaded to the "Store" for anyone to download. As a web designer I have to create all my own textures because even with material that is allowed to be used for commercial purposes, i.e. copied, distributed, edited, remixed, and built upon, within the boundaries of copyright law such as that available through sites like flickr generally have some rights reserved.

Under those terms of attribution you must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

Thus using my own material ensures that I do not go down this very rocky road. Muvizu however is just a hobby and although most of my textures are created by me, if something is readily available then I will use that to save time.

Should I ever at any point in the future offer my sets for sale in the store then they will built using a combination of Muvizu's material and my own. Many of my earlier sets used urbanlamb's "Almost no Collision Wall Set" but I then designed my own and use those now, I will have to do the same now trees it seems!

Meanwhile I will be taking legal advise from my firm of solicitors, Dewey, Cheatem & Howe.
2015/11/10 18:32:10
African Village Set Wanted Decent. Don't be in such a hurry young man! I did say that it was unfinished, if you have some patience, I'll try to make the time to finish it, this is a taste of what you could have:-

2015/11/9 16:10:55
African Village Set Wanted Sorry, haven't been around much as I've had a lot of work on and I have only just seen this post. Not sure if this helps Decent but I have an unfinished set from last year that I called "Jungle Clearing", it has some clothing that I designed, here are some screen shots:-

2015/8/6 18:01:23
4/8/15 Release Bugs mcmillan-ra wrote:

If you're interested, the actual problem caused by post process effects...

We're always interested Robert, thanks for a quick release, whilst your implementing all those other requests, could you fix if for me so then when I hit the F14 key, the maid brings my coffee!
2015/8/5 11:39:24
4/8/15 Release Bugs i7 2x GTX 570 in SLI 16GB Windows 7 DirectX 11

Three characters, one in background and other two in each layer (also tried two layers and just a background).

result: 1kb file

Also, this was a 7 seconds long clip and it took 7 minutes 11 seconds!!!

Forcing it to run in DX9 the clip rendered fine in 7 seconds.
2015/8/4 21:34:57
Low consumtion Graphic Card Recomandations You didn't say exactly what you will be using the card for or how much your budget is! This makes it difficult to point you to any particular card.

You should look for any graphics card that doesn’t require a supplementary six or eight-pin power cable. Your PCIe connector on your motherboard is capable of sending up to 75W of power into your graphics card through the PCI-Express bus itself, this is what powers integrated graphics.

If a card needs an additional PCI Express connector it usually means that they draw more then 75W.

As the Doc said, for gamers with a limited budget the GTX 750 Ti is very popular, it's one of the most powerful low power consumption ones around and can handle even heavy games such as Crysis 3, system requirements for this card are a 300 Watt or greater power supply. Power Consumption is 60 Watts.

Palit did a passively cooled card

It's discontinued now but you should be able to find some still being sold, Amazon UK have a few left. Asus do a GTX 750 passively cooled one but it is not quite as capable as the 750 Ti. GTX750-DCSL-2GD5
2015/8/4 14:54:54
Today's Download PCollimonster wrote:
Glad you like the latest version. Lots more to come in the following months.

Would anyone benefit from a Stereoscopic camera for 3D movies?

Yes, me. I have to really really agree with ziggy, change logs please.
2015/8/4 14:39:01
Assistance Thanks guys.
@ziggy Cheers for the suggestion but space isn't the problem, I have a dedicated server with 1.5 TB of free space, It's the upload, my download is fine (18 Mbps) but my upload is only 1.19 Mbps and my computer is never idle for the time it would take to upload, I'm either using it for work or for gaming and when I'm not doing those, I'm usually downloading TV or movies or streaming Netflix etc.

You may be wondering why I haven't upgraded my connection! well, I looked into that again last month when my contract was up, I'm with O2 as was, taken over by Sky now. I was looking into fibre but most providers have a download limit of around 40 Gig, I download around 500 Gig in a month, what with games and software etc. Sky is truly unlimited.

But more importantly, I'm an avid on-line multi-player gamer and what is of most significance to me is ping! Mine is rock steady with 0ms jitter which means I am able to game a lot better then our lads even with speeds over a 100 Mbps especially when their providers use traffic shaping which most do (especially Virgin which sucks monkey balls BTW), Sky don't. Plus as an added bonus My phone package with Sky gives me free broadband and I can't find anything to match all of that.

So I guess it's down to a DVD using snail-mail...

@ Bernie, it's true, there's a lot of stuff in there that won't be spotted due to the pace of the video and lots of stuff like your product which only means anything to you but none of us will be watching it as many times as YOU! lol.
2015/8/3 23:10:33
Assistance (Dusts a little & Hoovers away a few cobwebs...)

Sorry it's taken so long Bernie but here's the finished article:-

The audio could be a lot better but it was the best I could do with the differences in all the sound files that you sent me, getting them to sound anything alike was a nightmare!

You'd be better off clicking the following link rather the watching the Youtube one, it's better quality, 720 HD, only 38 MB and will even stand up to being watched full screened (should buffer in just a few minutes, depending on your connection!).

Not sure how I am going to get the original Full 1080 HD files to you, the mp4 is nearly half a Gig and the AVI is 1.35 Gig, would take me forever to upload them with my lowly 16 Mbs connection. If you're going to put them on your website then I would recommend using HTML5. The Audio in those is a hell of a lot better, I compressed the 720 one a lot and the audio suffered.



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2015/7/17 0:48:17
New Groovy Bubblerock 60's Music Muvizu Video You really felt the need to spam this three times eh!
2015/7/7 20:51:02
Assistance Thanks Doc. Wait... What! There's animating involved!!! Why didn't anyone tell me????
2015/7/7 19:32:15
Assistance I've thrown in a couple of translucent totes as well.

Finished the end tidy set and placed a picture on the wall, gives it a before and after effect. In the earlier messy set I replaced one of, well you know...

2015/7/6 3:34:21
Assistance @ziggy, thanks but it's near the limit, I can almost hear Scotty saying "she cannae take anymore captain".

@drewi, now we are almost there!

We have lots of props ready, we already have Earl's messy pad and Earl's tidy pad, now we have Earl's going past the garage scene ready:-

Seeing the totes

and going in.

The scene for Earl coming out of the Squirrelmart:-

And now I am in the process of turning Earl's drey into a warehouse/showroom for the final scene. After that I just need to do a very quick surfing the net and finding AVI. After that I think we will be ready to start knocking stuff together!

@Bernie, what colours would you prefer the tote boxes to be, I plan on an assortment
2015/6/28 22:13:35
Assistance I'll make something a bit more impressive Bernie, meanwhile here's Earl's messy basement. Was a lot of work for what'll be a shot lasting only a few seconds but it'll be quite an important one.

2015/6/27 18:31:27
Assistance Cheers drewi, ignore my request for the images, I worked them out.
2015/6/27 17:00:41
Assistance @ drewi Have sent you a message m8.
2015/6/26 16:18:36
Need rollerskates! fazz68 wrote:
all versions of sketchup are available at the link i posted before.
Ah! Should have gone to Specsavers...
2015/6/26 13:29:25
Need rollerskates! Yeah as fazz said but the trouble is you most likely will be unable to find a copy to download, even as a torrent, I haven't got my original download of the last version of 8 (8.0.16846) but I have found an older version, 8.0.4811, which I have put on dropbox for you to download (

Keep the 2015 version that you have, as it will come in handy, I'll explain why.

With SketchUp you have access to thousands of ready made models using the 3D Warehouse by clicking on File\3D Warehouse\Get Models, this feature no longer applies to older versions including 8 as they removed access for those just a few weeks ago.

So use 2015 to locate and download whichever model you need and then use "save as", when the save window pops up you will see under the File name the option to "save as type" Sketch Up Models (*.skp), select Sketch Up version 8 (*.skp) and you will then be able to open the file with your old version and export with the plug.

Also, I find that most of the models are made using version 8 or 7, so I usually just use my browser and visit and save the models to my hard drive that way, this is much faster then browsing via Sketch up itself. If you find that the model will not load into SketchUp 8 because it was made using a newer version then just follow the above using 2015.

I am sure that we will hear further from you in the 'sketchup/blender/ase/whydoesntthisf**kingthingwork' conversations that will follow :-)
2015/6/25 12:37:36
Assistance Sorry Bernie, hadn't forgotten you, just had a lot of work on for the past few days. No, I wasn't very clear but I was after an outside shot with a big sign but not to worry if there isn't one as I can make some virtual premises.
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