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2015/6/21 0:34:36
Assistance O.K. overwrote the new racking file (Grrrrrrr...) so I've so I have had to start from scratch , I also did the tote boxes again, this time with better results, so we now have all boxes with lids. I've made some other props such as cardboard boxes for Earl's pre-tote days.

On with the set next. I think Earl would live in a basement... (thoughts?).

2015/6/20 3:37:40
Assistance @Bernie, I look forward to it.

@drewi, You did a great job on the nut models but I hope you don't mind if I retexture them.

2015/6/18 22:06:41
Assistance O.K. Bernie, I have got the file now, sounds pretty good and the rendered video will have a different format. Just one thing, I would have preferred his accent to be a little stronger, would kind of add more to his character I think. I am a Joe Pesci fan and My Cousin Vinny is a great favourite of mine.

Regarding Earl's shape, he only comes in one stomach size so we can't put him on a diet I am afraid.
2015/6/18 18:18:54
Assistance No, two minutes is ideal, I meant pad it out slightly with a plug at the end for, those warehouse shots will help with that.

I present to you, the new improved Earl, although he may still be booked in for some more surgery at a later date, rumour has it that he may be getting a new nose job!

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2015/6/16 21:17:39
Assistance The script is simple enough and the scenario is short and sweet, I figure it at just under 2 minutes but we can pad that out slightly.

I'll make a story board. I thought the first 5 sentences could be delivered by Earl in close up and when he says "Here's the story..." we show the different kinds of nuts, maybe small piles. Then we flash back to nuts everywhere!

Next, a short clip of him passing the garage with the totes in. Then his purchasing the totes at the counter of the Squirrel Mart maybe. After that, we see him in his pad with all the storage totes stacked up, note the desk amongst the stacks because that will have the computer on it that we will see him using next to surf the web and arrive at to make his order.

We then go to present day with Earl showing off his new units.

If you actually have a warehouse or a showroom then we could show Earl at work, if not then we could create a virtual one where he delivers the last line "Check us out at Bin".
2015/6/16 1:13:07
Assistance Welcome back Bernie. Haven't had the chance to tweak Earl as we were seeing to the tote box problem. I do have some more improvements planned for him.

The next major problem I see is the nuts, we will need a lot of nuts but as drewi knows, too many objects can cause problems so I have some smoke and mirrors in the works.

After that I can then work on the set itself as all we have so far are some of the props, I do have ideas for how the set should look and I will run them past you.
2015/6/15 16:48:01
Assistance drewi wrote:
i believe we have everything we basically need to make Bernies video now contained within this set.

Not yet, we don't drewi. Sorry... (But we are closer, I'll cover more on this later).

@everyone I haven't solved the problem but I do have a workaround solution although I don't really understand exactly why it works.

I remade bars for the frame again in SketchUp, making sure that the origin point was centred and removed the collision but to no avail, the boxes still jumped around.

Time to analyze the problem. They didn't jump around until they were placed into the racking. In order to make seamless joins, I made the vertical and the left to right horizontal tubes and removed the collision. For the centre support beam I used the Muvizu Cylinder (short) and that was causing the problems, the support area was too small, so I placed an invisible ground plane under the boxes and the tote boxes now slide in and out without a problem.

Note the right hand single box in the top picture below, on it's own it has no problems sliding in and out. Yet when I move the single front box on the floor only a short way, this causes the right hand box to fall off it's perch. That's the part that I don't understand, I would have thought that the distance was too great too cause such an effect!

Anyway, frame and boxes now work fine, thanks to everyone for all your help, tips and suggestions.

@drewi That fbx tote box is great, much better then the ase, can we have a lid now please! I'll work on the open Fold-A-Tote box and lid in SketchUp and then send you the image files, then maybe you could produce this in fbx too!

2015/6/15 2:29:09
Assistance Thanks Fazz but they are the same, I now think it's my racking but that was made with no collision!
2015/6/14 21:07:50
Assistance Thanks Fazz, It doesn't seem to make any difference.
2015/6/14 17:31:17
Assistance I guess my modelling career is over before it even really started!!! LOL. It's just not working for me. The storage unit I made within Muvizu is fine and I can make the boxes (made in SketchUp) stay in position by either grouping them or floating them individually as in the top picture below.

That's fine for background use but at some point the individual boxes will need to be used (closed and open) and when I unchecked float... Well, you can see by the bottom images what happens.

Maybe one of you could do the boxes from scratch in FBX

I have uploaded the files to Dropbox:-

It contains the set:


The images for the folding tote:

The SketchUp Fold-A-Tote


And the SketchUp Tote box:


Dimensions of the boxes are 15.5" High x 16.5" Wide x 20” Deep.

Earl's like... WTH Just Happened!!!

2015/6/14 13:26:41
Assistance Guys, guys, guys... sorry, no, it's not the nuts that are the problem, I guess I wasn't clear enough, it's my tote boxes, the boxes sometimes jump around, not the nuts. read my post above.
2015/6/13 12:49:33
Assistance Thanks Berty but I already did that and then had to create some invisible plates inside the box to hold the contents in place!

I just want a box that sits there full of nuts, instead I get ones that are seemingly filled with Mexican jumping beans that have a life of their own!


2015/6/12 21:45:29
Assistance drewi wrote:
Sent you both some nuts.

Is it Christmas already!!! Nice. I made some tote boxes but I am having trouble with collision, may send you the files tomorrow drewi.
2015/6/11 2:46:25
Assistance Yeah, he looks like a cousin to Roland the Rat... Still needs some work doing on the eyes and the feet. About the system, what I did was very rough with little to go on, I'll need some close ups to do it correctly, I think I saw some flanges that need adding for wall mounting at the rear!
2015/6/10 18:20:26
Assistance @Bernie

Will have to see the video first to ascertain what I can do with it and yes, Earl should be able to slide a tote into place, each box is an object, just a question of your moving the tote as an object.


Neither, it's made up of components within Muvizu, see:-

If you download the set, you'll also see that I am having a go at making Earl more rodent like then canine, (still working on the feet) but it's not really my thing.

2015/6/9 18:37:38
Assistance I do live halfway across the world...

Never use text-to-speech, it sounds awful. When you find your voice actor, simply use a free programme such as Audacity

You can change the pitch and tempo in effects, this is a quick example which literally took just two minutes. Link:-

Then just click on chipmunkish.mp3, it will give you an idea of the changes you can make.
2015/6/9 16:42:15
Assistance I am a web designer and I also do graphic design, I don't really have any skills in 3D-Modelling other then the very basics, I prefer to use Muvizu objects where I can, as I feel that they are more suitable overall rather then being realistic.

I have very quickly put together a rough replication of your backdrop but obviously I have to make wide guesses as to the dimensions based only on a flat 2D backdrop!

As drewi said, your squirrel needs some work on him and he is more suited to that then I. It all depends on exactly what it is that you are trying to achieve.

2015/6/9 13:24:22
Assistance No, that works fine Bernie, I have downloaded the set now, maybe you could message me with the details of exactly what it is that you need doing.
2015/6/8 16:44:37
Assistance There are many ways to share files for free, the best known one is Dropbox, you can create an account and store up to 2GB for free. You can give other Dropbox account holders full read and write access to the files but even if they don't have a Dropbox account, they can still preview and download a copy, you just send or post a link.
2015/6/8 15:51:50
Assistance I don't mind lending a hand if I can help Bernie.
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