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2015/5/14 1:33:24
Anti-Aliasing is not working on new PC No imyourda, it shouldn't affect the quality of the rendered file, it's just your view of it. Do a very movie and view it on your laptop and you should see the difference. Go to and download the latest drivers, there was a new release a couple of weeks ago because of GTA V, see if that makes a difference.
2015/5/12 18:06:32
Anti-Aliasing is not working on new PC In that case I am not sure what to suggest, I played around with my settings but even with everything turned off my results were still a bit better then yours and the differences in our cards shouldn't account for that.

Here are some comparisons

This is the full list of the global settings that I use:-

One last thought... "Under 3D Settings - Adjust image settings with preview", make sure that you have "Use the advanced 3D image settings" checked.
2015/5/12 15:58:08
Anti-Aliasing is not working on new PC Your resolution you are using is the correct one. I have been trying to replicate your results and I have to ask the obvious; when you come to make video, under the advanced tab, do you have the Anti-aliasing box ticked?
2015/5/11 21:56:46
Anti-Aliasing is not working on new PC Congrats on getting a new machine. What did you go for in the end?

Also, can you confirm the exact size of your monitor or better still the model number and the resolution that you are using!

I think the problem is your antialiasing settings.

Right click on your desktop, select NVIDIA Control Panel and go to Manage 3D settings. In Global Settings, go down to Antialising - FXAA and ensure the setting is on for this.

see screen-shot

There are other settings there also, I suggest where applicable you set these to application-controlled, Shader Cache On, the four Texture filtering settings to:- On - Allow - Quality and On. If you mouse over the features, it will give you a description of what that feature does underneath.

Once you find the settings that work best for you, you can click on the Program Settings tab and add Muvizu.exe specifying your prefered settings for the program so that it will run with these every time you start it.

This is a screen-shot showing the difference before and after applying the Antialising - FXAA.
2015/5/4 1:54:33
Specs- debating whether to get a new computer. Sorry ekessler but I am not familiar with graphic card specs for laptops. There does appear to be several on Newegg within your budget, I saw an i5 4200M and even an i7 5500U processor but the graphics cards that came with them seemed very underpowered to me, some I would even describe as atrocious . The price of laptops keeps falling year after year, so if your present system works well then my advice would be to hold off for now and see if you can pick up a better bargain next year.

As for Sony Vegas 12, the minimum system requirements are quite low, 4GB RAM, 2GHz CPU, 512MB GPU and maybe double those for recommended.
2015/5/3 17:55:36
Specs- debating whether to get a new computer. At $779 that is very good value for money, it has the right components to make it a well
priced machine and it also comes with a healthy 16GB of memory. I should think it would suit
your usages very well.

As a gamer, I look at things a little differently and I have to say that I don't think these
things will affect you but I do feel that I have to point them out.

The i7-4770 is a very powerful CPU but it can't be over-clocked like the 4770K. The motherboard
only has single PCIe x16 Slot so you wouldn't be able to add a second card in SLI or Crossfire,
The case has a very small form factor and there is only a single cooling fan so you wouldn't be
able to dissipate the heat anyway. In any case the PSU is only 460 Watt which is not enough to support a second card. The 32GB SSD will not be running the operating system as it is too small and instead would act as a flash cache for the hard drive,

Having said all that, this is still a good moderate gaming machine and I doubt that you would be wanting to over-clock or add a second card anyway.

Thanks to its low price, a lot of storage, memory and a high tier processor, they make it a great value machine.

As for the video card, although they are both around the same price, in most cases the Radeon R9 270 will outperform the GTX 750 Ti although the power consumption is three times higher and the L2 Cache just a quarter of the 750 Ti. The Radion's resolution performance is better. It's memory Bus at 256 Bit is twice that of the 750 Ti as are it's shader processing units, pixal rate, texture rate, texture mapping and render output units.

Will it be a big improvement over your current laptop set up? Hell Yeah!
2015/5/1 21:26:45
Specs- debating whether to get a new computer. $800, you must be Stateside then! I have more sources in the U.K. but Newegg are quite good, had a quick look there and a couple stood out, there's an i5:-

i5 4690 (3.50GHz) 8GB DDR3 2TB HDD Windows 8.1 64-Bit GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB $799.99

But for video editing, you may be better off with an i7 (it has Hyper Threading), this one looked good:-

i7 5820K (3.30GHz) 8GB DDR4 1TB HDD 120GB SSD Windows 8.1 64-bit AMD Radeon R9 270 $799.99

Has DDR4 memory and also has an SSD which will load Windows and a selection of selected programs very fast.

Have a browse through over at Newegg, there are also quite a few cheaper then the above. meanwhile, I'll see what else I can find.
2015/4/30 18:15:50
Specs- debating whether to get a new computer. Yeah as Ziggy said, that's a very slow card that you have, they also do a benchmark chart for CPU's and you will find yours fairly low down in the Mid Range chart.

I'm a gamer and as such, it is very important to get the best bang for buck. So my first question would be "How much is your budget?" The second would be, "What will your be using your machine for mostly?"

The good news is that without spending a fortune, you should see a vast improvement using Muvizu on a new desktop computer on a modest budget, when compared to your current set up.
2015/4/26 1:22:35
Sending character/scene files between computers. Hi, if you send the saved .SET file to another user then all the custom textures would be embedded and the other user would be able use the file in the same way as you. The only problems that could arise are those that could be caused by attachments and FBX objects used in the Play+ version, as they wouldn't be available to someone using the Play version.
2015/4/25 20:37:45
muvizu ase exporter and Sketchup 2015 On June 1st, 2015, SketchUp 8 and SketchUp 2013 will no longer be able to access several web-features including 3D Warehouse and Add location. If you use SketchUp version 2014 or newer, you won’t be affected by this issue.
2015/4/18 1:58:06
voice changer Voxal Voice Changer is available to download for free for non-commercial use, it works in real time Also, if you have a Creative sound card they have a very good voice FX programme which is free.
2015/4/18 1:29:37
can I use Muvizu screenshots for a tutorial in Ro Hi trluci,

As there are many tutorials already out there on the net (non-Muvizu official ones), I don't think there would be a problem in your making another, these are actually very good promotions for Muvizu so I can't see them objecting. Maybe a member of staff can confirm this for you. IanS?
2015/4/8 21:06:48
Weapons As the Doc said iduze. you'll need Play+ and if you do decide to buy it, then you will find a shed load of guns in my COD4 style gun range set

Just select an item and save it to import for your own use.
2014/5/23 13:01:03
Just One Piece Competition Congrats Fazz & Hamster, hope you enjoy your software and Wdeprospo and Fman00 your vouchers, they were all really good vids.
2014/5/18 15:52:52
Some more trees Perfect urban. I made a "Jungle Clearing" set some months ago, mostly if not all, with your trees. Something was missing so I didn't do any further work on it, as you said, it didn't get past the toy stage, these fill in the mid-height area nicely. may upload it now.

Still think your Birch Trees are the best though!
2014/5/18 15:35:40
Hello fellow animators He means the "Your Videos" section not the Gallery bigwally:-
2014/5/16 12:50:17
Hi all! Hi ManosLeon and welcome.

One of the limitations of this software is that you can not render a clip size that is 2Gb or over, your clip must be under 2Gb. This equates to a clip that is no longer then around 30 seconds long in full HD 1080 or no longer then around 60 seconds for SD 720.
2014/5/8 23:58:40
Music Video. Designing sets has paid off (literally).

As some of you may know, I am quite a prolific set maker. Image my surprise when I was approached to make a video for a band's upcoming New York record release.

They had the idea in mind of people dancing in a disco with some guy trying to muscle in on another guy's girl friend at a certain point in the song.

So, a new set to make, a night club, I've never done one of those, should be interesting I thought, but that's the easy part. I don't know how close they looked at my profile, lots of sets there but no videos, that is because I have never made one before!

Anyway, I made the set, recorded a 30 second intro, they liked that and 2 weeks later the final result:-

Getting paid for a hobby is great, I also got a premium version of Muvizu out of it too, which was a bonus for me.

Being a music track, this is only 4 minutes 40 seconds long, you guys and girls that make much longer and more complicated videos have my greatest respect.
2014/5/8 23:03:37
Star Child from the Constellation Very good, nice to see some of my sets used too.
2014/5/8 22:54:07
helloooo Hi and welcome.

As it happens, I was just looking for something myself today and came across a few such websites was one and another but I got what I wanted for free at
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