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2010/10/24 11:37:59
Weapons, new animations and Muzzle flashes Now this may seem a little crude, but with the current war and military themes going on in Muvizu I felt that it could only be suiting, and it would bring a new set of animated videos about too for a better variety.

First of all, we could let animators equip their characters with weapons as part of their clothes perhaps?

This will maybe unlock new actions in the prepare > character animations pannel depending on the weapon type equipped. Much like the Machine Gun and Shot By Machine Gun animations under Themes > Military. For example, equip an Uzi, and extra options open up in the military pannel for the way the Uzi behaves when fired or held.

However all characters will have the relevant dodge and hit animations under the military tab, so they don't have to have the same weapon equipped just to act to another character firing it.

Now as I said for Muzzle flashes.. I was originally thinking they could come under Create > Effects but it would suit purpose to have them during the animation sequence instead. This way when the animator clicks or his/her character to *open fire* there will be no extra fumbling around to make sure the muzzle flash is on time with it and in the right place.

Its all I have really thought of so far, along with possibly adding a turret or some sort of bunker, maybe even an effect to add a muzzle flash to the Gun Bunker, but I feel as though it is alright as it is.

As always, keep working on Muvizu, its turning out brilliantly!
~ TheCursedJester

p.s ~ I can maybe gather plenty information on weapons and such, if needed, being in a family who work under the army.
2010/10/20 20:16:41
Ability to change mouse movement. Currently I like the mouse movement as it is, I have to admit after using Muvizu for a couple of months now... heck almost half a year, but with some new changes going by I am not so sure of it sometimes.

Maybe the users could have an option to change it to a sort of... drag, movement?

Anyone who has ever played Black and White 2 (or the first) will know what I am talking about here ~ as in, when you click on the "world" with left click you can pull it towards you, or left to right and vice-versa. With the right mouse button you could click to rotate your view on the spot, as your mouse anchors your camera to where you clicked. Mouse wheel naturally zooms in and out still.

I was just thinking that maybe an option to set it to this would be useful, because it combines real world physics to a point and it just feels more natural. Giving a greater degree of control over the animating world.

Of course I suggested it would be an option, since a few would not agree with me, but thats understandable as different people have different tastes.
2010/8/16 19:18:58
Problem with bulding sets and diferent angles franciscosalgueiro wrote:
Everytime I try to build a set it looks perfect, bus as soon as I move the angle, the set seems out of place.

I am not sure what you mean by it seems out of place... as in when you build things like houses or walls it all seems perfect until you realise its not brought forward enough or etc?
If your having the problems with building and can't quite get it right try doing it from a bird's eye view instead, it helps when you've got a lot of fiddly bits to sort out as well.

I believe there is also a tutorial on making your scene, which may have some pointers too.
Hope this helps :]
2010/8/10 19:19:10
copying characters animations There was something esle too.. oh it will come to me eventually as I play with Muvizu.

Anyway, I just thought about another idea which probably might have been suggested already... but perhaps there should be an option when you copy a character and go to paste his clone in that his animation sequence is copied over too.

For example, if you have a line of soldiers and they all should salute at the same time, you can make one do the animation of saluting at the specific point then just copy and paste him until you have your line of soldiers saluting all at once, rather than individually filming every single man in the squad and trying to time it right fiddling in the timeline.

Could save some frustration?

edit - oh yea, i remember the second thing now. Make the forums a little clearer by putting what is new and old post, so you know you have already looked at that one and there has been or has not been any new replies since then.
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2010/8/9 22:40:21
Moving in Muvizi, manipulating objects and cameras Oh, they are already being looked at? xD
Should have seen that coming.

Well I look forward to it anyway - the only other thing I would suggest is just keeping it simple and organised as you add things. The layout right now is perfect and what puts most people off most programs its the difficulty and user-friendly scale hitting rock zero with hundreds of options tossed in your face. Haha. But that is pretty obvious.
2010/8/9 9:38:45
Moving in Muvizi, manipulating objects and cameras Hey there,

I have only been using Muvizi for a short time compared to most people, but already I'm loving it and.. well I have three suggestion's I have come up with in that time on probably how to make it better.

First of all is how you move around.
I thought that maybe there should be an option to invert the y and/or x axis if the user wants in the options - since many programs make use of this and more people are used to it. Either that or a dragging option where you can click and pull the mouse back to "drag the screen towards you" as this feels more natural than the current controls, even though they are easy too I admit. Maybe its just me but its an idea I had.

Second, Manipulating objects.
I love how you can insert pre-made objects and scale them without having to craft them yourself.. but maybe you could make Muvizi more powerful by giving the option to manipluate the shapes you can insert such as the cube - stretching it, pulling it or making it higher, rather than just scaling it larger with the slider. Maybe you could put it with other objects but it would fit most with the blank shapes you can put in.

Last but not least, cameras.
Once again to make Muvizi a more powerful animaton program you could allow the users to freely move the camera - as it is recording? - or make another option under "create camera" to insert a motion camera. This camera will follow a set path much like a character walking sequence as it follows the scene along, until its time to switch to another view suddenly. This way you can sort of eliminate the four camera-limit and there will be a lot more options opened up for people making future animations, able to twist and turn over one scene rather than applying two cameras to that then two to the other.

These are just quick ideas, but something which were thought over as I used Muvizu.
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2010/8/9 0:13:42
(new) video joiner not working? No worries. I know you have enough to do without chasing me. Cool
Anyway... I am unsure? I followed this link:
and pressed the "download application" link with Size: 478 MB

Im not sure if it was the full or standard pack, probably standard, i just let it download and it had all the features I saw which were new.
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2010/8/8 18:43:23
(new) video joiner not working? Ahh right.
They are quite short videos, the first being about 13 seconds and the other being 31. heh.
I'll see about recording them in the XVid format then and get back to you updating this.

The 13second one is 23.9MB and the 31second one is 46.1MB

- edit
Nope, under the list when I select to make the video there is no XVid format. Since they are produced in the windows media player files I can just edit them with windows movie maker instead. Can still do the same thing there and mess around with a few options too. :]
Thanks again.
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