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2013/10/28 18:53:11
Anyone have this walking animation glitch? MrDrWho13 wrote:
That's strange, it works for me.
Anyway, I sent a ticket about you not being able to send a ticket.
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Thank you, I greatly appreciate it.
2013/10/28 18:28:35
Anyone have this walking animation glitch? MrDrWho13 wrote:
They've been pretty quiet around this, and they've probably gone home now, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow. You could try sending a support card:

I have tried several times to send a report ticket, every time I hit "Submit" I get the "Sorry, your ticket could be opened right now. Please try again later" message. Been getting that for several days.
2013/10/28 17:50:31
Anyone have this walking animation glitch? I would love to hear some input from someone with Muvizu. Is there a fix for this in progress?
2013/10/25 22:11:19
Anyone have this walking animation glitch? Yea this seems like a rather major glitch. I really want to purchase this program but that may be a deal breaker, not to be able to adjust your movements after you set them or have walking animations suddenly stop working and destroy your scene?

Has anyone figured out a workaround yet or do you pretty much just have to set up your walking paths again?
2013/10/24 19:49:33
Anyone have this walking animation glitch? Well I am not sure how old the set is because I just downloaded the program for the first time, but I think yes. It is the bar scene, Sleazy's bar. This bug makes the scene completely unusable since it renders with the problem.
2013/10/24 19:22:32
Anyone have this walking animation glitch? Hello, I have the free version and am hoping to upgrade to a pro version soon but I am having difficulty with one aspect of the software.

I have a character that does some temper gestures, then walks across the room and then gets into a fighting stance with dialogue. Everything works well EXCEPT when I play the animation back, my character won't walk. He'll kinda, freeze in his original place but the other characters will continue their action.

If I pause the timeline and hit play again, it will update and he'll pop in where he SHOULD be. This wouldn't be such a big deal however it does this when I render out a final video.

I have a Lenovo Y500 laptop with dual Nvidia Geforce 650 cards. Graphically it should have no problem handling that. What can I do to fix this?

Thank you.
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