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2010/8/28 10:03:46
Multiple characters animation I'm sure I've seen how to do this - somewhere, but how can I apply the same synchronised animation to a group of characters? Basically its a dance routine where every character has to do the exact same steps.
Thanks for the videos with text - much appreciated

2010/8/9 18:14:27
Moving Characters Around Emily - Thank You thank you thank you.
For some reason, the sound quality is a lot better on Overstream, but having the captions as well, made everything some much easier.


P.S Keep up the good work
2010/8/9 17:05:56
Moving Characters Around Great programme - hope I can find my way around using it.
I watched one of the tutorial videos - but had problems hearing the dialogue (I have a hearing disability)

Are there ways of moving characters around the set using keyboard commands?

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere
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