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2013/11/9 15:21:16
Something is wrong I know how to export it works!

It only has one choice of colour though. could you help me with tht
2013/11/9 15:04:24
Something is wrong I still dont get it i have tried to import into muvizu it wont work
2013/11/9 14:22:32
Something is wrong when I export from sketchup to muvizu to it says file was not found. It worked once with a table that's it.

1) I went onto paint and made a 256x256 and madeit yellow.

2) Now I saved it to my UT3

3) I went on to sketchup and downloaded a ford mustang

4) I put in the correct point made it the same size as Glasgowjim made it.

5) Now I go onto plugins and it says Muvizu Ase exporter then I press that and I press export as ASE format.

6) Now I onto muvizu and press import object and I find it. Its say Ford MustangGt6500.ase

7) When I load it I press double sided and everything that Glasgow jim done.

8) It says file not found. What am I doing wrong
2013/11/7 16:41:02
Confused I dont know why it doesnt work YAY it works thanks guys
2013/11/6 21:37:59
Tech problem with import in site Do you know if I save it in program filesx68 is okay. I don't know should I save in x68 or normal please help.
2013/11/6 21:36:56
Confused I dont know why it doesnt work I got the Ase file and saved it in my program filesx68 /google/ google sketchup 8/ plugins.
when I go on sketch up its not there in the toolbar
2013/11/6 20:10:06
Tech problem with import in site In the link below it tells me to download the ASE exporter. I want to but it say error has occurred return to home page
2013/11/6 16:44:54
Help needed with sketch up to muvizu Will google sketch up 8 free let me import things to muvizu
2013/11/5 18:07:26
How can I get more stuff Is there any way that I could get more objects for movizu? Is it possible to draw something and put it into muvizu? If you can how?
2013/11/5 18:05:19
How Do I Name My tracks Thank you
2013/11/4 21:34:49
How Do I Name My tracks How do I name my tracks, I am very confused
. Please help.
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