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2010/9/6 18:09:48
Lighting tutorial Yes good tips and I agree to turn down the enviroment light down a bit or a lot and also experiment if using several lights with the distance as if you want to light something close only then the distance should be just enough to do that and not effect the other lights.

Most important tip I think is to dive into the lighting and play about with it lots, the unreal engine really does the rendering well when it comes to lighting.
2010/9/6 13:36:08
Jacob Patterboon Thanks

I'm considering using a less eccentric voice for the main character (Jacob) for part 2 and see if that works better.

If that works then i'll redo the voice for part one for Jacob as well.

My strengths are art, story and tech, voice acting is probably my weak point.

When I get all parts done perhaps I can get some of the members here on board to re-do the voices in "real" voices. But to do that now would require just too much organisation.
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edited by Than on 9/6/2010
2010/9/6 12:58:23
Jacob Patterboon Thanks for the encouragement
2010/9/5 22:53:05
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Thanks to Spenmixa added stormy costal road

2010/9/5 13:53:56
My first video Yes, that's cool
2010/9/5 8:19:44
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) I have been asked if the classroom set that could be put on the site as it is no longer in the new build. I presume it's not in the new build due to it's 2MB size. I've put it on the site, should anyone at Muvizu want it removed from there then please just email or post here and i'll gladly take it down.

See here:
2010/9/4 22:12:52
Jacob Patterboon Glad you liked it thanks, and thanks for the advice

I'll try get the audio quality better next time and will render the next probably in 480 pixels wide to fill the you tube window, perhaps...

I want to do the next one quickly, however the next six weeks I have a massive amount of stuff to do and after that I should have much, much more free time, so part 2 should be with 10 weeks and other parts more frequent after that. I have the entire story planned an aim to have a feature length film i.e. 90 to 120 minutes, but it all depends on how it pans out in production to how long it will really be, but I should think definately more than an hour long in total.
2010/9/4 19:45:31
Jacob Patterboon Thanks, i've ordered it, maybe part 2 will be better, maybe I redo part 1 audio one day...
2010/9/4 19:07:14
Jacob Patterboon Just looked on amazon at the

Audio Technica ATR6250 stereo microphone (was ATR25)

Does this plug into a standard PC Mic in?
2010/9/4 19:01:31
Jacob Patterboon Thanks, if I have no improvement with turning down background noise and repositioning my mic I may try getting one of those...
2010/9/4 16:28:01
Jacob Patterboon I'll also try to pronouce my words better next time and perhaps a little louder at points, i'll at least try and we shall see.

p.s. part 2 will be even madder than part 1
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2010/9/4 16:06:07
Jacob Patterboon Already had 3 comments that the voice audio quality could be better.

Perhaps the audio was worse as I had the tv on in the background and I have a noise reduction mic, will try in a silent room next time.
Or perhaps my voice and voice changing software does not go too perfectly together...
My Mic is a CS60-USB plantronics, its high quality noise reduction for voice recognition, but if there is something better for around 50 quid then please mention where to get it..

My question please to people is do you at least understand most of what the main character said, although I know some of it is a bit faint compared with the background audio. Interested as of course I know what is being said so harder for me to judge...

There is an issue with some of the deeper voices using the voice changing software and my voice, but at least the main character voice is better I think...
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2010/9/4 5:04:51
Jacob Patterboon It's there, finally...

Remember it's just part one of many so prepare to be confused...

edited by Than on 9/10/2010
2010/9/3 17:37:58
First 23 seconds It's uploaded but being processed by you tube.

Don't know how long that's going to take or if it's going to work.

My youtube alias is "ThanMovieProductions"

and the video is titled "Jacob Patterboon"

But I'll let you know when it's available, hopefully you tube will accept it ok...
2010/9/3 13:14:30
First 23 seconds At about the right spot where I can release part 1, aiming to do that tonight...
2010/9/2 22:55:07
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) I'll be doing fewer of my sets over the next few weeks, but it's not due to lack of interest, just the opposite as i'm so busy on doing my Muvizu project "Jacob Patterboon" that all my spare time is going on that for part one and I have the sets done so it's all the other stuff i'm doing...

I'll still put up sets for others within a week of anyone sending it to

Happy creating
2010/9/1 22:01:30
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Added House of commons 2 by MuvizuMonkey

2010/9/1 21:42:11
tutorials I've found the tutorials useful too and very clear.
2010/9/1 12:48:31
Ooooooh! not quite there with the Dolly Zoom Well what can I say, Fab
2010/8/31 20:55:19
point A to point B animation For example if you want the camera to take a complicated or curved path through a set then i'm never going to be dexterius enough with the keyboard to do that sort of thing, so having cameras and characters move between set markers at set speed at set times would be great. Of course in conjunction with what the program offers at the moment.
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