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2010/8/25 13:34:32
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Cheers,

Added: Corridor (Modern 1)

2010/8/25 12:46:22
free muvizu? Fair enough, if I ever come by cash due to a muvizu venture i'll contact vince when it happens.

Pretty sure I won't make money with my first project as I intend it for free to view you tube.

Perhaps you guys will like it soooo much you will offer me a job at muvizu one day, but probably not as I won't be living in scotland, but one can only day dream ...

I'm doing a project that will be in many parts as it's a full story. Done most the sets for part one, have the story done for all parts, need to do dialogue and animation when I have the release with moving cameras, it needs moving cameras. So still plenty to do before I finish part one.
2010/8/24 22:20:23
How to get through an object Discovered that right clicking on the camera view takes you there, which is useful.

I also found a problem in that I created a room with a roof and then found I could not get into the room without taking the roof back off.

So then I discovered I could move my camera through the walls and once the camera was in the room I then discovered that I could right mouse click on the camera view and wey hey It would move me through the walls and I was inside the room without having to take the roof of
2010/8/24 21:02:18
free muvizu? On an individual basis I understand but any hints perhaps of what a 'Cut' maybe for a comercial success for a one man production, 1%, 5%, 10%, 20% or more? ...
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2010/8/24 20:56:36
free muvizu? So, I understand then if we don't make any money and don't advertise something then there definately won't be a payment required no matter how good or long the vid is...?

Also I would hope any 'Slice' is made after taxes as some places in the world you only really get left with 40% or even less of what you earn depending on circumstances...
2010/8/24 18:19:57
Handcuffed? Thanks for the hint, pacing may do has he will be escorted by two other characters.
2010/8/24 13:55:07
Handcuffed? Had a look at animations, there is a lot which is great.

Was wondering is there an animation that suits if someone has been handcuffed?

When the camera movements come in i'm looking at doing a modern day sci-fi movie, got the story figured out mostly...

But it starts with him being handcuffed...
2010/8/23 20:15:46
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Thanks

Added a Jungle campfire
2010/8/22 18:05:33
Scale face width and height separately Scale face width and height separately.

Now this i'm sure is the same problem as scaling objects.

But i've started creating characters to re-create a PBP game story we have created over the past two years and one of the writers when I showed him the elf character asked if I could make particulary the face thinner...
2010/8/22 18:00:49
Animation scripts I did an 'A' level evening art course a few years back and it was for the course work in which I got a perfect 100%

The leaves and poppies make use of pivot points in which you attach things to things and rotate one bit and all the attached things also rotate correctly as it would in the real world. Hopefully the future animation script will have pivot points too...
2010/8/21 22:05:55
extra characters Perhaps that was a man character scaled small and with the cat face mask put on and tail put on?
2010/8/21 20:53:03
Animation scripts If we could one day create objects and move them about using a programming script (Perhaps from an advanced tab) then I could do such as shown in the following animation.

Note: The following animation was created by myself about 8 years ago (Not using muvizu as muvizu I don't think was around then?).

I'd like to be able to code things like the effect in the fountains, but using Muvizu...

2010/8/21 14:12:39
Suggestions for forum headings I'm quite happy with it at the mo, but if it's gonna change perhaps a 'Resource' section.
2010/8/20 13:37:36
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Thanks

Added one more: Corridor (Sci-Fi 1)

See it at :
2010/8/19 19:09:34
Moving Objects I'd very much like to see that too.
2010/8/19 13:43:29
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Been getting so many possitive remarks on my set designs Wiggle , here is anouther:

Added: Room (Alien Interrogation 1)

See it at:

This one has a lot of lighting and other effects, but if you don't have a super fast system you can always press F2 to fly about and manipulate it quickly, then when done flying around and doing other stuff you can press F3 to view it in all it's glory
2010/8/17 21:18:25
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Thanks Menacing

Added boxing ring
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2010/8/16 21:42:25
Problem with bulding sets and diferent angles The hints above work as the main way of getting things in the right place.
Also what I tend to do is view it close and move the object till it hits anouther (but gently so as to not knock over objects as this can ruin a scene, so save often...) and then gently adjust it's position relative to the other object(s).
Also I look at what the shadows are doing to help.
I also fly about things quite a bit.

Everyone probably has a different style of doing this and the more you do the easier it is.
2010/8/15 22:13:44
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Football stadium added
2010/8/15 22:12:04
Stadiums Just added a Stadium you can use to :
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