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2013/12/11 23:38:58
Scene load error produced after save Thanks Fazz68, urbanlamb, primaveranz & ukBerty

I have read through your comments and will keep it in mind on future scenes.. I did have both .ase and .fbx in my scene.
Thankfully I didn't loose much and was able to carry on from a previous saved scene and start all over again..
My workflow is to have a base scene backup... and to branch off other "working" scenes from that in case it happens again..

Does muvizu save out a 'logfile' /'crash report' some place that way I could read what the error was and not have to speculate so much on what might be causing the problem..

Otherwise great tool Muvizu... keep on bringing out new updates and fixes...

here are a few things i would like to see as optional extras ..

*. error reporting/ crash reporting and a way to send you that information... ie a bug fix button.

*. the functionality to have more than one "tool box" open at once. ie... Direct character action tool and edit character tool on screen at once..
That way when I bring in an object that I want to pose correctly, I can see my character in a pose that I dictate on the timeline and can move or rotate the object into the position that I want.. ie a skateboard.. while in a fighting pose.
At the moment the character will move back to idol position. I have to constantly flick back and forth "Annoying" ;P between edit and direct to get the object into position.. this makes things slow and time consuming... and not what muvizu is about. maybe implement as a lock button on the title bar next to the pin button.

*. posable characters.. I would like control to pose a character a little bit more.. like just the hands feet and waist.. not fingers etc.. and not for animating purposes.. but just cool poses.. we are working on a project that requires a lot of still shots and I'm spending a lot of time looking for something close to what I'm after in the prepare character actions..
I hope the muvizu team is working on a "create your own character actions tool kit" so the public can start adding to the library.. that would be kewl.. Big Grin

Just some hopefully constructive suggestions not sure if this is the right place to post where this stuff will be looked at.

Liking the tool, we have muvizu play + account.. creating a skater park scene. Tanks muvizu and topic posters!
2013/12/11 2:24:36
Scene load error produced after save

I also get this error when opening the same file .. but it does't tell me what object is causing the error.


2013/12/11 2:20:14
Scene load error produced after save

Hi guys I'm getting this error out of muvizu not being able to find this file..

Any suggestions?

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