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2015/3/5 20:52:30
DirectX White Flashes on the screen Hello, many times when I'm using DirectX 11, quick white flashes, (almost like lightning) will appear on my screen, and sometimes they are on the video output. Does anyone know what this is, or have a solution for it?

thanks in advance
2015/3/5 20:06:58
March 2015 update bugs I have the same thing happening as well
2015/3/5 18:26:34
Mouths not moving on lip sync and file errors Thanks! I will try that!
2015/3/5 14:57:32
Mouths not moving on lip sync and file errors Hello,

I've been having a couple of issues, since I updated to the latest version of Play +,

First, when I try to sync dialogue, it will work for the first character, but the 2nd character in the scene's mouth doesn't move at all. I've never had this issue before, and have tried restarting the scene multiple times. (Note- I import my dialogue for all of the characters as one track, which I edit in another program)

The second issue I have is this error, whenever I create a favorite character or object with any textures - "An Object's property has been unexpectedly changed, and this file will not display correctly. "

Any help on these issues is much appreciated-
2015/3/3 18:54:25
March 2015 update bugs Thanks Ziggy!
2015/3/3 17:33:04
March 2015 update bugs RED DOTS WALKING BUG - When I Direct character movement, the red dots for the walking path don't disappear after recording character movement, and are still there when the video outputs. This has happened to me twice, before installing the update and now using the updated version. When I tried to delete the character movement from the timeline, and re-do the walk, the red dots will not disappear. This has happened in two different sets.

2014/11/5 19:24:24
animation writer needs sets, models etc. for show Hello fellow Muvizu-ers,

I am a working animation writer and story editor, with a show I work on, as Assistant Story Editor and Writer currently airing all over the world. I have written and worked on tv shows and features for Cartoon Network, The Hub Network, Paramount, Nickelodeon, Sony to name a few.

I am doing my own show independently, that is a little more adult content in nature, and not like the shows I've worked on previously. If it comes out great, I plan on taking it to production companies and networks as something to show, and may turn it into a web series. I have been using Muvizu for the past year, developing my skills and feel I have become pretty competent, however my set building, costume design and lighting etc is a bit lacking.

I am amazed by the quality of work in some of the sets and models I've seen on here, and wanted to see if anyone would have any interest in helping out with some sets or models for my show or even sharing stuff you've already built which isn't on the assets page. I am not making any money on this project, so what I can offer in return is the following - a) imdb credits for your work b) If you have any scripts you would like feedback on, I will read them and give you honest feedback c) I have a team of highly talented voice over actors working on my show, who would lend their voice to your projects.

Anyway, if this interests any of you, please send me a direct message and we will go from there. Thanks for reading this, and I look forward to hearing from you.
2014/10/3 0:45:00
question about imported hand objects Thanks - that answers my question. You answered it better than I asked it
2014/10/2 19:40:24
question about imported hand objects Hello all,

I just had a quick question. If you import an object and attach it to a character's hand, is there any way to save the object, so it shows up in the same folder with the other pre-created attachments, or do you have to import it every single time? Hopefully my question isn't too confusing.. Thanks!
2014/6/17 17:17:27
wheelchair asset? Hello,

Does anyone have a wheelchair asset? Or know where I can find one? Thanks!
2014/1/6 14:55:03
Charactere Not Moving I have the same issue- running windows 8- 64 bit - it is hit and miss. Seems that if there is more than 1 character in a scene that has to move, I have to keep re-doing the movement to get the character to move, and this happens nearly every time. Also noticed for the first time yesterday- I was unable to move a character during recording- the directional movement arrows were there but the character would not move but eventually did after redoing it a couple of times.
2013/12/10 5:22:37
Audio syncs and then stops working Thanks- I think you are right because when I uploaded it to vimeo the audio problem was fixed.
2013/12/10 2:19:47
Audio syncs and then stops working Thanks for replying- I am using WAV files
2013/12/10 1:33:38
Audio syncs and then stops working Thanks- I'm still having some issues. As an example- I viewed my project's timeline- and all of the voices were in sync. When I output the 29 second video @ 1280 x 720- the audio started out a little choppy and then eventually synced. I then tried outputting the same video at 720x576 and also 720x480 to see if that helped, and the lip sync was completely gone even though it still showed on the timeline and the video preview. Any ideas? Thanks
2013/12/9 4:40:33
Audio syncs and then stops working Hello, I recently downloaded Muvizu and plan on upgrading to Play+ but I am having a couple of issues. I tried directing a scene with 2 characters. I brought in each character's audio line by line on a separate WAV audio track. They synced perfectly, however as soon as I recorded some character movement, and then watched it back, the character would start to sync with his dialogue and then after a moment the sync would stop and the character stopped moving its' mouth. This has been happening to me every time I've made an animation. I would have to keep re-syncing it multiple times to get it correct. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks
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