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2014/1/3 1:35:54
Charactere Not Moving Tried all day to get this thing to work, tried saving, closing, opening, new sets, new characters, nothing works. I can direct character movement but cannot add anything else like head or eye movements because the character will not move on any other directing pass. Sometimes the character starts to move but stops about a quarter of the way through.
I may try re-installing the program or Saturday.
I'm running Windows 7 64bit, I've seen on other threads that some problems were fixed by installing 32bit instead of 64, any idea what I would be missing if I did the same?
2014/1/2 16:23:59
Charactere Not Moving Any progress on this issue? I just downloaded Muvizu on my laptop and home computer, both machines have this issue.
I was going to jump in and buy this program right away, I'm glad I tried it free first.
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