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2016/8/7 16:24:57
Quadrupeds NEW with only ONE character ! eugenecheese wrote:
Ikes, if you know how to do it for real, then why should Muvizu object to you sharing ?

It states in the licence under 2.2.3

You shall use the Software only for the purpose of making animations (including video or still footage) (“Animations”) and, without limiting the foregoing generality, you shall not:
2.2.1 make or derive any product from the Software other than Animations;
2.2.2 remove any copyright notice from the Software;
2.2.3 work around any technical limitations in the Software or decompile, modify, reverse engineer, publicly display, prepare derivative works based on the Software, disassemble or otherwise reproduce it;
2.2.4 rent-out, sell, mortgage, charge, assign lease, barter, sub-license, distribute, publish or transmit the Software, or provide means for any other party to do so or otherwise deal in any way with all or any part of the Software or attempt to or purport to do any such acts.
2016/8/7 16:16:02
Birdies! Due to the making of the chicken, I have created another bird-like character, this one more cartoonish. It's like the chicken, made from a potato head man. The eye blinking and looking sideways is done with keyframed textures.

I think the chicken will come available in the store this week... The bird will too later.

2016/8/7 15:55:29
Quadrupeds NEW with only ONE character ! eugenecheese wrote:
I am not using the pivot point of the legs. I am using a pivot point on the hands.

I know, I mean the pivot point of the fake legs, wich are connected to the hands. It is nice work arround though, not that I am saying it isn't.
2016/8/7 15:17:02
Quadrupeds NEW with only ONE character ! I mean not the fake legs are beside his real legs, but the point from where they begin at the top. His feet are behind, I see that, but the pivot point of the leg, I mean.
2016/8/7 15:11:17
Quadrupeds NEW with only ONE character ! eugenecheese wrote:
They origin from the Hands!

I mean if he stands still, with his hands beside his body, they are beside the real legs, not?
2016/8/7 14:58:21
Quadrupeds NEW with only ONE character ! Hi, ok not in a row I see, but they still origin from besides the real legs. I think in the current state, it is quite impossible to have one character with four legs. There is a way I found with really 4 legs, but it requires altering some files and due to the licence it's not allowed. I asked support to share this here, but they asked me not to. Too bad. They are maybe considering a fully attachable character...but not shure about 4 legged.
2016/8/7 11:10:09
Quadrupeds NEW with only ONE character ! MrDrWho13 wrote:
ikes wrote:
But how does it look when he's not walking? Then you have 4 legs on a row?

Because the ones on the arms swing much wider than the others at opposite times, giving that illusion.

Yeah, I understand that, so it only looks like he has hind legs when he walks, not when he stands still.
2016/8/7 11:07:52
lost shadow option Try hitting F12, maybe you are in unlit mode...
2016/8/7 9:46:46
Quadrupeds NEW with only ONE character ! But how does it look when he's not walking? Then you have 4 legs on a row?
2016/8/4 9:11:16
Chicken test from Sinister PatMarrNC wrote:
Ikes, what action are you using to make him peck the ground?

That is just head movement up and down. Because the chicken head sticks out in front of the face, the moving range is a bit higher.
2016/8/4 0:19:15
Chicken test from Sinister ziggy72 wrote:
That's some good chicken wrangling Ikes, I like how the seam looks so clean between the top and bottom bits. Good feet too. I think if you used the Evil mood while moving it would make their legs even more chicken like (maybe).

Thanks Ziggy!

I'm working on some more detailed feet, with nails too. The evil mood works indeed with running, but with walking his body jiggles too much back and forth.
2016/8/4 0:13:50
Chicken test from Sinister Rocque wrote:
I think even Col. Sanders would be interested in that chicken Ikes!! It is definitely something to crow about...oops did I just fowl up my post?

Thanks for sharing, and the slo mo tips are great, too.

Haha, I must admit that I had to search who that was. I'm not really into fastfood restaurants. But thanks!
2016/8/4 0:10:21
Chicken test from Sinister clayster2012 wrote:
WOW..good show ol chap, it seems you got it going buddy, really good work, you get a set in the store let me know, I'll buy a copy!

Thanks Clay! I will definitely let it know.
2016/8/4 0:08:14
Chicken test from Sinister PatMarrNC wrote:
although, anybody using hit film (and most other video editors) can slow down (or speed up) scenes in that environment too... and usually with parametric control of everything.

I'm not sure the effect is the same. What I saw in hitfilm if I slowed down the speed, you get kind of blurry overlapping images, because it's missing frames. If you duplicate the actual frames it runs smoother in my opinion. Or I must be doing something wrong in hitfilm.
2016/8/3 20:37:31
Chicken test from Sinister PatMarrNC wrote:
you might get tired of hearing all the praise, but dang! THIS IS AWESOME!!

Thanks Pat!
My shoulder hurts from all the pats. What a coincidence with your name, haha.

This version is somewhat more in style with the muvizu characters I believe. They do indeed move quite natural, but that just turned out to be.
I have contacted support on making the model available to sell in the store, so it will be there in the coming time.

edited by ikes on 03/08/2016
2016/8/3 20:28:49
Chicken test from Sinister MrDrWho13 wrote:
This is even better than the first one! Keep up the brilliant work, Ikes!

Thanks a lot MrDrWho! I agree that this one came out better than the first one.
2016/8/3 19:45:23
Chicken test from Sinister

The chicken story continues, since I have modeled my own one! I am kind of proud that I have made it with sculptris. After some trail and errors and watching tutorials, I have quite managed to do it. It is a marvelous program, for being freeware. I had to reduce the polygons on the head though, because it came in distorted in muvizu at first, so it's a bit blocky. But the chicken is relatively small, so it's not such an issue.

Something I did different here than the first sinister one, is that this is based on the potato head man. I've attached the chickens head to the face mask and the body to the neck socket. That way there is some more head movement possible, because the body turns a bit together with the head. This one also has toes on the feet. I used the handcuffed action before the walks, so his arms are beside his body.

P.S. I don't know if this technique is known here, but I've used a slow motion on the end in this video. You can easily do that by copying and pasting the png's of the frames you want slowed down. Here I've pasted it twice for even more slowing down, so you can have a better look at the chicken.


2016/8/3 3:23:32
Trying to create a "minion" Hi,

There is a way to give your minion 1 eye. By rotating the Z and X axes of the eyes and position it. So one eye is in his head, the only difficulty is moving it, because left is down and right is up...

2016/8/2 23:42:16
Chicken test from Sinister PatMarrNC wrote:
ikes wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
oh, we're not letting you off the hook that easily! No-sir! This is too good for no follow up! ;-)
You'll just have to model your own chicken. Even something elementary without the cool textures would let us see what you did.

Yeah... I was kind of afraid of that already I have no experience with organic modelling, but I'm definitely gonna give it a try. I think sculptris could come into play for this. It might become more of a cartoonish chicken maybe...


I bet Clayster would make you a quick chicken model in exchange for whatever you make with it.

I will keep it in mind, in case I fail to model it... thanks for the sugestion (if Clayster agrees with it of course)
2016/8/2 23:38:32
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. PatMarrNC wrote:
if a utility character can't be provided (one that can be invisible while its attachments are not, and which preferably has attachment points for all the major bones ..so we can attach models to thigh, lower leg, feet, forearm, upper arm etc)

... then the next best thing would be a new action that forces the characters arms against its body so they don't swing outside any attachments while walking. Ikes has already pointed out the OBJECT restricts the movement, but it still requires space and the arms could stick out of some attachments

Well, there is also the handcuffed action, wich puts his arms along the side. You can actually get quite some bizar (arm) movements, if you do certain actions before a walk. Try the falling or dancing actions. Quite funny.
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