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2016/8/30 16:46:28
The End of the Chase haha, nice one Clay! Good work
Did you use a hidden raised platform too? I guess you did, because I see his legs kind of slipping on the ground.
2016/8/28 22:13:39
AVI Videos Well, then the avi is the problem. Maybe you could process your avi with virtualdub.
If you follow the part talking about virtualdub in this video, you might get it to work. That did it for me.

This is specific about transparant avi's, but it does apply to normal avi's too.

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2016/8/28 20:04:10
AVI Videos tonyob67 wrote:
Hello, You can use avi videos on abstract objects?, when I try to do it the object gets invisible...Please help

Thank you

Hi Tonyob, You should be able to. It could be your avi is not in the right codec setting. Can you see the video on a flat backdrop or does that disapear too?
2016/8/27 9:59:06
Strange Occurrence... ederediennifer wrote:
I can not publish video
all the time I'll publish it crashes and closes
help me!!

What output type did you use?
2016/8/27 9:57:14
Surprise in the park AllClass wrote:

2016/8/25 22:43:42
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 PatMarrNC wrote:
Here's another interesting technique:...

haha, that looks funny It is an interesting concept...
2016/8/24 23:00:55
Surprise in the park Well, maybe I can do something with the T-rex... I'll give it a brainstorm.
2016/8/24 22:22:50
Surprise in the park PatMarrNC wrote:
its been a few days since our resident magician Ikes has blown us away with his creativity... which makes me wonder what he's working on...

I hope its something for my contest...

Sorry Pat, no groundbreaking ideas at the moment. I am working on some set for a rough idea for a movie, but it's actually not for the contest. Maybe if I get an idea for that, I'll participate...

I also offered to help somebody in the chat asking for a boxing arena.
2016/8/16 23:00:19
Surprise in the park ziggy72 wrote:
Over scaling it all, of course, shoulda guessed. Actually Fazz68 did a similar trick with a robot to create ED209, but the jaw movement - wow, hadn't thought of keying the visibility of positioned objects to animate something, that's genius that is Applause

Did you have to offset the axis zero points of the jaws to get them that far away, or is that using the 'tweak' <cof> to move them further out?
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Thanks Ziggy,

You have some link to this ed209?

I didn't use the <cough>, I placed the centerpoints of the meshes way out and positioned them somewhat with the sliders.
2016/8/16 21:18:31
Surprise in the park MrDrWho13 wrote:

Kinda looks like it needs the loo.
Thanks for the explanation ikes!

Hehe, maybe he does..

PatMarrNC wrote:
did you model and texture the T-rex? SUPER job, whoever did it!

I modelled the hole thing with sculptris. The texture was something I googled for reptile skin. It fitted quite well actually.
2016/8/16 21:02:44
Surprise in the park Thanks all for the replies!

I will explain how I did the T-rex. There is a version for head movement and one for walking. Because he takes big steps, you can't actually let him walk from point A to B, his feet will slip on the floor. But you can let him walk in place and move the background.

In this see-through you can see the character is standing on an invisible raised platform. The head of the t-rex is attached to the face mask socket. All the jaws are connected to the other face sockets, which visibilities can be key-framed under the character properties.

The body for walking is attached to the waist socket, the one for head movement has it at the neck socket.
The tail is attached to the tail (duh)
The legs are connected to the feet on about the knee hight. To avoid his legs going almost horizontal, I found that the angry mood walk is the best one. All running is too exaggerated to be used, his legs are going through his tail.

The biting part was done with key-framing the visibility of the jaws as well as the running/static girl. I made a static pose of the girl in the mouth, that was attached to the hair socket. I had some glitches however with rendering. Some rendered frames showed the jaw as a grayed translucent object, like you suppose to see only in the viewport as invisible, not on a camera. It also varied on multiple renders, sometimes it happened, sometimes not... strange.

This is still an early version, maybe I'm going to detail it further and make it available in the store, if there is a demand for this creature.


Walking in place:
2016/8/16 20:39:27
Surprise in the park PatMarrNC wrote:
well? I think it's about time we get to hear how this was done!

(Pat sits down with a cup of coffee and a notebook ready to take notes...)


I will, I'm working on it right now...
2016/8/15 23:25:28
Surprise in the park PatMarrNC wrote:
HA! I knew you'd do it, Ikes! Congratulations for being the first!

(Have I told you lately that you're awesome?? Well, it goes without saying!)

Thank you Pat!

Yeah, I couldn't give up on it. It was not easy, but I did it... It's still in an early modelling stage, but I had to first test animating with it.
2016/8/15 23:02:08
Surprise in the park I couldn't let go of the idea.

You're probably in for a surprise too...

I will later reveal how it's done.

2016/8/12 22:30:51
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] as a static pose holding a gun or rifle, There is a "gun" action under the guitar and bass category that holds the pose, maybe that's useable...
2016/8/12 20:24:18
Tropical birds: test 1 (The Bird the word) PatMarrNC wrote:
clayster2012 wrote:
ikes wrote:
mindiflyth wrote:
Sinister might be a good base for a dino. He always holds his arms like a velociraptor anyhow!

Too bad his legs won't co-operate...

I agree, had a brainstorm last night, made a model, but there's no socket to the legs for attachments.

which is exactly why we need a utility character with lots of attachment points!

Yep, I've tried somehow to make a Dino T-rex, but I got stuck on the legs. Can't make it convincing, I've tried with legs attached to the arms of Beefy and Heroine, but they kind of swing their arms in an arc and moves silly with legs on them. We will have to wait, I'm afraid...
2016/8/11 19:14:48
Crocodile Some idea for talking could be to attach the head mesh to the neck socket and the jaw to the hat or hair socket. Then you can direct the head movement to simulate talking. In this example I use the body of Beefy and the feet and head are attached to a standard man character.

2016/8/11 18:31:17
Crocodile Too bad you can't attach transparent meshes. You don't get the option on import to map the alpha to opacity. Then you could use transparent meshes and animate the textures.
2016/8/11 17:11:12
Crocodile PatMarrNC wrote:
You could use that same technique to open and close a small mouth or beak. Maybe position openbeak as a neck attachment and closedbeak as glasses, then toggle which one is visible to simulate movement. I guess a larger jaw like the gator's could be animated the same way. An advantage to doing it this way is that you wouldn't be fussing with alignment every time you tried to keyframe it. The models would always be positioned right... keyframes would only turn them on and off

I do this already with the latest bird model. It has an open and closed beak which you can turn on or off with keyframes. But with this long jaw it looks very jerky.
2016/8/11 16:31:12
Crocodile I modelled his hands myself and put it in the socket of his arm. They are of course static, so no finger movement. It's only hands, not the arm.

The eyes pupils are controlled by textures and his eye lids are also a mesh covering the eyes which visibility is controlled by directing.
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