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2010/8/11 14:49:48
Trouble 'logging in' with the app Its a 64 bit version of vista!
2010/8/9 22:45:59
Trouble 'logging in' with the app Success! - it worked, thanks Jim
2010/8/9 19:25:26
Trouble 'logging in' with the app Hi,

Im running windows vista home premium - service pack 2.
2010/8/9 11:20:41
Trouble 'logging in' with the app Yeah ive tried with the Muvizu password and username again with no luck. I don't have any objects or characters at all, so looks like i have the same bug the other guy had. Is there any way of fixing it?

2010/8/8 20:01:32
Trouble 'logging in' with the app Hi, I have just downloaded Muvizu for the first time and need to log in to the app in order to get access to all of the objects and characters etc. However when i type in my password and user id it says invalid - login failed. I have tried this many times now and know that my username and pass are accurate because i can log i nto my profile on the muvizu site.

After reading other posts i am confused if i am supposed to use my muvizu username/pass or my youtube username/pass to log in on the app. (i have tried both by the way and neither work)

Please enlighten me!
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