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2014/2/2 18:45:24
How do I get Thor on lead guitar? Cheers Urbanlamb. Just downloaded Heroes & Villains to see if there are any options there.

Thanks again

2014/2/2 18:29:42
How do I get Thor on lead guitar? Hi all

Newby here, tho' I have made 1 muvizu music video before. Be gentle with me <ahem>

My band wants to create a music video with Thor on lead guitar and Tyr (Norse god of war) on bass - yeah, I know.....

I've created a really passable Thor from Beefy as a centurion as a base, and he looks really cool apart from 2 things:
1. Beefy can't get long blonde hair (though a blonde pony tail looks good) and can't wear a Norse helmet, and...
2. Beefy can't play instruments - I want him on the Gibson Flying V.

Any thoughts on a different base character or how to get Beefy playing guitar?

Here's a link to the band's webpage - imagine the 2 guys on the videos with Norse Gods playing guitar & bass! www.sonsofel.co.uk

Much obliged

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