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2016/1/15 23:51:10
looking for freelance muvizu talent Hi. Happy New Year to the community....Toast
I might be looking for some help in 2016.
I like to make simple skits using Muvizu, Crazytalk, do whiteboard animation, etc. However, sometimes I cannot cope....what with the day-job...so need to work smarter this year by collaborating.

So better I look around now and form a relationship in advance...rather than in a mad panic when I had to do 3 things at once!

mike.mcd at btinternet.com

2016/1/15 23:41:49
looking for freelance muvizu talent karamel wrote:
kenhub wrote:
looking for freelance talent for a project like http://www.muvizu.com/Profile/kenhub -> Introducing Operating Leverage

I see this is an older posting, but if you are still interested in finding freelancers, I do commercial animations and work as a freelancer doing animations and whiteboard presentations. I have examples, but I don't see a place here where I can upload videos. You can reach me by posting a reply and I will respond with my email address.

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