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In order to inspire spooky creativity for our Halloween video competition, we’ve pulled together some creepy animations and spine-tingling tales below. Are you afraid of things that go bump in the night? Surely it’s just your imagination...

This short animation is based on the famous "The Tell-Tale Heart"

The Tell-Tale Heart from Talking Animals on Vimeo.

Originally this creepy short was published in 1843; it has been adapted by Annette Jung the 2D animator, director and comic artist. This short is about a narrator who tries to make an effort to convince us of his sanity, while describing a murder he committed. Animated and directed by Annette Jung she has created a brilliant, spooky animation and has made the story all the scarier.

"The Lady and the Reaper"

This fantastic, funny animation is about a sweet old lady living alone in her farm waiting for the arrival of death to meet her beloved husband again.

Directed by Javier Recio Gracia this genre of sweet animation is in the Halloween spirit of things. Very funny and very beautiful animation short, it’s most definitely a favourite.

Stop motion paper animation – Bela and Boris. Dracula & Frankenstein

This short was created by a student called Harpreet Kaur Ajji as part of a university project called "Digital Revolution". Inspiration for the project came from Tim Burton and old horror movies and characters such as Dracula and Frankenstein.

And of course, you can’t have Halloween without the Twilight Zone

Spooky Stories!

10 Holes

Once in a little village not that far from here, there was a problem. Animals had started dying off, one by one. In the morning their owners would see them lying outside with 10 holes in their chest. The people thought it was the work of their neighboring town Edinburgh.

Then, one night a man by the name of Fred was closing his store for the night. It was very late, and he was anxious to get home to his family. He shut off all the lights, then closed the door with a satisfying click. As he turned around to go to his car he saw a dark shape in the distance. He stood still trying to make out what it was. As it got closer, Fred turned to go. It was the last move he ever made. The next day they found him with 10 holes in his chest.

This made the town quite worried. They were scared of more people getting killed. So, one night two brave brothers, John and Jacob went out to get rid of the problem. They each took knives, and walkie talkies. They said good-bye to their father, and kissed their grandmother on the way out.

The two boys decided to split up. One would go by the site of the murder, and the other would wander the streets. If one was attacked they could use their walkie talkie to contact the other. So they set off, keeping a close eye on the shadows. Nothing seemed to be happening. It was a calm night, and it seemed like they would get home safely. But then suddenly John heard a crackling in the bushes behind him. He tried to call his brother, but it was too late. The figure leaped out of the bushes and tackled him, gouging his chest with its nails. Luckily Jacob heard the commotion, and rushed to help him. He leaped through the air and cut off the creatures right hand. The creature screamed and ran.

Jacob took John to the hospital, and they bandaged him home. The doctors called them heroes, and finally they got home at 6 that morning. Only their grandmother was up, so they said good morning, then went back to bed. Neither of them noticed she was missing her hand.

Submitted by Mackenzie Stewart

Backseat Maniac

There's a girl driving along I-70 on the way back to Colorado after visiting her relatives in Illinois. It's about 1:00 am and it starts raining when she realizes she's almost out of gas. She sees a sign for a gas station about 3 miles ahead and breaths a sigh of relief. But when she gets there she sees it's one of those old run down family-owned gas stations. She's scared to stop but she really has no other choice. As she pulls in an old man with a disfigured faces comes running through the rain. He puts the pump in the tank and asks for her credit card. She hands it to him over the top of the window and he runs back inside.

After a few seconds he comes back out and tells the girl she will have to come inside, her card has been denied. Reluctantly, she walks inside. The old man grabs her and tries to tell her something but she hits him with a can of oil sitting on the counter. She runs back to her car and takes off with the old man screaming and flailing his arms at her. After driving for a few miles she turns on the radio and starts to relax. As she looks in the rear-view mirror, she sees someone pop up in the back seat holding an axe above their head. It's the last thing she ever sees. Apparently, the old man at the gas station was trying to warn her.

Submitted by Mackenzie Stewart