Custom character textures

April 2013

Muvizu's characters can now be coloured with custom textures. To help you we're making the UV-maps available for you to use in an image-editing application. Use the links below to download each character's UV-map.

If you're wondering what a UV-map is, and how you'd go about painting a character, then we've also made a video tutorial that beautifully explains everything. You can find that video here

  1. Male Male
  2. Female Female
  3. Boy Boy
  4. Girl Girl
  5. Robot Robot
  6. Fembot Fembot
  7. Fat man Fat man
  8. Fat woman Fat woman
  9. Dog Dog
  10. Stickman Stickman
  11. Skeleton Skeleton
  12. Blob Blob
  13. Heroine Heroine
  14. Sinister Sinister
  15. Beefy Beefy
  16. Rosie Rosie