Heroes and Villains

Heroes and Villains

by Muvizu_Admin
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Ever wanted to tell your own superhero story? This content pack contains everything you need to pit hero against villain. Inside you’ll find three great fully-customisable characters: a muscleman, a heroine and a sinister bad guy. The pack also contains hundreds of new animations and dozens of special effects.


  1. Content summary
    4 Environment effects
    Explosions finally come to Muvizu.
  2. Content summary
    412 Character attachments
    Dress your stars with hundreds of new attachments.
  3. Content summary
    3 Characters
    Supplied with great outfits and special effects.

Contents details

Beefy (149 attachments), Sinister (121 attachments), Heroine (142 attachments)
Atomic Explosion, Explosion, Lightning strike, Shockwave

Comments (23)

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  1. hugmyster
    • hugmyster - Over a year ago
    • I've been playing with this set and these are AMAZING! I don't know who's idea this was but we have a true 48 out of 10 here!!!

      Real toy time!
  2. PengyChat3O
    • PengyChat3O - Over a year ago
    • Can u help me? I've downloaded muvizu, but every time i launch, it says its not working WHEN I DIDNT EVEN USE IT! I really wanna use this awesome set. please help.
  3. serenakelly1
  4. prasath
    • prasath - Over a year ago
    • Superb, thanks a lot
  5. Digitalsoju