by Muvizu_Admin
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Action scene cliché #7: Trainyard, locomotives, tracks, platforms and goods. Everything you need to create that desolate (or bustling) inner-city trainyard.


  1. Content summary
    12 Scene objects
    Engines, rolling stock, platforms, signalling and track.
  2. Content summary
    1 Preset scene
    A desolate, eerie, night time inner-city trainyard

Contents details

Scene objects:
Train yard: Track bend, Track straight, Train coal cart, Train container, Train engine, Train tanker, Train trailer, Yard flood lights, Yard platform, Yard platform slope left, Yard platform slope right, Yard stop lights
Preset scenes:
Trainyard: Trainyard

Comments (7)

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  1. gimmick
    • gimmick - Over a year ago
    • Very nice !
  2. hugmyster
    • hugmyster - Over a year ago
    • My nephew's just getting into Thomas the Tank Engine. Might be useful. Or disastrous...
  3. Emy2014
    • Emy2014 - Over a year ago
    • wow,cool as pie
  4. Eder21
    • Eder21 - Over a year ago
    • 5500
  5. aqweq
    • aqweq - Over a year ago
    • My brother, please explain to me how to add it to FOFIZO