Quayside & Ship

Quayside & Ship

by Slobake
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This is the set I built to use with my HMS Pinafore video. The boat and quayside were built on frames to give them different hights, after a lot of experimenting, and the moon is a basic shape sphere wrapped in a map of the moon as a texture. The pub was a model uploaded by Dylly (who has my immense admiration for his work)and the rest was from the Muvizu probs box. I have left the smoke effects in place on the ship cannon to play around with and the cannon firing effect itself is made by animating the two elements (fire and smoke) and tweaking the timeline to match the sound.

Film & Animation, gilbert and sullivan, hms pinafore, Howto & Style, muvizu

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  1. toonarama Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • toonarama - Over a year ago
    • Wonderful set - thank you
  2. drychalice
  3. filkertom