Gun Range

Gun Range

by Rebel
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Not sure if we have many gamers here but if you are one then you may recognise the weapons training map with gun range from COD4 Modern Warfare which I have tried to quite faithfully recreate here.

If you are not interested in the set then you may be in the FBX weapon attachments, you can try out your own remarkable fruit killing skills with a host of guns such as the DAO-12, LSAT, ACW-R, AEK-971, AK-12, AK-74, AS Val, CZ-805, M249, P90, LA582, JNG-90, RPL, Barrett M82 Sniper Rifle, 870 Shotgun, M9 & M1911 Pistols.

870, acw-r, aek-971, ak-12, ak-74, as val, cz-805, dao-12, jng-90, la582, lsat, m1911, m249, m82, m9, p90, rpl

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  1. InsaneHamster
    • InsaneHamster - Over a year ago
    • This is awesome as always Rebel. Thanks for sharing
  2. starlitemoon
    • starlitemoon - Over a year ago
    • This looks great, thank you very much
  3. Peli
    • Peli - Over a year ago
    • Muy buena encanta el COD además....Gracias.

      Una pregunta, soy nuevo en esto, así que hay que copiar éstos archivos en alguna carpeta en concreto del programa?
  4. vidzspace
    • vidzspace - Over a year ago
    • Rebel, thanks for sharing. That's pure talent I must say !