by MrDrWho13
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A fairly generic beach with a wide view of the sea. Includes animated waves.
If you have any problems with this set please let me know. (You can go to my profile and click "Send a message")
Designed in the August 2016 release of Muvizu and should be forward compatible. Muvizu:Play+ is required for this set.
To enable avi transparency (required for the animated waves) go to Program Files-->Muvizu Play-->MuvizuGame-->Config, and then open DefaultGame.ini in a text editor. Change m_bStripVideoAlpha to False.

beach, ocean, picnic, seaside, waves

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  1. RolandBouchat
    • RolandBouchat - Over a year ago
    • wtf...not available...what is it? why is this still online?