The Justus

The Justus

by majeston
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This is a model of an Investment Banker named "Justus". He is all about the power suit, power martini and power of his bank account. Any feedback would be great! Thanks and enjoy....THE JUSTUS!

Art, awesome, boy, majeston, model, new, texture, texturing, the justus

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  1. PatMarrNC Muvizu mogul
    • PatMarrNC - Over a year ago
    • very nice characters! hard to tell its Muvizu!
  2. chaver
    • chaver - Over a year ago
    • Great show.Thank you for sharing
  3. majeston
    • majeston - Over a year ago
    • Thanks! I have so many textures I made over the past year for these guys that I should put some more of them up if anyone wants.
  4. Rocque
    • Rocque - Over a year ago
    • These people are spooky! I will have to find a use for them sometime. Thanks for sharing.