skyline bits and bobs

skyline bits and bobs

by drewi
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A few things to enrich depth to our scenes perhaps?
I watched a film biog about Robert Crumb, a legendary underground cartoonist and it gave me the idea of creating these for the community.

aerial, power lines, pylon, sattelite dish, telegraph wires, telephone cables

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  1. ziggy72 Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • ziggy72 - Over a year ago
    • Awesome, I love the mundane! These are the kinds of things that few people put in, but they add so much depth and 'normalcy' to a scene.
  2. primaveranz
    • primaveranz - Over a year ago
    • Thanks Drewi! I did a similar set for Moviestorm a while back ;)
  3. chaver
    • chaver - Over a year ago
    • Thank you for sharing
  4. PatMarrNC Muvizu mogul
    • PatMarrNC - Over a year ago
    • hey' I remember the R. Crumb comics! "Mr. Natural"... and yeah, the ever-present telephone poles were a signature part of his style! As Ziggy says, this provides exactly the kind of detail that makes a set realistic, but most of us don't take the realism that far. Well, now we can! Thanks for filling one of the voids in Muvizu option land!