by PatMarrNC
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I said you'd have to make your own pizza, but I lied. ;-)

Companion to the Pizza delivery set, this asset contains 3 boxes of pizza at various stages of consumption... one box has the complete pizza, another is partially gone, and the third has individual pieces that can be made visible or invisible to make the box as full or empty as your scene requires.

Set also includes a young male and female eating pizza with chewing sound effects. The set is already prepped to play this video, just open the timeline, rewind and hit PLAY. Note that the pizza in the 1st box disappears one piece at a time as the visibility of the pieces is toggled off. Feel free to incorporate the demo directly into your video

Demo video:

eating, party, pizza

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  1. chaver
    • chaver - Over a year ago
    • Thank you :) great set
  2. DeannaC
    • DeannaC - Over a year ago
    • Fun. Thanks, Pat!