by DigiFactor
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This is a small set of a resturan/dinner that can be used in any city scene, you can add your own backgrounds and surrounding,it even has an actual glowing neon sign that requires a lot of light to power it, (Note) this set requires the Keyframe Expantion pack, everything is held together with keyframes so without it you will get errors and it won't load!

city, dinner, food, resturan

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  1. Alfafa
    • Alfafa - Over a year ago
    • Good afternoon,
      I've just bought the restaurant diner set in the store. However, I can't open it with the error message: 'the feature you are trying to use is not licenced for this version of Muvizu'.
      Could you please help?
      Thank you.
  2. DigiFactor Muvizu mogul Muvizu staff
    • DigiFactor - Over a year ago
    • You need to have the keyframe Expansion pack for this set to work on your version of muvizu!
  3. Thanapongxxx
    • Thanapongxxx - Over a year ago
  4. schila
    • schila - Over a year ago
    • Non riesco a scaricare dove trovo il pacchetto espansione del fotogramma chiave?