by Dylly
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Simple texture of a tri-colour beagle for the Muvizu dog.

beagle, dog, skin, texture

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  1. 65Radius
    • 65Radius - Over a year ago
    • Thanks Dylly, the beagle looks very nice!
  2. Dreeko Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • Dreeko - Over a year ago
    • Really nice texture. Keep them coming!
  3. bigwally Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • bigwally - Over a year ago
    • Thanks for the beagle! Now I have one for my beagle, Odie. (Sorry, his name isn't big wally.)

  4. EEFilmz Experimental user
    • EEFilmz - Over a year ago
    • Thanks Dylly your Beagle actually looks alot like my Welsh Corgi mix dog! Very cool! - EEF
  5. chaver
    • chaver - Over a year ago
    • Thank you