How to:- Get working propellers in Muvizu.

by Mike_Num_5


This is a small tutorial about how to get propellers working in Muvizu. Software used for this tutorial: Muvizu (Free 3D animation aoftware) Trimble Sketchup (Free 3D Modelling software) Audacity (Free Audio Editing software) Photoshop Adobe Premiere Link to Muvizu:- http://www.muvizu.com/download/ Link for Virtual Dub (Experimental VeeDub64):- http://sourceforge.net/projects/virtualdub/files/virtualdub-experimental/ Link to Trimble Skecthup:- http://www.sketchup.com/intl/en/download/ Remeber to check out CerebralDump's AVI Tutorial as well (Linked near the end of mine) Not the greatest tutorial you are ever likely to see, but a first go at making one none the less :) Please leave a comment, rate, subscribe :) Thanks.