by sustic


The story and audio of this video was inspired by Patric Boivin's video with the same name that you can all wach on Youtube. this is mine interpretation of that muvie in Muvizu 3D. Paranoland was made in lastest Muvizu release, and what i found verry usefull are new camera effects: black and white, camera shake. it realy gave to some scenes somethig deeper. Victor's dog culdnt be so funny but allso realistic wothout the mask and the tail, and electricity and the fire culdnt be done without the new spotlight option combined with flickering effect. As you can see this video is made out of several ( 21 ) pices so the audio also had to be disoloved into 21 pices. for that i used Adobe Soundbooth. for compailing all of this 21 pices to one i used VideoJoiner that comes with Muvizu 3D. thanks for watching, sorry on my bad written english and im expecting your comments and impresions. Thanks Muvizu team. Thanks Patric Boivin. Thanks