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15/05/2012 18:39:03

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Hi all

How do I make a movie clapper board.

I want to use a clapper board before a scene and I have tried to use to objects but I don't seem to be able to get the rotation as in a pivot at a corner right.

Any ideas?

15/05/2012 19:32:05

ziggy72Muvizu mogulExperimental user
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When you say make a clapper board, do you mean an animated prop in a Muvizu scene, or just the image of a clapper board? I found a good clapper board in Sketchup's Google Warehouse, but you'd have to break it up to be able to animate it. An image would be easier, because you could just have two images (one of the board open, the other closed) and then animate the image to flip between them. Something like that do?
16/05/2012 11:26:41

JamieMuvizu staff
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What's the problem with the rotation points ichilver? If you go to prepare object movement is there a problem moving the pink rotation point to the corner? I'm curious to see if there is a bug or something else going wrong.

I did a similar thing, with a book opening. What I found was easier was to take the cover and page objects separately, place them floating in the air in the position they would start at and the use the key to rotate the object, once I had a nice smooth path for each object to follow I adjusted the movement blocks of the objects on the timeline and place them all together and the result wasn't to bad.

Another option to do this would be to use a transparent AVI clip of stock footage of a clapper board like this one (the license says its free to use for non-commercial projects) or you could even even use post processing to add it in later on.

Hope this helps!

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Home ? Importing Assets ? How do I make a movie clapper board