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11/04/2013 11:23:53

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I'm sure they are aware of it.

No one is objecting to them making a profit from their product, but for their sake, and ours, it needs to be a realistic and fair price. This pricing structure is way off being acceptable to many people.
11/04/2013 11:46:19

MrDrWho13Muvizu mogulExperimental user
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I agree.

If they lower the price, more people will pay and more profit will be made.
14/04/2013 14:54:14

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From what I understand at present.

The cost is for removal of the watermark only.

You can still make videos with the watermark present and if you contact Muvizu and feel you're going to be making enough money to see payouts to you. You can sign a contract with them for a cut of your revenue rather than having to just pay for each minute of footage.

The difference is you're giving them some free publicity by having the watermark showing and they're taking a set % cut to help improve them.

Then if you do make it bigger, rather than having to negotiate the price down you can simply pay the commercial use on the video. Then you're not paying them 20%.

The problem I see at the moment is people aren't too interested in trying to enter a business agreement as such for the 20% with Muvizu, contract wise. That's seen as something for when people have made it you sign contracts as I'd be more than happy to send 20% of my revenue to Muvizu and back it up but the concern is what the contract will be like, will it be forever or one i have to re-sign each year. what will be the restrictions etc. I know I will probably still look into this aspect more though

Equally the cost for the watermark removal its already aimed at people who have made it.

Really there's no start up as such. the reality is not everyone can make videos just for the joy of it and people would like to maybe make a little off it but contracts are high end really and at present so is the render cost

To be honest at some point I've got to contact Muvizu and get a contract because there are some projects I've like to do, one of which was approved to go on Blip TV and is pretty much delayed because of me being apprehensive about the contract part with Muvizu.

I'd love to see a pro version released, I know there has recently been a competitor to muvizu released at about the £200 mark though I haven't been able to find it for a long time to check it out. I'd happily shell out £80 - £100 for Muvizu pro at present to not have to worry about licence stuff.

While I see the watermark removal as a nice idea I can see peoples issues with it as it's not been explained quite as well as I think it could have been. You're essentially paying for a temporary commercial use license not simply the removal of the watermark. That hasn't really been made quite clear enough I feel.

Really cost wise if Muvizu wants to draw more people in £1 per minute standard definition and £2 per minute HD is probably just about passable. This is considering to make that cost back on blip TV (From people I've talked to already monetising) you need about 1,000 total views per £1 with youtube offering fairly comparable revenue however youtube is more dependent on peopel who viewed the adverts while blip pays a more flat rate per views.
I mean for a 15 minute video £30 is more acceptable to people starting up, heck lower if further to 10-50p a minute and £1 for HD and you'll be using the Valve TF2 hats models as people will happily shell out a little bit if they think its worth it.

As for those on about the source film maker.
the present terms of use state you can monetise videos created using it however only if they are made using entirely original assets. So while you can use their base program to make money you have to make the content models to put in it using another programs most of which are about £70-£80 and normally require more experience to use.
10/07/2013 06:32:29

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I used to use Muvizu in the past and then stopped when there was so much confusion about the cost if you use it for business. I was using Muvizu for business but not making any money from it. It was more videos promoting a free blogging service I have for people in my industry. So, it is commercial use, but I don't make anything. I want an annual flat-fee of like $49 to remove watermark. This could be an annual fee each year, with maybe a one-time $99 fee for like 5 years. This paying per video does not work for me and many of the people I know. I just came back into Muvizu after a while away, so I don't know the current cost.

Why can't you make money the same way that everyone else on the internet does, by charging others for advertising and keeping the product and commercial use free. I would gladly have to look at a fewer banner ads each time I logged in or have a few emails with products that Muvizu is recommending.

I like the product and I think it has value. I just won't pay a per video fee, so I haven't used Muvizu in a long time.
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