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30/05/2016 16:19:56
All of my Star Wars Characters for "FREE" ukBerty wrote:
clayster2012 wrote:
I don't even know how or what to do to become Mogul

I still have nightmares over that initiation ceremony. Let's just say I'll never eat beetroot again!

Yeah, I'll never get the stains out either.

But to answer your question, Clayster, it's up to Muvizu HQ to decide to to award Mogul status to - usually helped by posts on the forum demanding it
28/05/2016 03:55:51
Speeding up Muvizu editing Delete Muvizu, and download the Full version (avoid the upgrade). Reinstall, and it should be back to normal. You are stuck with a laptop equivalent video card though, it will never be great.
28/05/2016 03:35:38
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. Rodrisilva wrote:
Hi guys

I have been doing some tests around FBX importing, trying a way to get UV mapping tree foliage in planes. I believe muvizu is not able to use opacity maps like other 3d softwares. Imported trees always show textured planes and if I apply any transparency on it, tree leaves took the same polygon transparency level.

Do you have any idea how to get plane transparency without make leaves transparent too. I have trying something in blender that could succced but muvizu doesn't save the opacity map when you save the set.



Muvizu can use Opacity Masking (I use it with my trees) but only through the Alpha option on the ASE import menu, not FBX.
28/05/2016 03:33:41
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. primaveranz wrote:
I still have the problem that I can't move certain .ASE object that I import. I can't select them directly but can through the Scene manager and I can Edit the texture etc. However if I try to move them the scene moves instead.
E.g. I made a transparent glass which worked fine, then made a Jug with a few more polys and now have the issue. I will try and narrow it down but if it is Poly-related then it is a really low level of ma polys that causes the issue.

It's not polys, but rather something to do with the model's construction and/or collision. I've had it very few times though. Interestingly, one of Muvizu's own objects is also 'unclickable' in this way (a billboard sign I think it is).
26/05/2016 22:12:53
Animated karaoke music video! That was okay, liked the subtitles, but only one viewing angle for over 3 minutes? A couple of different angles wouldn't have killed ya, surely....
25/05/2016 21:30:26
Sixteen Sandbags-My first Muvizu video What He Said

No one starts off as an expert, you learn by doing, and you're doing fine for a beginner. Now you might want to do something that makes you have to make choices about edits and timing, which is the next step I would say. I'm sure you'll be glad to move on
24/05/2016 17:32:01
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs Any group of object created in a version before v1.7 automatically scrambles it's position when you attempt to rotate or copy/paste them. Might only happen if you have keyframing enabled, I'm not sure, but there's something up with object rotation.
20/05/2016 14:47:49
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs I have noticed it always seems to happen if you move the camera with the right MB in any way, whereas using the left MB doesn't trigger the 360. It also seems to always happen if you add keyframes to an existing chain. I've also noticed that if you select an object (that has a movement animation dot path) and try to rotate it, it will sometimes automatically twist around on itself and point an entirely new way. The animation's still there, it's just been redirected. If you put the object back where it was, and try to rotate the path, it does the same thing again. There's a few odd rotation glitches, and they seem to have arrived with the keyframing addon.
20/05/2016 00:20:51
an old RobotMan commercial I forgot abot....Lol! Good armour, how many pieces is that? Looks like you loaded up all the attachment slots. I like
19/05/2016 23:12:39
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs When keyframing camera movements it still does the 'surprise' 360 degree spin for no reason on certain keyframes. No reason, not doing anything special, been fine for ages, then suddenly I can't keyframe the cameras. Tried deleting and recreating them, save and reload, the usual stuff, but nothing changes. Also, if you animate a camera or object, then delete that animation, it will still always jump back to it's starting point regardless of any other animations you give it (when you active the Timeline).
17/05/2016 20:43:43
Mobile Phone Action ziggy72 wrote:
I use the same fake arm, as it happens, although I'm going to make a new one.

Better now
17/05/2016 16:20:18
Gallery of videos changed Does seem a bit limited, doesn't it? Looking at the most viewed though, I did notice vids I'd forgotten about, like your Deteriorata one. Watched it again, it was good that
17/05/2016 15:56:15
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN - THE BABYSITTER I was just checking my subscriptions yesterday, and thinking 'I miss those guys, I hope they haven't stopped making stuff' and here you are!! Watching vid now...
17/05/2016 15:53:09
Mobile Phone Action Regards that, it took me a month of banging my head off it to learn 3d Coat, and even then it was with Urban's help. A lot of Urban's help! I think the real breakthrough came when I realised the 'help' and tutorials were actually very little help, and I should plough on regardless and learn it my own way. That worked
17/05/2016 02:57:01
What is a good external HD to purchase? I know what you mean - I have two 2tb drives, a 1tb, two SSDs, and the external 2tb. When you make stuff in 1080p and you soon realise the importance of hard disk space!
16/05/2016 23:24:02
Mobile Phone Action Yes Pat, I made it for Sammamish. She'll be on fire when onscreen. You'll see
16/05/2016 20:04:51
Mobile Phone Action
It works like Photoshop, and you can link it to PS so that you can edit the UVs in there, save them, and when you come back here the model has already updated. I just paint on the model directly though, which is just so satisfying... Anyway, great program, and I'm still learning.
16/05/2016 19:54:03
Mobile Phone Action urbanlamb wrote:
Also 3Dcoat is very cool yup it lacks some things that zbrush has but its actually faster to work with then zbrush for the options that it replicates due to the voxel thing. If you just like to make cool art and never export it to anything else its good for that too. You can make some nice scenes just you know for prettyness right inside it. Although I find it awkward for hard surface modelling its really nice for anything that is organic. Big Grin

Yeah, for simple stuff I rough it out in something simpler (sketchup, blender, etc) and then give it the Coat treatment Gavel
16/05/2016 15:59:12
What is a good external HD to purchase? Rocque, if you have USB 3 then an external drive is a good idea, for USB 2 it isn't so much (too slow IMO). I have always used Seagate drives, and currently use the older version of this 2Tb one https://www.shop.bt.com/products/seagate-2tb-expansion-usb-3-0-desktop-3-5--external-hard-drive-steb2000200-B8NF.html

When looking for an external drive, avoid anything that says 'portable' because with them you're paying for the physical size, not capacity or speed. Lots of manufacturers simply rebadge someone else's HDD and stick it inside an enclosure, so check the specs! NAS drives are a good idea if you have lots of family members also trying to access the storage, but if it's only going to be yourself using it then they are probably unnecessary. Hope that helps
16/05/2016 00:14:40
Sjesus - Going to the beach ikes wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
Downloading outerra as I type... That looks really good, and I was recently pointed in the direction of Lumberyard, another 3d generator but more geared to making (1st person shooter type) games with. And that one's free, and as far as I know you can also shoot 'on the set' as it were. Anyway, nice vid, great sound fx, although surely with the advent of layers there's no need for bluescreens or greenscreens any more? I'm layers all the way, me

Hi Ziggy,

Thanks for the direction, I will have a look at Lumberyard.
I did try layers, but somehow the shadows on the ground don't get rendered in the layer, or maybe I'm doing something wrong.

There's a toggle on the layer menu (in the layer properties, where you first create them) to render separate shadows, which should sort that.
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