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25/09/2016 14:39:34
Muvizu on Steam MrDrWho13 wrote:
Something you might want to note when implementing the Steam overlay on Muvizu. F12 toggles lighting in Muvizu and takes a screenshot in the Steam overlay.

I think you can turn off the steam overlay in your account settings - I'm pretty sure I had to when running Skyrim.
24/09/2016 20:38:57
Doris - The whole story Yes Ikes, I meant the rain would be moving to the right at the same pace as the background, unless they had a very localised rain cloud above the car
24/09/2016 20:01:19
Doris - The whole story Awesome Ikes, once again I like how clean it all is, how sharply defined and 'direct', if you see what I mean. It's easy to get too fussy and add a ton of detail that's distracting, but you kept each scene 'on message' and that worked really well. The rain should have been moving past the car as it moved across the screen (10:43 on), and the cactus in the desert set is swaying, but that's nit picking. I was more interested in poor Doris and her plight than technical details, which is testament to how well it was all put together. And thanks for fixing the hand clipping in the motel room - a step back is all it takes. I also liked the subtle way Jimmy got more and more unhealthy looking as the withdrawal kicked in, and the final shot of his blood stained corpse was spot on. My favourite shot was at 6:16 - again, simple but highly effective, almost underdone in it's simplicity but it works so well. More than any technical highlights, the atmosphere was what made it work I think. Ten thumbs up (this is why I can't play piano).
24/09/2016 19:24:56
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? Good point Urban, and you just reminded me of something - my very first video, The Hipster Bebop Junkies, includes the line "There's a junk gesture that marks the junkie like the limp wrist marks the fag". Was I labelled a homophobe? No, because William Burroughs is a respected AMERICAN writer who used the word in a context that makes sense and gets his point across (like I assert I did with the phrase 'moral faggotry' in connection with Google, which has nothing to do with sexuality as I tried to explain). However, as soon as a knee-jerk reactionary SJW youtube 'hero' sees it, it will get pulled - maybe my whole channel will get pulled. If you all think this doesn't affect you, think again. Let's say you put a black character into one of your animations - brown skin, reddish lips, wide nose - if a 'hero' thinks that's racist, you are labelled a racist and your videos get pulled. And your right of appeal? Non-existent. Any appeals disappear into a black hole, never to seen again. I knew this was in the pipeline from a long time ago, which is why I've maintained a Vimeo account (just in case). I'd advise you all to do the same.
24/09/2016 13:53:39
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? So, freedom of speech = trolling? Okay, if I'm a troll, I invite Muvizu HQ to throw me off the site ASAP.
23/09/2016 21:34:45
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? PatMarrNC wrote:
Contrary to what many people on YouTube are saying, they're not actually censoring these videos.

well.. that depends on your definition of censorship. If censorship is only considered such when it is the complete prohibition of self-expression, then your statement rings true.

But many people see this topic as a "toad in a pan of heated water" scenario, in which people are led to accept an ever-increasing amount of information control until it reaches the point of no return and the toad is boiled (and dead)

When evaluating arguments like this, the first question to ask is whether the two points of view are differences in KIND or differences in DEGREE.

Differences in KIND would be VIOLENCE as a solution, as opposed to NON-VIOLENCE
Difference in DEGREE would be spanking versus beheading.

Once the public approves a certain KIND of policy, it is very easy for the powers in control to ramp up the DEGREE. Which is why in early discussions they always argue DEGREE, not KIND.
("What we're doing is not as bad as what people are suggesting...") a statement of DEGREE which totally side-steps the fact that the KIND of policy they are pursuing is indeed what the people fear it is.

In this case, a difference in KIND equates to opinion control versus freedom of expression...

Difference in degree is control through economic sanctions or control by absolute decree. You are arguing in favor of control because you accept the current lesser degree... but once control is established as the norm the degree of control will certainly ramp up to something you probably would not accept.

edited by PatMarrNC on 23/09/2016

Just a bleedin' awesome point Pat, just exactly what I'm talking about - all dictatorships begin with censorship, you can't have one with it. First it's demonetizing videos, then removing your subscription feed, and now the 'heroes' can shut you down if they don't like your vids - how will that work if a 'hero' doesn't agree with your political views, or sexuality, or religion, or sense of humour, etc? An awful lot of people rely on their YT videos to generate income, and that's already started to come to a crashing halt (but YT doesn't even inform you of which vids it's demonetized!). The days of free speech on YT are over. Sad but true.
23/09/2016 18:29:54
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? Never eaten a faggot (snigger) but I imagine they taste... er, not nice Still, after that, you could have a fag... ! That means 'lighting a cigarette' in Britain, SJWs, so calm down.
23/09/2016 14:54:34
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? It was until the Americans got hold of the word...

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23/09/2016 14:20:34
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries Speedking5 wrote:
When you are lighting a character do you use point lighting or the spot lights. What about the dark lights?

Usually spot lights (since point lights go everywhere and light things you don't want). Dark lights have only recently been fixed but yes, I use them when the AO doesn't reach far enough. Be careful with the distance slider on Darks though - they can generate black highlights on the character's eyeballs.
23/09/2016 14:15:19
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? Faggotry
word of origin faggot
1 noun; usually disparaging but not necessarily a homosexual. see also gayness
2 adjective; usually disparaging but not necessarily homosexual. see also gayness

If I have offended any SJWs then good. Ironically, it's SJW fascism that Youtube hopes to enforce across it's entire output.
22/09/2016 22:12:33
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries Tony, Try searching for Phantom Manor in the 3d Warehouse - that's where I found that house that I used. Still had to do some work on it to get it 'Muvizu-ready'...
22/09/2016 21:10:05
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries tonyob67 wrote:
I tried to import a house from sketchup, but for some reason muvizu crashes, and is only like 5,000 polygons...

Models can cause problems because of their geometry, regardless of size. Sometimes chopping it up into smaller pieces can help.
22/09/2016 21:08:36
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries If you pause the video at 10 seconds in, when the lightning flashes, you can see how the whole set is made - everything is Muvizu except the house and a backdrop with the picture of the moon on it. The hill is just a hill from the Nature section, yes. The treeline is a picture of a treeline on a couple of backdrops. Everything was scaled to the hill's largest size, since I didn't know how to make my own stuff back then.
22/09/2016 20:11:50
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries It was a model of a haunted house I got on Sketchup's 3D Warehouse (or whatever they call it this week). 3D models always work better than images when you have to move the camera, I find. Also, I knew I had to set it on fire at the end, so an image just wouldn't have worked anywhere near as well. Avoid using images when possible is my advice - flatness is rarely all that helpful in a 3D environment.
22/09/2016 17:56:27
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? ...aaaaand just when you think Google's moral faggotry can't get any worse with what they're doing to destroy the Youtube community, this happens...

Bad enough that YT are now punishing anyone who expresses an opinion they don't like (by removing the ability to moneytize that video), and trying to phase out subscriptions (so you only see what THEY recommend), but now there's this nonsense...
22/09/2016 16:48:31
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries Muvizu defaults to the 'simple' lighting system because it's the least demanding on your system. If anyone thinks it looks okay or can use it to help them then great, but I would strongly recommend against using it ever. Flat lighting is boring and fake. Look around you - the world is full of shadows and highlights. If you're making a Halloween video with flat lighting and no shadows then... well, good luck to you
22/09/2016 13:26:28
TRANSPARENT TEXTURES If the vehicle has windows already, save them from sketchup as a separate file (without the vehicle). When you import the vehicle windows into Muvizu, set the Alpha drop down box to Opacity. Position them into place, and then give them a semi transparent texture (like a PNG file).
22/09/2016 13:23:07
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries Speedking5 wrote:
Wow those were all really good I'm definitely going to do one! Ziggy that opening scene with the house looked amazing was that all lighting with muvizu or was it those luts effects that you say you add?

That was made a long time ago, with the beta version of Muvizu (with the old logo) and the standard Muvizu lighting. Muvizu has an amazing lighting system, but by default when you create a new set it goes to the 'simple' version, which looks like crap. Go to your Environmental settings, set it to Custom, turn off the ambient lighting and shadows, set the upper and lower ambient lighting to zero, and THEN begin lighting your set (with the lights set to 'cast individual shadows', not ambient).
21/09/2016 12:41:51
2 SHORT VIDEOS IN ONE tonyob67 wrote:
Did you saw the beautiful statue on the living room table?...Thank you

Yes, yours is the first video to use it, glad you like her - good to see her in action
21/09/2016 12:35:20
Fireflies Ooh nice trick, simple too (as the best tricks are).
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