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03/03/2015 18:27:34
March 2015 update bugs If you give a character movement tracks, and then resize the character, you get the persistent red dots. Make sure your character is the right size BEFORE you give them movements, and then you should be okay.
02/03/2015 21:40:48
March 2015 update bugs Breathing fixed? BREATHING FIXED!! Well, thanks, but there's no need to go about it... Big Grin

Seriously, thank you for sorting that. You have to give them an action to get them started, even just an idle, but it kicks in after a couple of seconds and they don't breathe again. Wonderful. Robots rejoice! See folks, you only have to request something repeatedly, on every single email you write, for 2 years, and then as if by magic... Big Grin

Mandy! I wondered what happened to the Football Special stuff, nice to get it bundled in, thanks - she's good, if lacking attachment slots. Gotta give the tie and headset to the other characters as well though, be a pity if only the Man character gets it.

Good to hear about the movement thing getting fixed - less 'why wont this work?!' posts to answer

The lighting issue I was having - this release has made the DX9 version much worse, and the DX11 version much better. The Shadow Base slider is a brilliant fix, thankyou, as it means you can tweak out the flashing and strobing as you go, which is what you need when you're in a hurry. The DX11 performance also seems to have been kicked back into life, and is more on par with DX9 again, so I I'll just switch to 11 and call it sorted Certainly all works at distance now, thanks again mcmillan-ra! Check out these trees now!!

I haven't had any texture issues on loading these sets. I don't have any particular trick to get Muvizu to remember them on imported objects, it's to do with the way I create them, I think. I import the object to check it works, takes shadows, textures, etc, then tweak it further in Sketchup or whatever, remove the collision, and reimport. I open both property boxes for the new and old imported objects, and drag the textures from the slots on the old object to the same slots on the new object (because it takes too long to go back into Explorer each time, or search down the list, and I can't always remember what texture goes where, so it saves time). For some obscure reason, Muvizu doesn't 'forget' the texture if an object is textured this way - that's my theory anyway

Muvizu HQ, you've made my year already, thank-you all. Toast
25/02/2015 20:47:36
Download the beta assets? Use MS Paint, photoshop, or whatever to make a 512x512 pixel image, any colour you like.
24/02/2015 18:24:59
Can someone recommend a program to create titles? Pascal wrote:
Sorry guys am new here...i need to know how to render or to export my animation in Muvizu... please help in AVI or MP4....

When you go the Make Video bit, you are asked what kind of movie you want to render out. Select your format from the drop down list.
24/02/2015 18:22:54
Background Create a backdrop, edit the properties bit, load the jpg by clicking on the little texture box. Simples
23/02/2015 12:50:54
Can someone recommend a program to create titles? Try Any Video Converter - it's free, and does the job.

22/02/2015 23:25:36
Can someone recommend a program to create titles? Windows Movie Maker has a nice, easy to use titler section. If you don't have it (in Windows 7) then you download it from Microsoft Live Essentials (which is free).
20/02/2015 19:00:38
... make a character glow Danimal wrote:
Jonbez himself explains it here: http://muvizu.com/Forum/topic950-muvizu-ghoust.aspx Sounds like After Effects was used to add the glow as well.

Thanks Danimal, I searched for that very post and couldn't find it - probably because I spelled it 'ghost'... Big Grin
19/02/2015 15:29:07
Custom actions? Custom actions aren't possible in any version of Muvizu. Frame up your shot so you only see the hand, would be my advice.
19/02/2015 15:27:32
... make a character glow You film the 'ghost' character separately on a green screen background, then use your video editor to combine him back into the scene with some brightness effects added.
19/02/2015 15:23:07
Buzzball D 2 Very nicely done - the neon signs, the blood and damage, the atmosphere, top stuff!
15/02/2015 11:38:21
Download the beta assets? Create a folder on your C: drive called UT3. Create a bmp file called TOTO and put it in there. When you load up the sword, it's looking for the file "C:\ut3\toto.bmp" and if it ain't there, then you get the file not found type messages. The default texture for all ASE files (as far as I know) is the "C:\ut3\toto.bmp" location, so I've always created that folder to avoid problems down the line. Hope this finally fixes this for you
13/02/2015 14:00:11
Muvizu prevents Windows 8 screensaver Screensavers don't usually kick in when you're running a game, and since Muvizu is built on Unreal Tournament, your screensaver isn't supposed to come on. Why would you want it to though? Aren't you working on your movie?
04/02/2015 17:06:58
muvizu ase exporter and Sketchup 2015 Stick with 8, would be my recommendation - it works, Muvizu still likes the ASEs you export, and most models on the Sketchup site are still compatible with 8 and below. I'm not upgrading any time soon, I can tell you that for nout
02/02/2015 19:07:25
New Muvizu Movie Release It's set to be Private at the moment. I think that's the default setting when you put up a vid through the site.
01/02/2015 15:10:07
Character objects You need to create your objects in other programs, then import them into the character attachment slots. They have to be in the ASE or FBX format.

Using 3D Max : http://www.muvizu.com/Video/13725/3DS-Max-to-Muvizu-Part-1

Using Sketchup : http://www.muvizu.com/Video/12611/Importing-from-Sketchup-Part-1

Using Blender : http://www.muvizu.com/Video/31664/How-to-use-Decimate-lower-Polygon-count-Impor

Size is extremely difficult to judge, so it's usually a case of trial and error to get things to (roughly) the correct scale.
29/01/2015 14:47:16
Coming Soon... I believe it was this one, my old set test vid :

It's all a bit more complex now, which is taking a while...
27/01/2015 18:22:51
Randomness headache You can control their emotional level with the Expression slider, but that initial look they have is random, yes. Copy and paste the character until you get one that looks how you want and then delete the rest, is how I do it
13/01/2015 21:52:53
I aint dead you know! Good to hear you're still roaming around, although it seems like the beagles have a look of 'please put down the tools now' in their eyes
13/01/2015 21:45:05
Coming Soon... Thanks - I like those trees too. Took me ages to get the right colour on the leaves because having Opacity Mask turned on for them does weird things to the way they take light, and the original bark texture was a bit scabby as well, but after a few experiments on CGTextures.com and some photoshop tweaking I finally got something that looks like what I need. Everyone, hug a tree Big Grin
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