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24/11/2014 21:24:15
but i don tdrag around the movement i just do it when has to be done

I didn't mean dragging the movement blocks in the timeline or anything, I meant when you hold the mouse button down to Direct Movement of a characters feet - it's this method of defining movement that causes the movement bug (which only happens later on, if you try to move the character and/or the movement block in the timeline). To get a character to walk from point A to point B, just double-click on the floor where you want them to go (when you're recording in Direct Movement mode).
24/11/2014 16:30:28
FATAL ERROR I ATTACH SCREEN SHOT It's annoying, isn't it, when no one responds? The crash you'll have to send in as a support ticket to the Support bit, but I can tell you I already kept getting that error and, among the things I did to try to fix it, I updated my video card drivers and disabled hardware Anti Aliasing. I don't know what fixed it exactly, but it now works, so try that first. (Windows 7 also updated .net at the same time, so it could be related to that as well - make sure your updates are turned on and up to date).

The movement bug is well known, a huge pain in the ass, but easily avoided - don't drag the movement out, double-click to set waypoints. It's using the dragging method that causes the problems, not the movement system itself. Why Muvizu HQ can't add that info to the download bit to stop all these angry posts is beyond me...

To change the AA settings, right click on the icon you use to run Muvizu, and edit its properties. One of the boxes is called Target, and contains the line :

"C:\Program Files\Muvizu Play\Binaries64\Muvizu.exe"

Change it to this :

"C:\Program Files\Muvizu Play\Binaries64\Muvizu.exe" -forceSWAA

Even if it doesn't stop the crashing, it does look better
21/11/2014 17:46:28
Toccata in D minor Epic, especially considering how few Actions match the speed you need, that is some top ivory tinkling! Big Grin Certainly looked like she was wrestling with that huge sweaty organ...
20/11/2014 22:11:30
New characters and animations gregorioborges wrote:
I think than an option like 'create your action' where the user could create a sequence of acts that after could be saved as one action, like, 'i put hand in front and bring back to head' and a i could used this action to simulate the act of pick a cell or a sword, or simulate a hug. The action created could be saved in a bank of acts, than could be selected and put in time of animated actions... it's a suggestion.

You can already get that, but its called iclone... I also think it's extremely unlikely you'll ever get that level of freedom within Muvizu, but there's no harm in asking Big Grin
20/11/2014 00:48:24
intro test, would love feed back I wasn't trying to correct you Danimal (it's a 4 year old set after all) I just wanted to establish that I knew the set well. Thanks though
18/11/2014 17:57:32
intro test, would love feed back The city is my old Hipster Bebop Junkies set, and the main camera is defaulted to black & white, hence the colour change (v567, you need to Edit the camera properties and turn that off). I think you need to use far fewer actions, and use the Eye movements/Eye size to convey expression, rather than having his arms flapping about the whole time (it tends to be distracting). Less is more, especially if you want people to listen to the message rather than look at the movements. Good start though, look forward to seeing where you go with it

Oh, one thing, when he's about to go up the stairs you can see the edge of the set off to the right - there's nothing there, it's just an empty space. If you'd have rotated the camera around a little to the left, it would've looked better. Never show the edges if you don't have to! Big Grin
17/11/2014 21:38:35
Hello to everyone. Hi JS36, look forward to seeing your brains. Mmm, braiiiins...
12/11/2014 23:01:57
Free version of Fusion editor/effects generator Damn this thing is powerful. Unfortunately, just like blender, the UI is horrible, but you can show the nodes as pictures (which helps a lot), there are some controls that look intuitive, and have colour coding and icons (so its not just a text minefield like blender), and you don't need to go into all the 3d stuff if you don't need it. Try looking at these tutorials first :


The UI in Fusion 7 is much the same as 6, so the tutorials work the same. The real-time previews can be adjusted for quality, so its scalable if your PC is a little on the slow side. The weird text labels at the top are just shortcuts, most of the features of the program seem to be accessible on the right click menu and depend on context/window.

(btw, don't mean to be beating up on blender here, its just that the UI is similar and immediately reminded me of the horror, the horror... )
12/11/2014 19:26:29
Free version of Fusion editor/effects generator bigwally wrote:
Let me guess, this won't run on my Sinclair ZX-81, will it?

I think it would run...but slowly. Simple effects, like colour correction, shouldn't be a problem, but as soon as you started to use the fancy plugins and generators then its probably going to take a while. Also, the version for download has a simpler default interface than what he was using (I guess, like most things, you configure the UI to suit your own level of skill with the program). Also, he was using nodes to brighten, darken, and then brighten again - what?! I think he was overdoing it
12/11/2014 14:24:15
Free version of Fusion editor/effects generator Wow. Mind boggled. And he says in the video that's a simple example?!! I will be watching tutorials for a while on this one, I think, but thanks for the link Oziabla Thumbs Up
11/11/2014 18:28:49
Installing on MAC Since Microsoft stopped doing security updates for it, nobody should be using XP anymore, so Win7 all the way. Use the 64 bit version if you have more than 4gb of memory.
11/11/2014 18:26:29
Free version of Fusion editor/effects generator It's like After Effects, but complicated Some research and tutorials would need to be watched, but it does look promising.
07/11/2014 21:32:23
Modification Request Yes, the 'pitch' is just a group of 4 ground planes with a picture of a quarter of a pitch on each - you would just replace the images with American Football ones. Hope you've got the paid for version of Muvizu though, or the players won't be able to hold the ball...
07/11/2014 21:27:57
General Video Editing Advice Needed Windows MM is very, very primative, and not to be used unless you are forced to There are free versions of Hitfilm Express and Lightworks you could use instead.
04/11/2014 22:39:48
Neutral mood? Good to see you back Danimal. Being able to wipe the smiles off their faces has been one of my favourite changes since the beta version as well. Tried out the 1080 resolution yet? It's very nice
03/11/2014 18:49:36
Star trek. the halloween incident. That was, to quote John Cooper Clarke, 'deliciously deranged', and so funny - Shatner has so many 'talents' LOL! The blood trails were excellent, and the Spock injury is just horrific... in a good way Big Grin Excellent modelling on Leatherface too, that works almost too well... EEK!
03/11/2014 18:29:24
Muvizu channel on TMUNDERGROUND Further, there is this message on their homepage :

Until we move to the new script and server, I have temporarily turned off new user registration because of a massive influx of spam. If you would like an account, please go here - http://www.tmoaradio.com/vb/sendmessage.php - and send me a message with your desired username - I will make you an account with a temporary password you can change.

Massive influx of spam, eh? Imagine that... Big Grin
02/11/2014 18:32:51
Death By Jelly - a comic book horror It wasn't so much that I didn't have anything positive to say, it's just that it's hard to judge with a program I've never used before how much is you and how much is the program, if you see what I mean. It's a nice swaying animation on the snake, for example, but was that you or a preset? How much of the lab set was already included, and how much was your input? Since I can't know what your limitations were (like I would if it were a Muvizu animation), I can only go by how it works as a story, and how it looks as an animation. And you did ask for feedback

Also, I would argue that the only difference between a professional and an amateur is whether anyone would pay for your work, and has nothing to do with the quality of the work - I mean, you would never start out to make something 'amateurish', you try to make it the best you can, but the software you use can be very uncooperative, as we all know... Don't put yourself down, is all I'm saying, we're all amateurs here! Big Grin

And the windmill? It's just the sort of thing I notice, can't help myself. It's not important for the story, no, but... it's wrong, and personally I'd have to fix it. Seriously, I'd just have to.
01/11/2014 23:38:35
Death By Jelly - a comic book horror Not entirely convinced that works - awful lot of flapping, and unnecessary camera movement, and the facial gurning is overdone, I would say. I know it's comic book, but... it's just not the kind of comic I would read, I guess. There's a lot of scope for expansion in iclone it looks like, but if you have to pay for everything, even to import free stuff, then maybe you should return to us, Toon

Also, don't windmills spin with the thick edge leading first?

P.S. Not trying to be overly critical here, just honest.
25/10/2014 21:17:06
Stop the spam! Well, it seems that the forum is now a No Go area at the weekends. See you all on Monday...
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