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31/08/2015 22:34:27
Change the UV Map? Nice little program - you can see the collision box as a separate item by default, I like that. You have to get the windows binaries version though unless you want to compile it yourself. I've been using Biturn to do this kind of ASE file transfer, but it's a bit primitive (to put it mildly).
31/08/2015 14:22:20
Windows 10 Update Issue HELP! MuvizuPlay+. remiel wrote:
BrianGray wrote:
...I do have the last stable release if anyone needs it.

Oldest I have is 8/05 (v1.5), If there's place I can grab 1.4, I need it Brian...thanks.
edited by remiel on 31/08/2015

I would say the last stable (ie nothing broke) version is 1.3, which is what I'm still using until 1.5 becomes 100% working (AOs still broke). Having said that, 1.3 does have an small problem with the audio not being used by characters until after you've reloaded the set, but other than that it's still going strong and doesn't have any DX issues. Don't know where you'd download it though - give me a PM if you want me to send it to you. (64 bit version only)
edited by ziggy72 on 31/08/2015
29/08/2015 20:38:02
Change the UV Map? Muvizu is a one way street for textures and models - you can only import, never export.
28/08/2015 22:13:28
Insert Photo or Video in a Post You upload your picture to a hosting site (like Photobucket) and then paste the link into your post.
28/08/2015 18:27:36
Latest update. 20/8/15 is the last updated version, yes. There's a lot of updating going on at the moment though, so it won't stay the latest for long I think
27/08/2015 17:06:26
is there a set of scaled reference models...? Been asked for before, but no news yet... Making (separate) accessories is trial and error anyway because you could be using the characters at a different scale from the default, so you can't always guarantee they'll look right anyway. Objects loaded as Attachments scale with the character so size isn't so much of an issue with them.
27/08/2015 16:42:37
Semi-transparent tga layer render Should have been fixed in the 20/8/15 release - certainly seems okay now.
27/08/2015 16:37:59
20/08/15 reelase feedback Did you try the DX9 switch to force it to open? Brian Gray posted this earlier :

1. Right click on desktop icon
2. Select Properties
3. Edit "Target" Command Line
4. at end on line just add -dx9
5. Click save then Ok button

SAMPLE: "C:\Program Files\Muvizu Play\Binaries64\Muvizu.exe" -dx9
27/08/2015 16:35:42
Change the UV Map? In the directory with the car ASE model there is a file called id_carro.TGA - you can use that to change the decals on the car. BTW there is nothing in the Muvizu directories that users can change, as far as I know.
27/08/2015 03:51:08
20/08/15 reelase feedback Changes include fixes for :

* Crash on startup when checking direct x version
* favourites spawning under the ground
* invisible objects affecting the scene (e.g. characters falling down) when rendering
* Improvements to particles being rendered on layers
* Watermark can be added to render layers
* Bloom, DoF, Motion blur no longer break rendered layers output
* Usability improvements to render layers (check boxes on the make video window)
* Make video preview correctly does not display invisible or not for to be rendered layers

(posted by Staff member Jamie on another thread)
26/08/2015 21:32:34
20/08/15 reelase feedback The AO doesn't show on the rendered output unless you turn it up to absurd levels, and then you can start to see it a little.
26/08/2015 21:27:38
Import objects to NOT float/snap to grid/ground? Also, the spaz dance (lol) is caused by 'Keep Upright'. If you turn that off, they stop wobbling.
26/08/2015 18:57:20
Coming Soon... The 'small' characters can use Superhero > Idle to stand in a more appropriate pose.
25/08/2015 22:22:06
4/8/15 Release Bugs Thanks ukBerty, it was my side - had to wipe the previous version of 1.5 completely before I put today's in, and then it was fine.
25/08/2015 18:40:36
4/8/15 Release Bugs I may just be being thick over here, but where is the option to change from DX9 to DX11 ? It's not in Options any more, and according to the System Info report it says 'Can DX11 : No'.
25/08/2015 18:17:28
New user with ideas that are probably old news... All good ideas, although the mouse input can be got around (now) by using the layers feature to turn off everything else but the thing you're animating, improving the mouse update considerably. Also adjusting the DPI setting on your mouse can help too.
25/08/2015 18:15:10
some character actions stopped working ! Hi Pat - you've been busy

Usually the Action will be greyed out because the characters current stance won't allow it - some actions can only be performed while sitting, for example. This means you could have a set of Actions which work fine in testing, but when you go to shoot it the character is now standing/sitting so the Action is no longer available. Hope that makes sense.
22/08/2015 14:35:11
Loser ( 3d animated short ). Oh cool, you got proper animated water for yours though, much better looking. Tried the new DoF and motion blur camera stuff yet? Really nice.
21/08/2015 21:57:19
Loser ( 3d animated short ). JB it's been ages! Good to see you back

(little mystified as to why I'm credited though, what did I do?)
21/08/2015 14:13:11
Windows 10 Update Issue HELP! MuvizuPlay+. @ Dylly - LOL Big Grin One thing about W10 though - you still have a proper start menu, and the tiles can be turned off, so it's not like the disaster of W8.

@ Brian Gray - the movie is proceeding slowly. I can't use the new version (and I would really like to) because you still can't render out anything in TGA with DoF enabled in the cameras, so I'm stuck using 1.3 for the moment (no layers!). My sets make Muvizu creak at the seams, unfortunately...
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