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28/06/2015 22:26:28
Need rollerskates! Scale is easy enough - just select your skate, press S, and scale from the points. Rotation you do by having your skate as a group, then use the Move cursor to highlight one of the little red crosses on the blue selection box - the cursor will change into Rotation mode.
28/06/2015 22:23:28
Assistance Its been interesting watching this thing develop into... well, into a room full of nuts for a start Top job on getting all that to sit in place Rebel, be good to see it when it's all done, and what you guys have come up with.
28/06/2015 18:56:45
Need rollerskates! There are attachment spots for the left and right feet. You'll have to mess around with the scale in Sketchup to make it match Muvizu's scale though, as it's quite a narrow window you have to hit to match the characters scale (I find).
28/06/2015 17:03:32
shut up!!zip it!...shh! April the 20th, that's the last time a video was posted according to the Gallery. It's nearly July. Confused
24/06/2015 16:52:31
Output to MP4 ? Valero, I think it might have something to do with which version you're using - the 64 bit version only gives me 4 codecs, even with the k-lite codec packs installed (and one of the codecs is Uncompressed, which doesn't even count!). The 32 bit version gives you tons of codecs to choose from by comparison. This is why I use TGA sequences as my output, then convert them into whatever I need through Sony Vegas. You can also use Virtual Dub to do the same thing (I have seen), and VD is free... actually, that's not the best initials to have, Virtual Dub... Big Grin
24/06/2015 16:37:13
Need rollerskates! Yeah, that's the whole 'sketchup/blender/ase/whydoesntthisf**kingthingwork' conversation. It's a long and rocky road...

Attaching skates to the feet isn't the problem (with Play+), it's getting something into an ASE or FBX format that Muvizu agrees with in the first place that's always the problem. So, the first question in the SBAW conversation begins - do you have sketchup 8? Big Grin
24/06/2015 16:25:01
Moving character along with basket(2d)? To move both together, you need to have Play+ (the one you pay for) and then you would just attach the basket to one of the character's attachment points (assuming you already have a 3D model you intend to use). You could use a 2D picture instead, but it's not going to look great, surely?

If you don't have Play+, you would have to animate the movement of the basket in time to the character which, while possible, will look rubbish no matter how many times you try. Believe me, I know. Maybe consider the third option - rewrite and/or recut to avoid the problem in the first place. That usually works
24/06/2015 16:18:35
Square textures for grocery store. You would be best using a Background > Ground Plane to load the picture onto, and then place that on top of a shelf looking thing

Alternately, you could use a Cube (in Create Objects > Abstract) and use your picture as the texture - it sort of depends on how it will physically have to sit in the set. Hope this helps.
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20/06/2015 19:14:58
"Lip-sync data could not be processed" I don't get the error, I just get no response from the second audio file I assign as dialogue. Or the third, and so on. Format doesn't affect it, and reloading the audio doesn't help either. If I assign the dialogue tracks (working or not) and then save and reload they usually work then, but not always. This only started after the last update, I've never had issues with the audio before.
01/06/2015 17:05:31
"A Dragon called Drac" - My first muvizu movie !! Yeah, we all want dragons Still, as long as you know where the limits are before you start, you can still produce good things with Muvizu. Look forward to seeing what you come up with in future Alquimista - nice test!
01/06/2015 17:02:38
Extracting textures from set files If you hold the mouse over the thumbnail then a bigger preview will appear, but it's still too small really. Having the file names (of the thumbnails appear when you mouse-over them) working would be good too, so you could track down textures on your machine...
30/05/2015 22:43:04
how do I dock the camera to the character so that You cant dock the cameras to anything, sadly. There is a 'walk on the spot' option somewhere in the Actions list, you could try that instead.
20/05/2015 21:03:34
Coming Soon... Love it already!
12/05/2015 18:22:04
Anti-Aliasing is not working on new PC One other thought - under File > Options, do the resolution settings still match what you think they should be? It's just that Muvizu does tend to reset it's options if there's an update or anything.
12/05/2015 18:19:21
Coming Soon... The lighting has changed (it now works properly at distance from the camera) but the backdrops haven't, as far as I know. Nice carriage btw, love the ads
11/05/2015 19:22:45
Anti-Aliasing is not working on new PC Certainly looks like it, or it could just be resolution - what do you use as your output resolution in Muvizu itself?
05/05/2015 22:11:03
Real animation - A world of pain! In about 1982 or 3, I learned that I could position pixels by putting in their coordinates (on my ZX Spectrum) to create an image - then wipe the page, and do it again, and you could do it fast enough to make animations. I tried to make an animation to match up with Shine On You Crazy Diamond by playing and rewinding a tape and trying to get the timing right... Yeah, I prefer Muvizu Big Grin I remember when the internet was in black & white y'know...
30/04/2015 17:05:01
EVIL! Episode 7: Gathering It's well put together but you really should be doing the eye movements as well - just moving the head doesn't convey much. They all look kinda spaced out... something in the punch?
30/04/2015 16:44:26
Specs- debating whether to get a new computer. The most important part of a computer (for Muvizu) is the videocard - yours is slower than slow. When deciding on new kit, I use a site called Passmark which gives you universal (and simple to read!) benchmarks for all hardware so that you can compare the performance of them before you buy. Here is what your current card scores compared to the cards you can get now : http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu.php?gpu=Radeon+HD+8450G&id=2595

Pretty much any video card you can buy for a desktop will crush your 8450 - I'd recommend something that scores in the 2000 or 3000 range at least. Load times are dependant on your CPU, and laptop processors are very underpowered (by necessity) so you'd want at least an i5 (or i7 if you can afford it). Hope that helps
29/04/2015 01:19:32
March 2015 update bugs I use mp3s (to keep the size down), so maybe it only happens with them. I'll try WAVs and see how it goes, thanks.
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