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30/07/2016 19:18:04
Stand while holding cup. Here you are Tobyob67 : http://www.muvizu.com/Forum/topic5765-base-character-reference-models.aspx

And for the arm things : http://www.muvizu.com/forum/topic5734-tips--tricks.aspx
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29/07/2016 16:06:32
Character Action Animation suggestion Being able to edit the actions directly, in any way, after they're recorded would be good at this point, yes. I see what you mean. Btw, I just use an Idle action as my cut-off since it's the shortest action, which is sort of a keyframe... But then if you have to move the action you have to move the cut-off as well, and you can't group select and drag. Yeah, there's is a mountain of suggestions in Muvizu HQ, this is on there somewhere
29/07/2016 15:33:05
Character Action Animation suggestion tappit wrote:
Presently I keep needing to click record and wait for the countdown each time I want to change/create an action

For Create yes, but for change? To change when an event or keyframe happens you just drag it along the timeline, do you not? Or am I misunderstanding your post?
29/07/2016 14:49:11
Stand while holding cup. Don't use Muvizu's pool table, use an imported one with collision removed. Muvizu assets love collision unfortunately...

And you could use my arms (with a cup added) and have it positioned or attached to the character.

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29/07/2016 00:08:47
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) Good one - had to watch it twice
28/07/2016 15:24:10
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. PatMarrNC wrote:
walmart sells a pad you put under laptops to keep them cool. Not sure how it works

A USB cable powers the fans in the pad to cool the underside. Never heard of using coins as heatsinks before! A can of compressed air can work wonders too - blast the cooling ducts at the sides and it will blow away the dust/fluff that's causing the heat build-up.
27/07/2016 14:14:13
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. If your laptop allows you to allocate more system RAM to the Video card then that should help - you'll have to go into your laptop's BIOS settings to do this. Other than that no, you need More Power!!
26/07/2016 23:10:43
ziggy thank you very much , and sorry for the bad spelling , remember that Spanish is my first language
sorry if I wrote something inappropriate ... it has happened before with very bad words hahaha

Only slightly inappropriate, but funny Big Grin
26/07/2016 20:53:52
How many polygons you think is OK for muvizu, because on the 3d worehouse you can see how many polgons has each model before trying to imported... I guess...

3D Worehouse LOL

Vertices are points, Polygons are faces made out of those points, to answer your first question. The polygon/face limit for importing into Muvizu is 20,000 (absolute max usually). I tend to keep it less than 18,000 though, or you end up with a digital mess most times.
26/07/2016 14:42:13
My first little video with Muvizu... I do like it when people find the depth of field controls Nice job, good 1st vid.
26/07/2016 14:38:30
1st person view techniques I found that using keyframes I can make the camera move around like a 1st person perspective (since your head is rarely still), and combined with the other effects mentioned should let the viewer know what's going on.
26/07/2016 14:34:34
Base Character Reference Models PatMarrNC wrote:
I deleted the link to the OBJ files I sized for ASE and FBX.... for a couple of reasons:

1) I think the sizing is only a deal in my own modelling environment, so it probably doesn't add value for anybody else, and the OBJ files are already available in the original sizes

2) a recent thread on use of Muvizu assets made me rethink my decision to post their assets in a way that is accessible to the general public and which makes their proprietary characters portable to other environments.

upshot is that anybody who tries to follow the links above to access the files will get a dead link. Sorry.

Removed them, so no dead links.
24/07/2016 17:01:24
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) eugenecheese wrote:
Yes, It's true ! And Cliff Richard did sing "Summer Holiday" !
The bit about everyone leaving is a lie !

...but they wanted to leave, oh yes they did...
22/07/2016 22:42:14
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) mindiflyth wrote:
So, is winning the competition the only way we could use these sets? I hope not, because those are great sets!

Winning is the only way to get my set, for sure. It contains other people's models, so I don't want to publicly post them. Incentivized yet? Big Grin
22/07/2016 12:35:51
Thinking of getting this software Layers. Ever since Muvizu introduced layers the possibilities have opened up tremendously. You still need a decent editor though, and Hitfilm Express is free and very good.
21/07/2016 11:32:09
Not that Tie again These days you're probably right, but it did used to be to hide the reoccurring stuntmen. This is also why the bad guys always wore things over their face in westerns, and guards in scifi always wear masks.
20/07/2016 22:05:13
Not that Tie again PatMarrNC wrote:
totally unrelated question: why does the stereotypical thug always wear shades?

Because in films they are usually stuntmen who can't really act, and have to be used multiple times so their face must be obscured in some way... and shades are cheap.
20/07/2016 15:07:15
Not that Tie again Also resizing the character up then down to their original size seems to reset it (but always to the default colour).
18/07/2016 21:34:53
A Quadruped (Of Sorts!) LOL that is funny. You could attach hooves as well, that'd look good.
18/07/2016 21:33:12
Rendering thread exeption: Fatal error! Out of mem GTX 970 I got, and have no complaints on GTA V or Skyrim. Oh wait, and Muvizu too Big Grin Don't listen to people who tell you that you don't need the power - MORE POWER!!
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