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27/07/2015 14:42:55
LOADING A VIDEO GALLERY OF MUVIZU THROUGH YOUTUBE Youtube have changed things which has caused Muvizu HQ problems which is why no one has been able to upload any vids through the site for a while now. They said it would be fixed last week, but... dunno
26/07/2015 11:44:28
imported object floats in the air That usually only happens after you've recorded some movement to an object. Assuming you haven't, do it do this with other imported objects, or just this one?
24/07/2015 21:40:07
Great video which shows what Muvizu could do Wow. Just...wow.
22/07/2015 20:14:02
6/7/15 release bugs Good idea, I will do likewise from now on then - ta mate! Big Grin
22/07/2015 16:12:24
6/7/15 release bugs Having no waveform on the audio also happened with the previous (1.3) version, but you could correct it by reloading the set - not any more, I see. I've installed this patched version alongside v1.3 which, apart from it's issues with new dialogue, is still working well (and loads monster sets much faster after a total reinstall, for some reason. Not complainin' ).

With the patched version you can Cut and Paste the 'submerged' characters back to the surface, and the invisibility can be manually fixed, so it's still pretty usable until it gets fixed proper. Also, like MDW13 says, it is good to hear from HQ more frequently.
21/07/2015 19:17:32
How do I copy my license key to the clipboard? Lisasc, I just had to reinstall Muvizu and activate it. It all went as normal, but only because I used the old version (v1.3) and when it asked if I wanted to upgrade to the new version I said no (and I will continue to say no until it gets fixed). The new version is, as you've already found, kinda broke. It offers no tangible advantages over 1.3, so use that instead and you should be fine. Having said that, I don't know where you'd download it from now. I know there's a link someone posted recently to that version but I don't remember where it is - anybody?

Also, since no one actually answered your very first question, I'd add that you just select the code from the email you got, right click and Copy (that puts it into Windows clipboard). When you go into the licence manager bit the code should automatically be pasted into the box for you. You may already know all this, but I'm just trying to be thorough
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21/07/2015 19:10:38
Underground Characters bug You Cut and Paste them to get them back to normal.
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21/07/2015 18:54:24
FBX import errors (of course errors) Hang on, this is getting complicated

All I did was create a little box in sketchup in the dead centre, export it as an ASE, made it UCX, then slapped it onto the end of whatever ASE I want collision reduced on. If I could do that to FBX files I'd use them instead, no question (FBX is a superior format, no one's saying ASE is, y'know, a good thing!) but I don't how FBX files work, and they never centre right in Muvizu (the axis point is always somewhere else it seems) so I don't use them. Sketchup 2015 (which I have now installed alongside 8) does claim to support FBX though, so I'll have a go at that and see if anything helps.

Nope, my mistake, sketchup 2015 doesn't support FBX at all.
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18/07/2015 19:27:46
Then and now.. No contest really, is there? The definition of the dog is especially noticeable on the new version - the one on the left looks kinda flat by comparison. Just hope it gets fixed soon, I currently don't have Muvizu installed, which is a first for me. Just itching to get back in there now...
17/07/2015 19:41:36
Can you swap props between character types? The answer to both questions is no, not at the moment anyway. Muvizu is not static, so it might happen later, depends on how much you complain Big Grin
16/07/2015 12:14:50
Coming Soon... Nice Fazz, nice! Until the dude walked on, you couldn't tell what 3d package this is shot in - Muvizu has come a long way. Okay, it's rather broke at the moment, but the future is still bright Cool

(I'm guessing the lamposts are separate objects set to not cast shadows?)
14/07/2015 17:52:29
Coming Soon...
14/07/2015 16:36:01
Music Video MrDrWho13 wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
There's a thread on here somewhere about free video editors...

Why does nobody ever check the wiki?
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Yeah, bleedin' lazy gits not checking... Big Grin
14/07/2015 16:34:14
Kicks the shed door open and coughs Good to have you back on dry land Good time to come back too, or at least it will be in a little bit once the program is fully usable again...
13/07/2015 21:25:44
Music Video This is the point where you realise you need a video editor, so you can match the separate scenes (from separate sets) to the music after you've shot the footage. You can use the music in the set to get the timing right, but the audio in the shots would essentially be there only as a guide to help sync up to the soundtrack in the video editor. This is how I and many others do it. There's a thread on here somewhere about free video editors...
11/07/2015 15:24:59
It's all happening here! Yup, looks good when used in smaller doses - I think you'd have to set it for each shot to get it just right. Some presets or user favourite slots would be useful...
11/07/2015 00:50:17
Sketchup Export 10th July 2015 There was an excellent laptop model in the Assets, but it's gone now. PM me with an email address and I'll send it to you - it's very nicely textured, and designed to be customised. And it's only 4mb.
10/07/2015 20:01:34
cue point name If you mean 'can I name a cue point' then unfortunately no, you can't. I'm pretty sure this feature was asked for before, probably by me
10/07/2015 19:59:50
6/7/15 release bugs Directing Character Properties (Expression/Custom Texture/Skin etc) no longer works. You can go into the Prepare bit okay, and the Initial State works, but when you record nothing happens when you move the slider/click the new texture/whatever. Bummer. Can't use this software without them any more, I find, especially the Expressive slider. Please fix fast
09/07/2015 21:02:01
It's all happening here! To be fair, I don't know how well AO will work with models inside another bigger model, which is what you're seeing in this picture. Also, it is the very first time we've had this in the software, so changes from v1.0 will no doubt be forthcoming
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