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11/02/2016 01:39:26
Moscow Assets In sketchup, make sure the longest side of your model is less than 30 meters. You can use your measuring tape tool to check it. Move your location to close to the centre of the Muvizu skydome and then try to import.
08/02/2016 12:19:41
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? ukBerty wrote:
Here's the tutorial I watched to learn what to do in HitFilm

Hopefully this is of some help

Wow. That's all I can say, just wow.
08/02/2016 12:17:44
Set Building Help Turn off 'Keep Upright' in the object properties before you try to work with them, and you should have less problems. Muvizu sets only work in Muvizu, so no, you can't use a different program to organise them first. Also turning on 'floats in the air' will make things easier.
07/02/2016 00:14:49
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? Good Posting
05/02/2016 15:29:45
CONSTRAIN!!! I would kill for keyboard nudge. Seriously, how much easier would it be if you could use the arrow keys to move things a pixel at a time (or whatever the smallest unit of movement the unreal engine will allow). Obviously, the arrow keys do something else right now, but you could Shift or Alt them to become precision movement keys instead.
29/01/2016 22:24:03
How do I..... I was referring to ukBerty's post which referred to his own post... and this is referring to your post
29/01/2016 18:44:22
How do I..... Nothing worse than having to slag off your own post There are other ways you could do all this of course, but this is a beginners version, so I wanted to avoid anything that would require a lot of explanations.
29/01/2016 14:59:29
How do I..... I could keyframe it... if I was using v1.6, but we all know how that one goes Big Grin
28/01/2016 21:57:24
How do I..... Okay, in order to help with this (very commonly asked question) I've made a short tutorial video on how to animate characters inside cars. It doesn't cover actually importing the car, that's a different (and far more complicated) issue, just how to physically film it.

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27/01/2016 15:47:08
Transparent Windows? ziggy72 wrote:
Regardless of what you do in Blender or SU, you can't mix transparent and opaque textures in Muvizu in the same model.

Sorry, yes, Urban's right - you can do it with FBX, but ASE? Really? How? I've never got that to work...
27/01/2016 15:44:31
1.6? Any good yet? I've always used the 64 bit versions, I didn't know there was a registration problem with the 32 bit version.
27/01/2016 00:17:16
Transparent Windows? Regardless of what you do in Blender or SU, you can't mix transparent and opaque textures in Muvizu in the same model.
27/01/2016 00:16:14
1.6? Any good yet? Dude, don't do it. 1.6 just isn't worth the hassle. 1.5 does everything except keyframing.
26/01/2016 13:35:57
How do I..... You'll have to import a car to put your dude into, then use the Action from Scared > Strong > Sick.

Then, Edit the character properties and apply the Effects > Mouth > Vomit effect. You'll have to animate the Intensity slider unless you want a fountain of spew all the time
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26/01/2016 13:28:22
Rendering What is the spec of the PC you're using? If the shader model is less than 3 (on the video card), it won't render anyway. Integrated video chips are worse than useless for Muvizu, or much else.
25/01/2016 01:28:42
Lip sync is really far off - what should I watch w A slow computer doesn't help, no. You're best bet is to ignore the sync within the program and use a video editor to move the audio back into sync after the video is created. Or use a faster PC.
24/01/2016 16:30:34
Video Very Dark Use v1.5 and you won't have this issue (but you'll probably have to start again building the set).
24/01/2016 16:29:18
Copy objects from one set to another ? You can select everything in one set, load up a different one (in the same instance of Muvizu), and then paste it back in. Only problem is making sure there's enough space to paste everything. And, as pointed out, the animation tracks can't be pasted, just the objects and characters. Nothing to stop you doing it a section at a time though, it'd just be a slow process...
22/01/2016 17:04:05
Hire MZU modeler to make longer skirts? PatMarrNC wrote:
summary to that last post, I want to know the following:

1) What software is necessary to create dynamic content for Muvizu?

2) what requirements govern the importing of such content ?

3) will this information ever be revealed to users?

1) Maya, I believe

2) Recompiling the source code - essentially hacking into the core files.

3) Unlikely
21/01/2016 10:59:02
Mute audio and Mouth movements 1 - Yes. Right click on the audio track in the Timeline and Edit - there is a volume slider there.

2 - Direct the Dialogue Talk/Shush to keep his mouth closed between words.
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