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23/10/2014 01:41:18
Coming Soon...
Yes, it is supposed to be that dark. I know Hollywood would have us believe night is lit, but it aint :P
23/10/2014 01:05:22
How to hold a pose? No, you can't freeze them. When the Breathing option worked you could turn off breathing and just matte in a static hand frame, but without it you can't fake much. Bluetooth headsets, perhaps?
23/10/2014 01:02:50
Multi-select in timeline The timing would be different so you'd have to adjust all the blocks to match, and there's no way to group select things on the timeline, so I think you'll have to do this the long way, sorry to say.
22/10/2014 15:36:33
Robot Child Music Clip There's a lot going on, for sure, but I didn't realise that was supposed to be a human - why no eyes? Or clothes? Odd choice, is all I'm saying. Difficult to empathise with something with no eyes. Otherwise, it's quite engaging
21/10/2014 21:22:51
Stop the spam! MrDrWho13 wrote:
I'd say he looks like a normal user, his message translates to: "Hello My Name municipality I live in Tel Aviv" according to google (looks like quite a dodgy translation).

I think spammer - I think he didn't put his dummy name and municipality into the spam program, so we see the default.
21/10/2014 21:18:52
Stop the spam! מיין ניפּאַלז ופרייַסן מיט פרייד!
20/10/2014 19:40:40
Charactere Not Moving Yes, double click and they'll go to that spot. If you double click somewhere else before they get there, they do a nice curving turn to the new waypoint. You can string together as many as you like, it seems. There should be a DONT DRAG! warning on the download page until it gets fixed...
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20/10/2014 19:38:02
Stop the spam! Not quite - the same spammers have put something up on the Assets page as well. Of course it'll be a trojan, but you can't report assets! HQ, please remove ASAP, and allow for Assets to be reported like forum posts so they can get taken down before someone downloads this crap.
17/10/2014 22:03:00
Coming Soon... Perfect engine room, spot on, just like the rest. Thumbs Up
17/10/2014 14:00:09
How long does it take you? HayManMarc, it's been 2 years and counting for my current project, but you knew that already You (and the other cast members) should finally see your voice in action very soon...

My last Mysteries of Science vid (the one with the world getting blown up) took about 2 - 3 weeks for it's 4 minutes, and the 5 minutes of Death Star Canteen took 4 weeks start to finish (and I had zero Star Wars stuff on my machine for that one to begin with). Ten Second Superhero took a week to build the set, and then an hour to shoot it - it's all about content, really, and how deep you want to go in terms of presentation. As you know, I go fairly deep Big Grin
15/10/2014 22:24:56
Coming Soon... Fazz, I envy you and your fun sets. This is all I've done for the last couple of days - recreate the faces on a police issue printout of 16 victims. It's necessary, but kinda depressing too.

11/10/2014 00:31:35
Coming Soon... Woah, nice! And your previous picture is disturbingly awesome as well Big Grin
10/10/2014 12:28:58
Coming Soon... fazz68 wrote:
...a star trek and classic horror movie psychopath mashup. in the style of fazz/gene roddenberry/john carpenter/tobe hooper sort of thing (if that makes any sense Big Grin )

I can see it now - "Old Lady Chainsaw Massacre - In Spaaaace!" Big Grin
09/10/2014 22:50:26
Coming Soon... The colours (or should I say colors) are spot on - looks great so far!
08/10/2014 01:08:04
Ziggy72's UV maps Okay people, as promised here is the link to download a zip file containing my new versions of the standard character UV maps. The UVs are contained with PSD files, so you'll need Photoshop or a dtp program that supports PSD files to use them.


Just Copy and Paste the link into your browser's address bar.

The instructions as to how best to use them, as well as how to animate the eyebrows, are in the Notes text file. You can add eyebrows, fingernails, toenails and belly buttons to your standard characters using these maps. Hope you find them useful
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06/10/2014 21:38:33
Restaurant kitchen I also have had to make a few kitchen sets - one was on the Death Star, but the principle was the same Unfortunately, you really need to be able to import external stuff but Muvizu is very picky about what it likes, the tutorial is way out of date, and there's about a hundred things you have to consider when importing anything. I'm not saying it's impossible by any means, just that you have to be prepared to learn new stuff to get it to co-operate. Read through some of the forum posts regards importing objects before you give up hope - we all had the same questions to begin with, so they can be very helpful. The Wiki is quite good too.
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06/10/2014 13:02:08
Stop the spam! What He Said It's always the weekend they do it - I guess they know there's less moderators around on weekends.
06/10/2014 12:59:14
Character actions and effects trigger Hi CD123 (that's a long tag you got there). You control the timing of actions/movement by dragging them along the Timeline. You control the triggering of effects by selecting the effect, right click, then Prepare Properties. Set Intensity (or whatever) to Animate, and Switch to Direct to record it. Hope that helps.
06/10/2014 12:51:45
Restaurant kitchen Hi Culevan. Muvizu is great for characters, rubbish for props - you have to import everything you need. This means downloading Sketchup 8 or blender, getting the exporter, and then trying to convince Muvizu to import your stuff. There are complete kitchen models on Sketchup you could import, but size/complexity limits means you'll probably have to break it down into smaller bits to import. See this vid for more : http://www.muvizu.com/Video/17248/Tutorial-06-Building-sets-Importing-3D-models
06/10/2014 12:46:37
Coming Soon... I know Dreeko, it's not ideal, but it's definitely an improvement over the floaty, shadow-casting, static blocks we have now. And your video was one of the reasons I started experimenting with this method...

Hamster, it works by having the different eyebrow positions as layers in the source UV's PSD file - you export a complete character costume for each position you want to use, then use the Character Properties to animate the skin, allowing you to switch between them on the fly. I tested it for the first time on my Death Star Canteen vid (the guy serving) and it seemed okay, so from now on all my characters will use them. Once I post the PSDs, you can all do the same if you like
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