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30/08/2016 01:04:58
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers Doing week 4's bit, then got stuck doing this all day. It was fun

I used Sinister for the end bit.
29/08/2016 14:24:21
Heaven Bound Test Render That's nicely done, but wouldn't it be better to have the laser beams coming from above, so you can't see them erupting from nothing behind her? The upward snow is a nice effect too, but you can replace the white ball with something else (and it won't add to the CPU load). Maybe try a little star or sparkle-type PNG instead. You might also want something between the stage and the stands, to fake a bit of depth/distance - you don't want it to look like she's a giant performing to midgets! Also, the central 'screen' cylinder is grey - the videos are always going to be washed out looking anyway (due to Muvizu's mishandling of AVIs) so maybe make the cylinder white instead. Or do it in Hitfilm
29/08/2016 14:10:39
Reworked my minions animation... I never work with multiple cameras open - never. One camera at a time or everything grinds to a halt on a complex scene (even on a fast machine). I never use the active cameras window (I think that's what it's called) - I just open each camera from it's edit window. What I've always wanted, and have asked for before, are check boxes along the top of the UI that let you toggle the visibility of each camera (so you don't have to go through yet another window to operate them).

Nice vid, the lighting does work better, and everything gets banned in Germany. I think they have giant fans along their border blowing the corrupt non-German air back into the surrounding countries. There's something wrong with Germany...
29/08/2016 14:02:41
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 That's a pretty good cat! Fat little bugger though Big Grin
28/08/2016 20:55:19
Lip Synch Problem With Singing, Song, Music, Sync You know, that is a very interesting test (the first vid) - I don't think anyone's ever quantified the lip sync mouth shapes before, so it's very helpful to know what works best. Thanks for posting.
25/08/2016 23:18:52
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 That technique doesn't get used much because of the (relatively) low resolution on the face mask, and the odd way it reacts to light (as you can see in your vid, it goes very dark off to the edges). I think characters can 'wear' movies as skins too, but the same problem applies. Regardless, you got it working quite well there Pat, nice job. If you over-lit the sides of your face when filming yourself, it might counter the shading effect - or masked off your face in HF and used an effect to brighten the surrounding footage, that could also counter the darker edges.
23/08/2016 19:07:18
Animating lights on & off without changing values? When you set up the initial properties for your light you choose Keyframed rather than the normal Directed. Once in KF mode any changes to the light brightness at any point in the timeline will be recorded - just move to the time and set the light value.
23/08/2016 14:18:28
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] After Effects would be your best bet, yes. There's no way I can think of to create a translucent pillar of light in Muvizu other than creating a big semi-transparent tube and moving it around, which would look rubbish anyway.
23/08/2016 14:14:29
Want opinions on this graphics card The stats :

23/08/2016 14:07:28
Want opinions on this graphics card BigWally, I totally agree on the AMD front - worse video cards you can buy, with appalling driver support. As for your cards - the 710 would be slightly faster than your existing card. Slightly. And you do run games - Muvizu is based on a game engine, so you need a gaming video card to get the best out of it (as we keep telling everyone who tries to run Muvizu on a friggin' laptop). If you want to future proof your PC a bit, don't buy less than a 500W PSU - most mid to high end cards need more than 400W (450 seems to be the average). The Corsair range is good.
22/08/2016 23:57:02
Want opinions on this graphics card The question is what do you have now? No point in changing one slow card for another. And the memory is to do with resolutions - if you want to run full HD games (or game engines) you need more memory on the video card. More memory never hurts though.
22/08/2016 19:56:26
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers Surely Quad Warp is simpler than you think? You assign 4 tracking points, then in the QW effect assign each point to each corner (with 'Use Layer'). There's not much more to it than that really, is there?
22/08/2016 18:48:05
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers Finished my Monday routine Week 3 done, just off to practice masking together this crowd scene. I'm going to add in some 3d objects too, see how that works. Good course this, isn't it?
22/08/2016 16:24:01
Reincarnation Nicely done, very silly Well thought out too - hiding the line of chickens behind the 'main' chicken is just the kind of simple trick most people seem to miss.
21/08/2016 23:59:07
Walking Could you be a bit more specific? Maybe describe a scenario that you struggle with? There's lots of ways walking can be problematic in Muvizu, so we need a target to aim at
21/08/2016 15:54:02
Heaven Bound Test Render Yeah, make everything the same as your source (25fps) - you can always up the frame rate later, when you're done, but you can't go changing frame rates on Muvizu without problems.
21/08/2016 15:16:24
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers Nice job on the Quad Warp Rocque, takes a bit of work to get that effect going. The Ardington interview was interesting (although I missed the first quarter hour), so thanks for posting, I'm going to go watch the start now.
21/08/2016 15:08:50
Heaven Bound Test Render If moving the audio on the video editor's timeline doesn't give you a decent enough 'fit' for the sync, you need to use the talk/shush commands to clip the points where their lips are still moving - if you have a deep, well recorded voice like you have then Muvizu picks up on everything (reverb and decay) and you get mouth flutter. Another option (which I use) is to make a special version of the audio with every bit of slack space 'between' words muted out. This is used only for Muvizu to get a better lip sync (but will still sync up with your original untouched audio when you bring it into the editor). I did this for my last video because William Burroughs has a deep, resonant voice and it gave Muvizu problems.
17/08/2016 02:07:11
Heaven Bound Test Render Of course, I forgot she also uploaded some assets (back in the days when we still could). I've used those same trees myself, she makes nice models.
17/08/2016 00:51:02
Heaven Bound Test Render Sorry, I thought for sure that winter set looked like Urban's - guess snowy trees at Christmas time look alike anyway! Also, forgot to ask about the strangely slow walk - choosing moods before actions can change the actions and movements in odd ways, and that's a good find.
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