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28/11/2015 19:28:20
Donald Trump Parody in front of audience Farscaper wrote:
I can't quite remember who had the Ted Bundy type beach scene but if you need advice on crowds and complexity, he's your guy.

That'll be me then Thanks Farscaper (loved that show) - I believe I hold the record for the number of characters in one set. 134, I think it was. The only thing I can really tell you, MovieGuyTed, is that you shouldn't try to put 134 characters into one set. Bloody stupid idea Big Grin

You can see the video here if you like :

The timeline lag got so bad after I'd done half the characters head movements I had to green screen half of them at a time to get it to work. It's the lag that kills you, not really the number of characters. Mind you, this was done in a much older version of Muvizu, so it might not be so bad now.
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22/11/2015 21:37:48
object could not load I didn't notice that you could change the way the Timeline can display Time or Frames along the top - must have missed that one on the change log... Stick Out Tongue
21/11/2015 18:09:51
object could not load The timing bar is now counted in frames, not time.
20/11/2015 22:17:42
Key frames update 10th November Thanks Doc, but it's just a quick test to verify that I can now start to use it. More keyframes would make the ball much more believable. I already wish we had a smoothing option to 'ease' out the velocity along the curve, but... that's for the future, obviously
20/11/2015 22:11:11
Does Muvizu only render targa frames as 24fps? Yup, it's 25 fps by default on image sequences (which will give you timing errors if you use any other fps import setting).
20/11/2015 18:07:31
Key frames update 10th November

Further to the rotation question, at each KF I rotated the camera around, and the position was saved along with the KF so no need for the purple rotation cross at all (hooray!).
19/11/2015 20:24:59
Market place urbanlamb wrote:
artpen wrote:

Mmm, fair point, what I mean is top quality, the amount of time that person has spent on the model, most of the time they are high poly, so yes, they will need to be Poly slashed for Muvizu.

Yeah I have not found these two things to be congruous in fact I think you will find that if you really looked into it .. its the opposite. Its actually more difficult to create good looking low poly game engine ready stuff then it is to create high poly stuff, but I think your thinking about "resolution" which is different.

In this case I think that muvizu can handle to a point what are called "mid rez" stuff that is low poly or possibly medium poly objects with medium resolution textures and normal maps. This is defined as 2048x2048 texture and normal map. However I can say that we are limited by polygons a great deal in muvizu due to the engines age and the polygon count actually falls into the low poly range.

I dont think a mid poly character would even work that well in muvizu and by that I mean 55k polygons is too much

However objects should all be below 1k polygons unless its something very larger .. a full house maybe and even then I would be looking at less then 5k polygons.

Most objects we make should probably fall around the 500 polygon range. Maybe a car 2k poly .. maybe I might push it to 5k and if i want to be wasteful 10k but that would be me being lazy that day LOL. I would also probably give it away for free because its polygon heavy which is "bad form" in a game engine so anyhow. I will shut up about polygons the subject makes me cranky Big Grin

(i am very opinionated today it seems sorry ^^)
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...however, in my experience, I'd rather take the hit for a high poly model because it looks good on screen (or at least better than the low poly option). It's down to the buyer to decide whether they want to blow their poly budget on just a couple of items, isn't it? As much as I'd like to have a car that only uses less than 1k and doesn't look like crap on screen, I've yet to find one.

So, what I'm saying is that you need to make the seller give this kind of detailed info because some of us are more poly conscious than others The limit for Muvizu is actually 20k in one object, so the ceiling is already fixed, it's just up to the (well informed) buyer if they want to have 10k HD doughnuts or not. Some really interesting points coming out of this thread...
19/11/2015 18:04:35
Market place How about Polygons = Price? A simple object, less than a 1k polygons, could be capped to a max of £1. More complexity would justify the higher price.
19/11/2015 01:54:53
CHILD CHARACTERS Is that why he has the skirt? I always thought it was so he could wear a kilt... Big Grin
19/11/2015 00:08:54
CHILD CHARACTERS Children, babies and pregnancy - all required too, I would second.
17/11/2015 19:31:46
Market place Quality control - yes. Everything should be vetted first, as it still happens with movies. As for multiple items - I would love to be able to use zip files to upload bunches of textures, rather than have to do each variant individually (which I had to do recently for the RAF stuff). Same goes for sets and models. Content packs save time and are more appealing than single items, I think. And as Urban says, ownership of the assets have to be clear, and they should actually be significantly different from the standard assets that already ship with the program.
16/11/2015 15:24:54
Optimum PC requirements? What MrDrWho13 says is all correct, but I'd also add one other thing - video card. Spend as much as you can on the video card. Seriously, the rest isn't that important, build your system around the video card. Muvizu won't use all the cores on an i5, let alone an i7, I've never seen it use more than 8gb (and my sets get pretty big), but Muvizu will drag a substandard video card to it's knees as soon as you turn the shadows and resolutions up, and will render out scenes in geological time scales. Spend as much as you can on the video card. I use a GTX 970, and have no regrets
16/11/2015 15:09:58
A Good Time At Jabba's ( Vader : Gandum Style). Good job on the characters and attachments! Less said about that awful song the better...
11/11/2015 18:15:52
Key frames update 10th November No idea what it's going on about here

11/11/2015 18:11:17
Key frames update 10th November Dialogue Talk/Shush info also missing from imported sets (but works okay when recorded in a new set).
11/11/2015 17:32:36
Key frames update 10th November Still clips mp3s to about 8 seconds.
09/11/2015 16:25:42
aaaaaaaaargh! help! Never install an untested update on your software (whatever it is) if you have a deadline - it's just common sense. Go back to using v1.5, ignore the message to update when you load it (until v1.6 works), and you'll be fine.
09/11/2015 15:15:41
07-11-2015 release Feedback I didn't realise that the 'graph' part of the keyframes plugin is actually visible when you use it - nice touch. Works well.

Bug - when you press play (or Space) the timeline continues on playing from where you last played from, not from where the edit point actually is, which makes it kind of unusable for the moment, I'd say.

Actually, just noticed, only does this if you use the keyboard shortcuts (as I do) and doesn't effect using the mouse controls.
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All Character Actions, Eyes Look At, and Eye Size tracks have disappeared from sets when loaded into v1.6.

Marker jump keys no longer go to the markers, but just jump a few ticks ahead.
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05/11/2015 21:32:55
01/10/2105 Release Feedback The latest nvidia drivers don't seem to work well with Muvizu in some circumstances, and it's not really clear why that should be. I'm still using Windows 7, same codecs, same everything else as I've ever used, but with the 358 drivers I get glitches on my video renders (with Muvizu v1.5, never happened with v1.3). Like Jamie says, I fixed it by just letting Windows put in it's default nvidia drivers after a clean uninstall of the latest drivers.
02/11/2015 19:34:59
The BIG Ol' Codec**t and Windows 10... You can just right click on the clip (in Vegas) and select Reverse to fix it if you bring the sequence in backwards. I would also add to all this that TGAs work very well with a solid state drive when using 1080 resolution. A normal hard drive struggles to stream that much in real time, SSDs breeze through it.
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