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The Muvizu testing team have been working hard for months on the Muvizu wiki which is bursting at the seams with step-by-step guidance, advice and tips and tricks. The team have been seeding the pages with some useful Muvizu knowledge and we want to shout out to you all that it’s now over to you to build on what they’ve kicked off and to add your own tips!

Muvizu wiki

That’s right; traditionally users are the ones who build the wiki pages and have the ability to give assistance and instruction or to steal some – much like our friendly forums, only with a bit more structure! The Wiki speaks a language we all understand here (Muvizuese) and we as a team want our community of new and old users to be able to get the help they need quickly and if possible, without having to always wait for a reply from the team or on the Forum. It’s less tedious and people who are confused about a glitch, an error, or want to pursue general Muvizu information should be able to browse the wiki and find what they are looking for quickly.

Gain kudos and share your area of expertise and your own techniques and shortcuts; a few paragraphs, a few pages or even just a few lines – it’s all about the sharing! UV maps, how tos, links, JPGs and GIFs can all be shared across the wiki to help others in writing, here’s a great example.

The wiki was created for the users to help other users from a user’s point of view... bit of a tongue twister there!

MrDrWho13 was quick off the mark and became the first of the Muvizu community to chip in – thanks for that - we really hope to see more of you hanging around over there soon!

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  1. MarkWaldo
    • MarkWaldo - Over a year ago
    • The better way to add dialog than the tutorials I've seen is to use, for instance, Audacity, and record each person speaking on their own track. Instead of combining them into one track and then continually having to talk and shush, simply adjust the timing of each person talking by inserting or deleting silent time in the sound program and save each track separately after you have done your alignment. Then assign each track to each individual. Very easy.
  2. Tangledbliss
    • Tangledbliss - Over a year ago
    • Great Idea - A while back I made my own index of the tutorials to be able to find particular videos, thinking somebody should do this officially. We will all have little tricks we have worked out that we could share. OK - so where is it?