Muvizu rocks on stage

by Muvizu_Admin in News

Muvizu have been rocking out on stage... well at least our characters have!

Our Muvizu superstars were jamming with guitarist, songwriter and singer Steve Hackett in London’s Royal Albert Hall and in Liverpool on his recent solo band tour. Steve was originally in Genesis with Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins in the 70s and helped popularise the “tapping” and “sweep picking” guitar techniques. Muvizu forum user ‘IanHolmes’ created a fantastic Muvizu version of Peter’s band to accompany them on the big screens during performances of the popular Genesis song “The Return of the Giant Hogweed”.

Ian Holmes tells us: “When “Hogweed” came into the band’s set it inspired me to play with Muvizu as a backdrop. The plants, Steve and Lee at the start and the royal gardens - all were created with the Muvizu application. They went down a storm from reading the reviews. In fact, by the end I’d made up characters for everyone in the band and they also appeared during the bows - Steve’s character got the biggest cheer of the night! Steve doesn’t move around too much in person – but the character is a proper full-on rock star which the audience loved. I was even getting requests from the band just before the show and it’s a testament to the ”just direct” approach that I was able to do this as well as coping with the normal chaos of a two-truck load- in, reprogram and running the tour.”

Of course we aren’t going to leave you in the dark; here are the performances from London’s famous Royal Albert Hall:

and Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall:

Big thanks to Ian Holmes, Steve Hackett and to the band for using Muvizu as part of a large-scale entertainment production!