Season's greetings!

by Muvizu_Admin in Competitions

Season's greetings Muvizuers!

We’ve really enjoyed how you’ve all been warming up for next week’s big event with some fun digital directing. This year’s competition is as inclusive as we can possibly make it! ‘Easy as pie’ if you’d prefer it that way and are just starting out with Muvizu or offering you the chance to use all of your skills and ramp up the Muvizu magic if you’re feeling more ambitious. We’ve had a whole bunch of exciting entries in to our Gallery which is great.

What creative and imaginative minds you all have! Here are a few that have caught our eye:

Percensus chose to use our audio for the Fresh Prints gag and delivered a clever and funny Will Smith animation which we all really enjoyed.

Snoopylino’s first ever Muvizu creation demonstrates well how experimenting with your own audio and being creative with our end board sections can have really fun results.

While one of our more experienced users Fazz68 has gone extra-terrestrial with some ‘unidentified’ flying objects, and we don’t mean Santa’s sleigh! We love the dogs with their alien brains and laser guns Fazz.

Watch the video here for some inspiration.

Remember the prizes are allocated via a draw so don’t be put off - be inspired and use the template as a great jumping off point for your future as an animating genius. ;0)

Thank you all for using Muvizu to create some Christmas magic - keep sharing!

Merry Christmas when it arrives!