Detangling the web of animation

by Muvizu_Admin

Digimania’s Product Director Barry highlights a fantastic progression reel video breaking down the stages involved in traditional animation. Coming from an art/design and 3D gaming background Barry can definitely relate to the frustratingly, repetitive creative process behind the creation of any polished animation.

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After he shone the spotlight on the fascinating video he added some of his thoughts on how difficult it is to create only one scene for a feature-length animation.

“If you've ever wondered what goes into making an animated feature film then this video does a decent job of explaining 1% of the effort. It shows the artistic progression of one shot from Disney's "Tangled". This four minute clip shows the efforts of dozens of artists and programmers. There's probably a few PhDs thrown in too.”

We hate to imagine the stress levels at Disney. Great find Barry!

Quick congratulations too to our Christmas Cracker competition winners whose stress levels should have been a good bit lower thanks to Muvizu bringing their festive felicitations to life – Artpen wins a Play+ licence and Simonheffer, Kenhub and Percensus will soon be the proud owners of blob mascots.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to create an entry we were so impressed by the variety of talented talking dogs and your creativity with assets, canned laughter and timing when telling the jokes.

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  1. pumpkin
    • pumpkin - Over a year ago
    • It's a big lot of work.
  2. Dylly Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • Dylly - Over a year ago
    • "There's probably a few PhDs thrown in too" Yes indeed...from experience its the guy trapped in the cupboard trying to work out where the door handle is!