Mocap will make us redundant.....Aaaaarrrggggghhh!

by Muvizu_Admin

Kevin, one of Digimania’s animators joins us on the Muvizu blog to discuss an interesting speculation about Mocap animating - Mocap animation is the process of recording the movement of objects or people. It’s been used in movies such as Lord of the Rings, Avatar and Rise of the Planet of the Apes and is used in a lot of games as well. Rather than good ‘old fashioned’ makeup and costumes, Mocap animation produces true to life characters and makes them more realistic by capturing actual human motion.

Here’s Kevin – Hi! I’ve been working in the animation industry for around 10 years now and have many wonderful stories to tell.......for example there was that one time when my old boss went into his gun cupboard and... actually most of my stories might not be appropriate for this blog coming to think of it.

One thing that has come up ever since I started working in companies and still comes up all the time is the "mocap will steal our jobs" discussion. The very first time I heard this was literally in my first week as a junior 3d dogsbody. One of the lead animators told me...."don’t get into animation, mocap will take all our jobs in the next few years". I was young at the time and didn’t take any notice and I’m glad that I didn’t... because he was wrong... well, half wrong.

It won’t happen for 2 reasons...

Reason 1 - The main reason I believe it won’t happen is that I believe there will ALWAYS be an appetite for non-real animation which has a more charming feel and takes you more effectively into fantasy than mocap will ever be able to do.

Reason 2 - Mocap isn’t magic. I’ve worked on a handful of mocap projects myself and it brings a whole new set of challenges and needs as much care and attention to make look good as key frame animation does. As a result we need animators to process, clean up and sometimes completely replace sections. Mocap can be amazing and we see it every day in Hollywood blockbusters, games, adverts, TV and we don’t even notice because of how far mocap has come and just how good the artists that use it are.

BUT whether the project is key frame or mocap it still needs animators and our jobs are safe for a while yet. Phew.

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  1. kenhub Experimental user
    • kenhub - Over a year ago
    • On the positive side, if we could import and assign mocap motion like the other actions in muvizu, think of how many more cool videos we could produce! Bring it on.
  2. atacar
    • atacar - Over a year ago
    • Ok, I think the point is not the integration of mocap, the point is more animation/movements sequences for the caracters. And a little suggest, the option for "freeze" some movement untill the rest of the "actors" still moving on.