LerGO – No More Private Lessons?

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Today we welcome guest blogger Nava Levy from an exciting new non-profit social venture dedicated to self education. We’re delighted to share Nava and the LerGO team’s plans to harness the power of Muvizu in the education space and also to hear about their current Indiegogo campaign.

Here’s Nava…

What if kids no longer needed to complement public education with costly private lessons? What if we could provide them instead with free access to animated & interactive online lessons? Allowing kids to use these lessons to self-learn all school subjects enjoyably and at their own pace.

We believe that today this is possible. Cloud technology and simple yet powerful animation software like Muvizu enable everyone - teachers, students and parents - to create powerful animated lessons.

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I'm Nava Levy, I'm an expert on cloud and other technologies, a volunteer tutor for disadvantaged kids and a mother of three. I founded LerGO, a new nonprofit education venture, because I believe the time is right for technology to step-up and improve and democratize education.

LerGO will help address this challenge, through its cloud platform, which will leverage the goodwill of the community, and like Wikipedia, will enable contributors to easily create animated and interactive lessons. A cute animated character will guide the students through the lesson step-by-step. Here are example lessons we created with Muvizu that illustrate this - lesson in Biology and lesson in Geometry. Once LerGO's platform is ready we will be able to add interactivity to the quiz and to send a lesson report to teachers and parents after each lesson (what the student did, which questions were correct and which were wrong and the recommended next lesson).

We want LerGO to make an impact on kids everywhere, so we are building LerGO as a multilingual platform from day one. Here is an example of an English Grammar Lesson we created with Muvizu in Hebrew, and we are in the process of creating similar lessons in Russian and Arabic too.

To help fund the development of LerGO's platform, we have just launched an Indiegogo campaign! LerGO isn't just about offering high quality online lessons, and it's not just about providing an alternative to private lessons. LerGO is about giving the community tools to take education to the next level; it's about reducing the social gap and helping to make the world a better place. LerGO is about helping our kids’ dreams come true and we need your help to support it.

To learn more about LerGO please watch this 3-minute video.

Click here for more details on our campaign, the awesome perks we’ve created for you and for other ways you can help.

Together we can make it happen!

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  1. MarkWaldo
    • MarkWaldo - Over a year ago
    • I like the concept. It is something that has been needed for a long time. I have just a couple of questions. I saw the lesson on scorpions. How are you going to make the lessons interactive? Looking at your different levels of contribution, you mention in the higher levels that schools will have a license to use it. But you said it is free both for users and developers. Please explain.
  2. Rocky53204
    • Rocky53204 - Over a year ago
    • A bit late to the well...
      Khan Academy ('free forever') is a well established effort in this direction.
      OK to re-invent the wheel I guess... but not on my dime.
  3. nblevy
    • nblevy - Over a year ago
    • Hi Mark, once LerGO's platform is ready, we will replace the current quiz with an interactive quiz. Regarding how can we keep it free also for content developers? Not all content developers will need to create the animation, they can stick to standard intros and then add a powerpoint presentation lecture as you saw in the scorpion lessons. For those who do want to customize the standard animation options, they can do it also for free, as long as they don't mind the watermark. Hope that clarifies
  4. nblevy
    • nblevy - Over a year ago
    • Hi Rocky, Khan Academy was one of LerGO's sources of inspiration. The other two were BrainPop and Wikipedia. Khan Academy is excellent for older kids. It also addresses one learning style (as almost all lessons were created by one person - namely Sal Khan). LerGO starts with elementary school focusing on high usability for kids at this age (animation etc.) and harnesses the community for scalability & diversity in learning styles, domain expertise, language and culture. Hope that clarifies
  5. Carole Muvizu staff
    • Carole - Over a year ago
    • 7 days to go on the LerGO education campaign.
      They're sitting at 65% of their target funds. Well done guys.