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Pixar has blown our minds... yet again!

There was a lovely theory doing the rounds recently on the web that Andy’s mum in Toy Story may actually be Jessie’s previous owner ‘Emily’. We get really excited here at Muvizu Towers when we read about secret back stories and some of the hidden detail work in the movies. Our Marketing Manager was lucky enough to tour the studios and hear first hand from one of their incredible pipeline supremos about the boy scout badges on Russell from Up’s uniform!

Anyway, back to Toy Story - after connecting up the fact that the hat with the string edging that has been floating around since the first movie, with the facts that 1) Jessie belonged to Emily back in the 60s 2) we don’t know Emily’s surname and 3) we don’t know Andy’s Mum’s first name – well, the world’s hidden ‘Inspector Gadgets’ went completely into overdrive!


Here’s the Huffington Post's take on it!

We couldn’t believe ourselves that we hadn’t ever noticed the connection. Pixar do have a history of subtly connecting up their movies; we remember in Monsters Inc ‘Boo’ had finding Nemo and Toy Story toys in her bedroom, and then there’s the pizza planet truck that manages to make it into pretty much EVERY Pixar movie.

There have been a multitude of theories around the Pixar movies – connections left, right and centre. Even letters and numbers that manage to make re-appearances like the classic A113 – most of them are listed over at

Train Car

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  1. greeny101
    • greeny101 - Over a year ago
    • In fact I didn't undestand any thing :D
  2. WozToons Experimental user
    • WozToons - Over a year ago
    • As internet conspiracy theories go this is one of the more plausible.
  3. sonosublime
    • sonosublime - Over a year ago
    • Wow, that's really cool to know.
  4. jade30
    • jade30 - Over a year ago

      who understand how maney this one ? Thanks