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A few months back we asked those of you using Muvizu as a tool for education to get in touch and share your stories with us. We were delighted to hear back from Sooper Troopers Animation, a Sheffield based group enabling people aged 16 years and over with a disability to explore and learn about all aspects of animation.

Sooper trooper group

We asked the group to tell us a little more about their recent production 'Donut Girls'.

Students Michael and Heather, created the imaginative short comedy about three women who escape a diet bootcamp in a bid to recover their stolen donut maker.

Michael and Heather had created some short experimental pieces with Muvizu and empowered by how easy they found it to work with, felt confident enough to tackle the larger, more complex story of the 'Donut Girls'.

The five and half minute story sprang from writing random words on bits of paper, placing them on the floor and shuffling them around a bit. As they did this, ideas for scenes, characters and the humorous plot jumped out.

Once they were happy with the story, scenes were storyboarded and a voiceover script produced. For voiceover they used a desktop booth with Yeti Microphone and Audacity audio editing software.

Heather voiced Nora delivering such lines as "I can't survive on one lettuce leaf a day", and Michael voiced the Dance Off Girls plus game show host ‘Swift Corniche’ who was named after his Father's caravan.

Sooper trooper render

Michael especially enjoyed voicing the Dance Off Girls as he got to pitch shift his voice in Audacity with bizarre results. The other characters were voiced by Sooper Trooper staff, which added a great sense of collaboration to the whole production.

Donut Girls has several locations and both Michael and Heather were fascinated by the fact they could work independently on different scenes and edit them all together at the end of the animation process.
This is how they managed to complete ‘Donut Girls’ in just six Tuesday workshops. With the voices recorded, Micheal and Heather split the tasks for character design, scene creation and animation. One of Heather's favourite moments is the street chase scene built by Micheal and featuring Johan Tusselhoff, who is chased by a rather unfit Donut Girl designed by Heather. (If you have watched it you’ll know why!).

Heather shouts “Get him, get him!” every time she watches it! The Sooper Troopers love that with Muvizu they can upload their animations straight to YouTube and show their family and friends. Micheal has played 'Donut Girls' to friends who he says, "howled with laughter". Which is of course, exactly the response they were looking for.

Sooper trooper

Michael and Heather also used sound effects from and their final edit was produced in Lightworks with help from staff.

Overall they tell us it was a wonderful collaboration for students and staff alike. Using Muvizu kept the fun levels up from concept to completion, allowed them to be really spontaneous and left them all with a very real sense of achievement. Michael and Heather enjoyed working together so much they’re keen to team up once more and have already started working on another short about a family holiday into space – bring it on guys!

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    • This was a really uplifting story. very inspiring.
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    • Really well put together, donuts all round! :D
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    • Nearly 3 months without a blog entry!
      Come on Muvizu HQ, give us an update!!
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