New release and meet Mandy

by Muvizu_Admin in Updates

Today sees the latest version of Muvizu go live – and at a new and exciting lower price too!

As you know the team have been beavering away on RenderDigimania for a while but we did promise you bug fixes and by jingo bug fixes we have here!

For a while now this first one has been a source of some pain and frustration for Muvizuers. Occasionally, some of you'd get so far into making your animation and the character would suddenly stop responding to movement commands. Well, no more! It’s officially fixed. So all of you hiding behind the sofa, scared to even attempt movement in your animation can come out and get back to it! The movement bug is squished.

Some of you budding directors are just not satisfied with working on one scene at a time and need to be able to multi-task between between scenes to maximise your creative output. We unintentionally reduced the productivity of several of you by introducing a small bug that prevented more than one instance of Muvizu from running at a time. We've fixed this now, so you can ramp up your productions to full capacity again!

As we’ve made Muvizu even more affordable we’ve decided folks will be less inclined to pay by the minute for watermark-free renders. We’re sure many of you will now want to jump in there and create endlessly with not a watermark in sight!

There’s a load of other minor tweaks that collectively will just make things even smoother and better than ever for us all.

Oh and ZIGGY72! Brace yourself. Dead bodies! CAN now actually stop breathing – takes them 3 seconds to actually stop mind you (bit morbid), but they will now stop.

OK, let’s brighten things up a bit after that! Alongside these welcome little bug fixes, we’ve also unleashed a new character. Meet Mandy!

New character Mandy

Some of you might have seen Mandy before in a series of sketches produced by some of the team at Digimania last year.

She a sassy chick with attitude and we can’t wait to see how you all write her into your Muvizu work.

Here’s what Mandy brings with her to help you to craft her into your leading lady:

  • Hair styles: Bobbed, Curly, Straight, Pinup
  • 2 ear shapes
  • 3 nose shapes
  • 3 eye brow shapes
  • Customisable lips shape
  • Eyes shape
  • Aviator sunglasses
  • Left hand, Right hand (yes, she can hold things if you have a Muvizu:Play+ licence)
  • 5 tops
  • 3 Bottoms

We have also introduced half a dozen new items for other characters (mostly male):

  • Smooth Hair
  • Headset mic
  • UN Press helmet
  • Aviator Sunglasses
  • Cloth Tie
  • Mobile phone (Muvizu:Play+ only)

Remember if you’d like to have the ultimate Muvizu experience and while you’re at it make Mandy really happy by giving her a mobile phone then now really is a great time for an upgrade.

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  1. Danimal Muvizu mogul Experimental user
    • Danimal - Over a year ago
    • Diggin' the new character attachments!

      Here's two things I've noticed:
      1. there's a cool phone attachment now, did I miss a new "talk on the phone" action? The two existing ones use the left hand and the attachment is only available for the right
      2. Mandy has an odd behavior - when selecting the "legs" section, there's a "use custom color" option, but nothing happens when it's selected. It seems like a new color palette should appear.

      Really great stuff - thanks for the update!
  2. MovieFrog
    • MovieFrog - Over a year ago
    • Cool! Is Mandy available for Muvizu Play?
  3. Carole Muvizu staff
    • Carole - Over a year ago
    • She is indeed MovieFrog. Checking about Mandy's 'odd behaviour' Danimal...
  4. InsaneHamster
  5. Carole Muvizu staff
    • Carole - Over a year ago
    • Ah - the phone. Whoops. I'm told that will be fixed. Doh! Back to the import model for Play+ users for now though. Sorry. We don't have a problem this end with the colour picker for her legs. Try it again.